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Your Felyne(s)

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Your Felyne(s) Empty Your Felyne(s)

Post by Vastell Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:34 pm

Post stats about your felynes from Monster Hunter 2: Unite and pictures even if wanted here.

Mine is for a start, but not yet finished:

Name: Bell
Gender (assumed): Female
Level: 5(?)
Weapon Type: Slice (Pickaxe type)
Personality: Mainly Melee
Abilities Learned: none yet 0/3
Affiliny: Level 3

Your Felyne(s) 1232752592_aeb0529
Your Felyne(s) X-Box_sigstats
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Your Felyne(s) Empty Re: Your Felyne(s)

Post by Arala Cran Thu Dec 16, 2010 12:51 pm

The first:
Your Felyne(s) MH-Unite_Me-and-Molly
Felyne (behind me): Molly
Color/Type: Pink
Gender: Female
Level: 20 (max)
Master: Renetona (my original self)
Outfit: Samurai Armor (Downloaded)
Favorite Weapon Type: Hammer
Attack Personality: Brave (Stupidly chases after bosses when known in her sights!)
Attack Style: Weapon over others
Attack Level: 230
Defense Level: 246
Partnership Affinity: Level 5 (Maximum Trust Fondness)

Abilities: 3/3
-Hyperdrive (Speed-UP!), Rob'em Blind (Stealer), Mini-Nuke user (AKA: Large Barrel Bombs)

The second:
(no image yet)
Felyne: Hayato
Gender: Male
Color/Type: Black Melynx
Level: 6(?)
Master: Arala (my secondary appearance)
Outfit: Mafumofu clothing
Favorite Weapon Type: Hammer
Attack Personality: (forgotten) ?Aims large
Attack Style: Weapon Oriented (doesn't use bombs)
Partnership Affinity: Level 4

Abilities: 2/3
-Stun-Attack (paralyze), Affiliation attack (Critical hit!)

Your Felyne(s) PbucketYour Felyne(s) Pbucket
Your Felyne(s) Pbucket
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Arala Cran
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