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God Eater 3 so far

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God Eater 3 so far

Post by Alala Kuran on Mon Jan 14, 2019 1:35 am

Well so far here's what I know after trying out the demo and then some.

*the timing for the game's official release was a bit of a lie "In Fall?" Nope actually it's been bumped like WAY down to Feb-8th! (so totally pre-ordering that sucker!) Surprised

Gameplay seems very much the same for veteran Fenrir units such as me, if you too were a veteran then it won't be too much different but then again there's several changes too that might get you mixed up.

-Now since this one's not going on portable devices anymore sadly, there's more focus on using the controller, taking a turn like Monster Hunter: World at this point so now people will be using the L2 and R2 buttons this time around too instead of just L1 and R1 anymore! Speaking of an example; there's now a new Super Jump kind of dash mechanic in where a "hound" (the new unit name for God Eaters this time) has to use R2+X to do a boost jump over a distance at a target or location. Steals quite a bit of stamina (like a -20%!) when done but it helps to quickly stick a bead on those pesky speedy aragami this time or to quickly close distance to dodge an attack from him/her before they land a hit if used properly.

-Weapons are about the same with new entries but there's also a problem to my view. Here's a Hound's arsenal:
Melee Types-
Returning: Knife, Short Sword, Buster Blade, Hammer, Spear, Scythe
New: Dual Knives, Heavy Ring-Axe (?)

Ranged Types-
Returning: Sniper, Semi-Auto Assault, Shotgun
New: Plasma Belt Cannon
Missing: Heavy Cannon

So far I'm liking the fact they are adding dual blades here too which is good for those combo-enthusiast fighters, but that's not all, it can transform to a double-saber too and the more someone hits their prey with that mode, the hotter the weapon gets till it starts to glow red for big damaging power. The new Ring-Axe weapon is hilarious when I dropped on an enemy and did a short Sonic Spindash, lol. It's also extremely helpful to use against downed enemies, and in my case especially knocked-over bosses! I doubt the Quadriga is making a comeback but I do know if I could use this in his face when he's KO on the floor, well this won't feel pretty for his open gut!

On the contrast however, the ranged department has taken a drop. I'm a bit concerned as of the removed Rocket Launcher/Cannon as it's the only ranged weapon in the series that does immense damage of its group not being a melee weapon if used properly albeit annoying to friendly units because of the high knockback case (like Kanon for example  Bad preformance! .....) and in my current standing with the arsenal provided for Hound Trainees as of now, the ranged damage is actually.... terrible. Like, really terrible! True though the new plasma belt cannon is a fun gadget to use as the longer someone has it out the stronger it gets, and also perhaps is the one first and only fully automatic weapon which can be shutdown on a second press of the trigger before the OP limit reaches. The longer it goes, the bigger the beam gets up to X3 normal (extends twice) Still, the lack of explosive ranged weapons is a bit of a bummer, guess this is a saying of where now people really have to focus on Aragami Bullets this time instead of ignoring it, making it something that counts this time... feels a bit forced but understandable.

There's now a new move for players to use, lesser than in GE-1 Resurrection but from it indeed: aerial devouring! This helps to steal HP and bullets from pesky bosses and enemies who aren't on the ground still just the same. Not sure if there's a later notice of if they will re-add the different variant kinds such as the dashing types or the jumping ones. Speaking of biting things though, there's a new class of threat in the Aragami Beastlore now, they are called "the Ashborn" and they will bite back, no they literally do! They actually will use a devour attack, and if they bite someone's face, they leave a nasty status on the victim and buff themselves up in the same counter-fashion as players always did this time for themselves now too, making them a bigger problem to deal with so don't let them do that! Shocked

I've only seen one boss do that so far, no regular enemies yet, but if some return from GE 1 & 2, this might be a problem as I can see Susan'o or Hannibal doing it quite often (even noted in the game they did that) but this time actually doing it to hurt.

As for the story, this is a sequel and is noted right after GE2; things look apparently like they gone to hell. My guessing and such is that it's all right after because of the incident with Rachel and Julius, but newer, stronger Aragami are out causing even bigger damage than before around now, many God Eaters had became infamous and shunned, in fact even jailed by the ungrateful locals as we start in a prison cell, and bound by two God Ark bracers now. They're stronger than before seems but the people aren't too impressed, or polite.

There's new faces this time around too who you'll be with in such said cell, and one of them is quite a big mouthed boy lol. Can't blame him on his first complaint as "we saved these people and this is how we God Eaters are treated?" I can understand how he feels, truly I do...

In the field, there are healing springs. I first panicked thought they were poison veins but when I approached it, was healing instead, helpful! Bad though because as for being watched during play, bosses will too use these to heal themselves quickly now!

As for enemy encounters:
You won't be seeing any same-old breeds such as them cute Ogertail dudes or pompous Zygotes anymore; in counterpoise of Ogretails as a first encounter this time there's a bulkier kind of small enemy group that look like them but bigger and are known as trolls (according to part drops when they were defeated).
*There now some enemies who will actually SELF-DESTRUCT as a final attack as they die, beware!!
*There's new bosses here and they seem highly mobile compared to previous aragami bosses! So far three challengers I encountered were: 1- A angry dude with a drilling arm who can burrow underground and use uppercuts and has a lot of destructible parts. 2- A mech girl who glides at super-high speed along the ground and uses a beam saber to attack people, and I mean super-high speed indeed! Utilizing the new boost jump (R2+X) is a must-learn tactic to quickly master here to defeat her! 3- An Ashborn dude named Anubis and is perhaps the most dangerous of the three bosses; he can bite your face off and leave a nasty infection to power himself up! (I haven't fought him yet during this report but I certainly have seen him!)


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