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Mobile Fortress piloting manuals Empty Mobile Fortress piloting manuals

Post by Alala Kuran on Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:40 pm

Arala Cran : Notice the new rules for the guest section:
1-You may only read announcements made from other sections of the site. If you have questions you must email me if not already registered.

2-This spot is especially for those of us who use mobile devices (such as via a PSP, iPod, etc.) due to the "mobile view" having a strange bug not switching back to classic view while using such devices.

Strict rules apply:
3-Do NOT use this section for spam or flaming! If you dare be caught doing such, your IP-zone will be banned for three days, and if repeated offenses are taken in heed, I will ban your IP-zone without removing the tag.

4-You CAN use this section in emergency reports as well when having errors from email registration; use the name closest to your own as registered and tell me what happened in detail so I could get a fix or have one of the other admins take a look if I were unable to reach you in time.

I will show an example next after this announcement in "guest mode" explaining why...

Edit report:
Ugh, never mind. Seems I can't from there still yet even. I guess when they said strictly it's "Read only view" they meant it, so this section will be shut down again other than for regular members to use.

This announcement is partially null now.

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