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Post by Ivis Sun Jul 24, 2011 6:25 pm

For my sister since she's not on now, I'll toss in a list of our characters for Monster Hunter, as it does look rather fun yet hard.

Who?: Female
Player: Renetona (Kasumi)
Level: 4
Favorite Weapons: anything heavy-long (Longsword, Greatsword, Hammer, Heavy Gun)
Progress: Just defeated (Captured!) Tigrex
Favorite Felyne(s): Hayato
Card: Main (hers)
Main point for appearance: Kasumi's favorite all time character: Arala Cran from Castle Shikigami 2.

Who?: Female
Player: CerebusGirl (Mint)
Level: 1
Favorite Weapons: dual swords and Sword+Shield like Cassandra
Progress: Just started
Favorite Felyne(s): ??? (can't remember hers)
Card: Secondary (hers)
Main Point for appearance: Personification of herself IRL

Who?: Female
Player: Renetona (Kasumi)
Level: 2
Favorite Weapons: anything, but especially the Bow
Progress: Killed the Giadrome
Favorite Felyne(s): Jasmine
Card: Secondary (hers)
Main Point for appearance: My sister's attempt of trying to cross Phantasy Star with Monster Hunter since they are both her favorites for PSP. Cute Laugh

Who?: Male
Player: Rakk (Ludovic)
Level: 9 (Maxed)
Favorite Weapons: Longswords at most, also Sword + Shield
Progress: Destroyed Ukanlos, needs to do Boss Rush mode more now and find Fatalis
Favorite Felyne(s): Ludovic (named after himself out of random in game), Spike, Musashi
Card: Main (his own)
Main Point for appearance: Personification of himself IRL

Who?: Male
Player: Vastell (Luke himself)
Level: 5(?) kinda forgot
Favorite Weapons: Gunlance, Heavy Gun, Greatsword, Light Gun, and Cat's paw (what???)
Progress: Destroyed Ash Lao Shan Lung
Favorite Felyne(s): Bell
Card: Main (shared with Kasumi; 3rd slot placeholder)
Main Point for appearance: Personification of himself IRL, but psyched up. Roflcopter-Roll

Who?: Female
Player: Kasumi
Level: 9 (Maxed)
Favorite Weapons: Anything but mostly Greatsword, Longsword, Twin Blades, Bow, Light Gun, and her "Rocket Launcher" (Heavy Gun)
Progress: Destroyed Ukanlos with help of Luce, now stuck trying to face off Yian Garuga, Tigrex, Gravios, and Kirin completely, along with Nekohrt's missions
Favorite Felynes: Molly (takes her like Neco-Arc???), Laura (named after the Tomb Raider due to Capcom?), Spike (retraining him), Oliver (personal medic)
Card: Main (hers)
Main Point for appearance: Copy of her IRL-self as a character, been through all three previous versions too.

Who?: Male
Player: Rakk Ludovic
Level: 3 (kinda forgot)
Favorite Weapons: Greatswords
Progress: He just got to lvl 3
Favorite Felyne(s): ??? (unknown)
Card: Main (Ludovic's card)
Main Point for appearance: Based off the main dark protagonist of Undead Knights. Very epic Love effect

Who?: Female
Player: (does not wish to state her name)
Level: 2
Favorite Weapons: Light Guns
Progress: Just toasted "the Land Shark"
Favorite Felyne(s): ??? (unknown)
Card: Main (Ludovic's card)
Main Point for appearance: IRL Personification of another family member who does not go online

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