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Monster Hunter 1 & 2 Diary

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Monster Hunter 1 & 2 Diary - Page 2 Empty Re: Monster Hunter 1 & 2 Diary

Post by Arala Cran Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:49 am

Arala Cran : LOL, I can see what you mean at times.

Oh, and as for this... I sadly made NO progress much at the
moment here. Lao is just WAY too strong for me, even when
he has only the normal Crimson color....... Sad

I can see that I'm left with only these two options:
1-Take some years before trying to face him off again,
powering everything I can get before him to max (which
won't work completely though because his black version:
Ash-Lao is the next main boss I must destroy, but can't),

2-Still may take years, but hire another hunter (need to get
another disk for a sibling to help me against him) and yet still
power up along the way before then.

Else if, I'll have to stop here and try to get X2 of the
even more latest version which has better-looking outfits
and such, along with being supported by cats (which I
was hoping was in THIS one, but oh well...) I won't ignore
this though; I'll have to come up with some way to stop him.
If I can get past his normal version somehow, then I may
use the same tactic against his G-Rank (Hardest) version,
but will need much stronger weapons.

I mean... that Guardian's Sword weapon is no pushover, it's
actually my strongest weapon, and it takes down the lesser
big-bosses in under 15 or 20 minutes now.

Monster Hunter 1 & 2 Diary - Page 2 PbucketMonster Hunter 1 & 2 Diary - Page 2 Pbucket
Monster Hunter 1 & 2 Diary - Page 2 Pbucket
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