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Fall of Legendary types "The Nerfed"

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Fall of Legendary types "The Nerfed" Empty Fall of Legendary types "The Nerfed"

Post by Alala Kuran Tue Aug 14, 2012 12:36 am

I have to get this out.... but seriously I can't believe this..... ended up going as far as I could finally on a full "versus FIVE" empires mission in DW-Next, knew I had the worst coming, ended up going anyway while my main character was naively acting overconfident. Okay so I let my guard down in believing she was right after all of a sudden the main bosses started all falling right into range, I bagged the lot of them EXCEPT. ONE. FINAL. BOSS!!!!!

Team Jin's final boss..... Oh god forbid what sin have I done in stupidliy summoning Daqiao for this mission! T_T

To be honest, I known her for a time, supposedly to be better than her younger sister but this is now a busted myth! She's been "Nerfed" so badly that now she's the WORST Dynasty Warrior in the entire series, no wonder she never made it to DW6! T_T

This girl now is the weakest and can't even harm the final boss and I'm stuck at the FINAL stage, her dying like freaking CONTRA-style and only doing 0.1 damage to the boss WITH LAG FRAMES! Can't tell if I should just leave the Vita in standby mode and just keep at it till in maybe in a year or two this weaking MIGHT kill the boss, or just give up and not look at the stupid "five empires" mission. *hard facepalm*

Daqiao is a shame to the Dynasty Warriors series now, weaker than even a villager! Sobbing

That girl is the WORST protagonist character I have ever encountered at this rate; I mean, dying in ONE counter (techinically this weak garbage freaking DIES IN ONLY ONE hit if fucked up ONCE!!) and hardly doing barely half of a scratch to the boss?! No other character in the entire game is this awful! She even LAGS after doing a Counter-Break attack only barely able to get a 3 to 5 hit combo in which only does 3 damage in total after all the time she wasted.

Btw, seems Lu Bu wasn't even as brutish as these new boss characters are. There's no way that Daqiao will ever win at this rate. Even her younger sister does a far better job regardless of giving her a lvl-5 weapon, plus attack booster, defense booster, speed booster, attack speed amplifier, and a luck sash. WORST.CHARACTER.EVER! faint

I really hate this new "Duel" system in the game too, can't defend and only enemy BOSS characters can with a cheap counter that does insanity damage (and for this weakling's case, is techincally the flat-out: "GAME OVER!" screen slapped in her puny face!) \

Fall of Legendary types "The Nerfed" Da_qiao_dw7_by_kunoichi_kyou-d32jfqu

^.....you were good in DW4, you were better in DW5, you're still not even half bad in Strikeforce 2, but you fail me in DW-Next! WHY?! Have you slacked off your training?! You're a nobody now! WEAKLING!!! JUST PLAIN WEAK!!! (Weak AND Disloyal!) Pissed off

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Fall of Legendary types "The Nerfed" 24101
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