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My personal review on it, both good and bad

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My personal review on it, both good and bad Empty My personal review on it, both good and bad

Post by Alala Kuran on Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:07 am

FO-Newearl : I'll judge fairly from my viewpoint here of PSO2. It's of course in my personal taste the best online game I've been but there's also facts that land it as 10th place worst game simultaneously (meaning not exactly the worst thing ever, just the bottom of the worst so it's still able to get out of it) and here I'll explain why I'm active in it over all else, and will include some random notes to side as well too.

-First off, the Positives-

First up, it's from Sega and I've grown up with Sega series stuff. The PS-series I had not realized actually had its birth year in the same as my own time, how interesting!

Another thing: Newmans, they're legendary, especially FONewearls. I happen to be one in the series if not as a beast girl. I've spent the most time as a FONewearl in the series at best. I would selfishly admit that Phantasy Star is NOT itself without Newmans who use Technics! Cute Laugh  

Third note: Dark Falz. He's quite a villian, and happens to be one of my favorites but is he really the true last boss? There's also Profound Darkness who happens to be even worse than Dark Falz himself! So here I will say, epic adversaries. Another thing I will say like the last, Phantasy Star cannot be PS series without Dark Falz at least somewhere. Laughing  

fourth is that PSO2 is somewhat the latest version of the series (though Phantasy Star Nova is the latest now) but it's also the most active one and is growing every week even if just little.

5th: Outfits, lots and lots of outfits, and there's more coming! So many, and each suits almost anyone's libido (lol!) though not to the extreme. I have several that are my favorites. Some came from other games to this one as collabs which is cool, and others were much better remakes from predecessor versions; one example is my favorite: Valgris dress. That one is a LOT better here than in its previous appearances Cute Laugh

6th: Lobby Actions, can do lots of moves but ouch how people charge retardedly high prices! Well so this goes both ways to note.

7: Rappies. They almost been in every series of Phantasy Star, though they're like next-gen in the middle parts somewhere... regardless, they're kind of cute.

8: Mags. They're adorable, but not just that, they can also save your hide in a pinch and more!

9: Customization enhancements and more. Well, it's not quite as large as Soul Calibur but what the hell! It does rival it quite well too! There's over hundreds of things to choose from and there's still even MORE coming than that ahead too!

10: It is Co-Op only at best! I'm glad there's no more retarded PVP or PK bullcrap in this game, and it technically doesn't even need it. Finally something to take a break away from such unplayable games and go into something where (almost) everyone is getting along and working together to defeat a threat instead of being a bunch of competitive retards trying to kill one another for sport which is no better than being a monster itself! The world can do with more co-op games instead of all these stupid ones which people become murderers in the shell even virtually, there's way too many of those kinds around and every last one of them suck, no questions! The sad fact is that people who are English players hate it because of that and will try to trash-talk even the toughest audience into doing something stupid so they can start a scene and/or even result to getting an innocent player who's underpowered into useless trouble and have a pathetic excuse to bash that victim (and I am one of such said victims) else if though there are few who are reasonable and are best to go with. It's far more fun being together than in some stupid competition.

.....But despite all of this, there's some downfalls as well which take away from it... and badly.

-Next up, the Negatives-

going down the creek of shame, we've got:
10: Level Cap is 75 only while enemies greatly exceed this! Unfair!!

9: Nyau. This little SOB is very annoying, coming across him at high level areas means certain death. He may be easy to deal with (destroy his pride called a sword) but when he summons random bosses afterwards, oh lord.... faint

8: Extreme Quests. I don't actually like them at all, but they're my only hope to get fast Meseta in a day by just five short....(but HARD AS HELL!!) stages by five loops. Not the best to try solo if you're under the max level cap and it's downright suicide if you have bad equipment (like I do at most....) If you get disconnected or someone in your home bothers to drag you off in the middle of one, you can just kiss that pass you used goodbye to the toilet of failure of vanity. It's best to do with groups of people who know what they're doing, but good luck trying to find them! I don't have such luck except in a pinch...

7: Advance Quests. These autrocities of quests are worse than Extreme Quests, despite seeming seductively "possible". They're designed to kill you if you're careless, and like Extreme Quests (which actually these came out first before them), they too require items which is a "use it once, lose if if you win or fail or disconnect" pact. Even more dirty is the fact that unique items are in them, at the cost of them being held by brutal enemies and bosses!

6: Blu Ringhda. He's partial the reason I hate Bravers in PSO2 on sight. I mean, on day 1 release of it, they exploded so much that even the Darkers wanted it too, and this annoying son of a bitch is most likely the first who got it and poses quite a threat! He hits hard, fast and at long range, and has hide as thick as a tank!

5: Bravers. OP outbreak of a class that almost voided use of Hunters and Rangers, but most likely disgraced Techers the worst. Unless something needs to be done quickly, I tend to avoid them. I tried the style myself and I see why: they're tactically lazy due to almost nothing but "Damage UP" this and that everywhere, making them take almost no tactical effort other than their placed attack movements and timing only, along with OP gear.

4: Mine Base Defense (any). Not the best Emergency quest ever, especially when one gets ranked from how he/she can't even collect crystals, lag out by crashing, and getting rekt by bosses and legions of monsters who also are wrecking defenseless towers. It's only best when done with friends and/or cross alliance team partners, not random people.

3: Falz Luther Final. Oh my god this boss, even his first form as Falz Angel is bad enough! He has status infect on just a brush, throws all sorts of crap everywhere, and even has Multi-Railguns, making him a pain for a FONewearl like me to deal with him, but next to impossible if NOT using Force-type weapons to evade (and still bad if done wrong even once!).... but as if that wasn't the worst part already, he gets even worse than that! In his true last form, he's technically Kumhan from PS-Portable 2 reincarnated but actually Dark Falz instead of some other random enemy this time. Let's take the hardest boss in the last game released before this one and add armor here and there, and let Dark Falz modify him personally, and at the soul of a villain who is actually willing to sacrifice himself to Profound Darkness... (Unlike Shizuru who was unwilling after he realized) making him far more deadly, smarter, faster, and harder to deal with than ever, but not just that, he also has Armor to make things even more harder to hurt him with! The only hope is to stun him with Mirage Virus if even possibly, but on Extra Hard level oh my god he just won't tolerate the hint! He actually uses a shield if the wrong spot is hit first so tactics have to change on dismantling his armor (Gauntlets) then the wounds on his arms.... Both arms. Not good enough? Well he also distorts time in ultra-haste or ultra-lag, but the worst is.... good riddance trying to weave a way through his most lethal attack of Infinite Blade Rain of death which will destroy a victim or group of victims after being stuck on time-lag (stop) and failing to get to a spot with one blade at least destroyed for safety... and he actually does this twice! What a pain in the ass! Without a doubt, Luther is almost arguably the hardest boss in PSO2 ever to exist in the front line of Darkers! The only positives he has is that he fits his role well, and that sexy voice of his (lol seriously! He actually has quite a great voice there.)

3.2 Candidate: Ultimate Quests. More like "Ultimate DOOM", do NOT attempt these solo. Repulsively, this is the most difficult mode with only two stages so far for now in the entire game, and sadly they are the only way to get one's first Ultimate Compound-Technic powers... there's three to get, two levels of hell to endure. Get used to dropping dead a lot, it will happen and there's no hope here. Good luck if you can hardly get 70 Devil-Mechs and Demon-Native Beasts in two areas, you're going to need it....and will have to perhaps STAY with the flock. Pray that a secret boss called Anga doesn't find you.... which it will, and become a Ultimate Disaster that will DESTROY YOU. Sobbing

2: Chrome Dragon/Haze Draal. Good lord this boss is in close competition with Falz Luther directly. On lower levels even Hardolet the Dragon is still capable of being a super pain in the ass and quite a nasty get-in-the-way boss. He already is a fast mover though nothing in speed like that of Quartz Dragon, but is balanced between her and Vol Dragon along with Dragon-X who is capable of having high health and ridiculous damage output rating, and it just takes one wrong move for him to catch on and "ouch!" as if that's not bad enough, he has a special arena to cause even more carnage by dropping debris from the ceiling in Sanctum Fortress zone Entrance at the end of Amduscia Sky Chase zone's true ending area! Still not bad enough as-is? He has more tricks up his sleeves to worsen matters! He's also (on the most irritating note!) able to actually summon reinforcements to back him up, but also to beat up and cause total chaos! He also tends to summon some of the most ugly and irritatingly strongest enemies into the ring, but if you lag too long around..... oh he'll send them away alright.... eating them all in a black hole bomb and that's when Chromeo gets to become the worst part of a fight by pulling out his full potential: He actually freaking creates his own armor and weapons from devouring those Darkers! These now give him the most brutal moves possible; wings so he can fly and shoot 12 tombstone crystals to bury you from above, or from blood shotgun to blood beam from having a bloated stomach full of Darkers' Plasma energy, and claws to bang the floor to impale a victim who even accidentally trips during a flee at 0.2 seconds and instantly kill him/her (P.s: NEVER stop to chat by Chrome Dragon or Haze Draal even once on Super Hard! You WILL DIE the second he appears!) <- Did I forget to mention at high levels, he actually starts off invading the area with full gear to have one hell of a "first attack"? He tends to get the most dirty kills off of me at yet, if not for Falz Luther. Pissed off

2.2 Candidate: Super Hard and Extra Hard modes. These atrotious difficulty levels simply say "Welcome to HELL! Now it's time for you to DIE!!" like... what the hell? Isn't this supposed to be "Phantasy Star" Online 2? or is it "Neo Contra" Online 2..!? Pun-Hint aside, ALL of the enemies in these modes will go like Contra-Speed, and if you only just unlocked it by being an unlucky level 50-first-timer, you... will.... DIE... just like in Contra.... very easily... and a LOT.... but there is no 30 lives cheat here. They move faster, they kill faster, You kill slower, and you have no hope.... tops are you'll be dead the second a boss touches you even once if not already by a peon, and not even your NPC-radiant partners can save you now.

1 (The worst part of PSO2): Take a wild guess, this one is under spoiler scrutiny for a reason...
Click only if you are a tough audience!:

Worst part: OTHER FELLOW ENGLISH SPEAKERS who are players!!
Dear God.... That's precisely why I spend the most time on PSO2 and stepped down from almost everything else. That right there... Other "fellow westerners" who are sadly in this Japanese-native game; the Japanese players never given me trouble unless doing something ditz or silly but those are petty things to be excused and clearly ignored.... but when other English players had somehow found me despite using solid Japanese for my protagonist's name herself... oh boy. That, I knew if some who came friendly and all had discovered me, then out of a batch, there would be more..... lots more.... and when there's lots.... there are also THOSE KINDS to follow.....
...yes, I mean the ones typically seen in every other (especially) NA/USA based community; the American Idiot who is an asshole just squeezing around the place for trouble! I mean... I won't say that I'm not one myself, I'm flawed and no better... (but I am never looking for trouble actually), but there's always, always, just... ALWAYS will be one or a LOT more of those who actually are stupid trouble-making nuisances who destroy one's fun for a game, no matter where one goes...
So how it started, somehow all it took was ONE to notice me somehow, then the rest all came right after. The first encounter was a reasonable person of course, but I had that bad feeling in spirits of what was to come afterward, and so now because of finding a LOT of other English players around, this is sadly one of the games which I have the largest Blacklist roster activated to this day; about at least 7 to 10 foes, disappointingly... by THEIR choice and initiation. Of course as well those kinds are the usual; if they can't kill you on-game, they will ****-snap you till you break so they can score a scene of how humiliating they can get you to look and gather a gang of retards to show-off with to deform your character and even  up to risks of getting you banned if they possibly could. They're just that evil. The only positive about other English-Encounters is that they understand what you say, but there's nothing else beneficial at most from finding them.... or them finding YOU somehow... Extremely Rare exceptions may occur however, and are hard to come by if God smiles at you this day.

Here's my personal Ratio of Encounters of such types both balanced in a scale of 0 to 10 for the two sides under four factors each:

Japanese (Native) players of PSO2 -
Neutral: 5%
Reasonable: 3%
Friendly: 2%
DANGER!!: 0% (N/A)

English (Invader) players of PSO2 -
Neutral: 1%
Reasonable: 4%
Friendly: 2%
DANGER!!: 3%

In other words,
For Japanese Players: most of them keep to themselves, quite a few are reasonable, and a lucky rare chance that a small few actually have me in their eye as a friend, actively. I've had absolutely NO trouble from any of the native players of the game whatsoever to this day yet.
...but for English Players?: not as many around, but there's a huge change of story for this branch of invaders who are not native players of the game. Of course, since they're usually "social" it's difficult to avoid contact of such under both logical and irregular reasons. Since these kinds know how to track others down some reason, hardly any of them are neutral; once found, seldom are a batch who are reasonable, but seems that it's almost nearly as many who actually get close to me as there are jerks who I just can't stand thanks to THEIR OWN errors and lack of understanding! The number of them is all small but it's usually because fellow westerns who do speak English either already have found other "groups of their own", are stuck in irregular timezones while I'm the odd "Stray Cat" who's left out on her own, or just downright "don't like" (plain freaking HATE) the game due to whatever excuses they can conjure up on scratch paper in bundles, likely because of being the usual batch who rather not be friendly and kill their own "friends" virtually...

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