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Otomedius: Excellent

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Otomedius: Excellent Empty Otomedius: Excellent

Post by Alala Kuran on Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:43 pm

Otomedius: Excellent Sample_d3d602aa0ca6563105a8a754425f98bc
Have to say it's not half-bad at all. More likely a slightly more matured version of Parodius; quite a lot of eccentric stuff around the place and mostly in asian humor just like Parodius and even the first boss is a Neko-Pirate girl in a bikini Laughing . The downside? Starting past stage 2 is where the true difficulty kicks in! Shocked

Overall to me Otomedius: Excellent is technically "Gradius VI" in terms, but more towards the "cute" side and hard as hell! Surprised

My stats so far?
Player Name: AralaCran Arala Cran (yup, me! Love effect )
Soul of: Aoba Anoa (Vic-Viper Girl)

Total ranking:
Stage 1 "Seaside" :
My rate of this: Easiest!
Main Target: Mirror Core
Boss Rank: Pathetic
Boss Dismantle Rate: High! (8 Parts; aka-3 parts really excluding her "bits")
Boss Escape Rate: Impossible
First attempted Clear Rank: S
Average Clear Rank Rate: S
Better Chance: Me alone
Death Risk Rate: 0.5% (not even close)
My comment: Easiest stage. Hardly got hit unless distracted by the water or the Bacterians coming from behind doing the Thunderforce-V thing. Even the catgirl isn't much of a problem for me at all.

Stage 2 "City Nightraid" :
My rate of this: Still an easy one.
Side-Target: Gofer Sisters with Teto Ran
Main Target: Bacterian Mech-Walker
Middle-Boss Rank: Annoying!!
Main Boss Rank: Slightly sneaky
Middle-Boss Escape Rate: 100% Chicken!! (ALWAYS gets away!!) Bad preformance!
Main Boss Escape Rate: Impossible
Boss Dismantle Rate: High! (3 parts)
First attempted Clear Rank: S
Average Clear Rank Rate: S
Better Chance: Me alone
Death Risk Rate: 25% (could happen if careless and/or too aggressive)
My Comments: Thank GOD that the girls in Otomedius aren't following the typical Gradius style, but more likely the R-Type Final style instead; the ground doesn't hurt/kill them but being stuck does so this leaves a little more room to escape and plot a move/attack. This stage had me laughing so hard when I found out that the 18-wheeler was an "Bacterian Express" corporation truck. Even more hilarious was that after the first annoyance of those pesky "Gofer Sisters" first get in the way rolling down the highway in their custom, "invincible" Teto-Ran built for interstellar combat, they had me lose track a while from stopping right by a "Contra Burger" store (lolwhut?) Roflcopter-Roll
--well anyway, they came around a corner and apparently there's no stopping them for now. The best thing I can do is just fight defensively until they leave or I get a much stronger standard laser. The main boss however is nothing of a challenge much though she's rather a tough one and sneaky to boot. No heavy ordeal and I still bagged her on the first time we encountered one another.

Stage 3 "Crystal Mines, Volcanic Belt" :
My rate on this: Rather Troublesome Sad
Main Target: Serpent Core
Boss Rate: Hell!
Boss Status: Escaped! Still alive! Pissed off
Boss Dismantle Rate: Failed (parts unknown other than her helmet)
First attempted Clear Rank: X (failed, mission aborted on first attempt after a miss)
Average Clear Rank: B
Death Risk Rate: 60%! (I'm going to die here somewhere for sure....)
My comment: Okay, this stage is where things go downhill on me that fast! Either venting my fury north to a crystal mines area which is a reminder of Gradius Gaiden which still technically does the exact thing: lasers reflected thru the prisims in all sorts of random directions like R-Type, or Down south in which I've found two strange items to grab and to be chased by giant bots after digging a way through the walls. My first fail was of me being an idiot chasing a pesky ducker and.... OOPS! I got smushed! Oops!
The second day however I still took it on and found out this stage gets worse. It then gets to a going downward portion like in Gradius IV and R-Type Delta into the dephts of Hell (yes! fire field) which then takes a look on from the mythed legend: Thunderforce VI's magma belt. Blazing serpents dwell here and they annoy the hell out of me from rising through the magma consecutively and rapidly while at it. The Power Core holders through the group are the most annoying because they're just as red as the field which then in some points makes it very hard to spot them! They're not the worst case however because their mother: the Serpent Core is perhaps the first boss I failed to defeat in the game because she's WAY too fast, has only a tiny weak point: her eyes, and is hyper-aggressive like a certain undead dragon from Jewel Master, as well as a dashing middle boss from Wings of Wor from the Sega Genesis (and is technically just as fast!) along with being a pro-sniper with a beam shotgun. This one keeps moving more than I can attack so she got away every attempt and is still alive to this day. How pesky! *Facepalm!*

Stage 4 "Jungle Ruins" :
My rating here: Not an easy stage! Sad
Side-Target: Mini-Bigcore (I forgot the girl's name here because.....!)
Main Target: Old Bigcore (shoots down the girl and makes her take a swim back home)
Boss Status: Escaped! Still alive! Pissed off
Boss Dismantle Rate: Medicore (only turrets, but missed other parts!)
First Cleared Rank: C (not good!)
Average Clear Ranking: ?? (need to try again)
Death Risk Rate: 65%! (Most likely will die somewhere here!)
My notes: This stage is the green sea; every soldier's worst nightmare. The bush is thick and the ruins leave hardly any room for error so trying to time attacks is quite a bother here. I was never dumb enough to stay under something that looked like it'll fall and I don't plan on finding out what happens the hard way, following my natural instincts to know already... Actually however in disregard of the Big Duckers here being slightly annoying, the field isn't truly as menacing as the last one, but there is one exception: Bigcore! GIANT Bigcore!! Now he's pretty much a tough nut to crack!
He barely got away because I was wasting time on his weapons base instead of him. Seems I'll have to be more aggressive next time, but he does have breakables! Surprised

Stage 5 "G-Corporation vs Bacterian Fleet"
My rating here: Moderate challenge
Side-Target: ???
Main Target: Heaven's Gate (and again I forgot this girl's name who's piloting it)
Boss Dismantle Rate: Somewhat High (broke a lot of stuff from her)
Boss Rate: The Noble Challenge! Razz (balanced rate)
First Cleared Rank: B
Death Risk Rate: 50% (Half-chance. Mostly might be because of the stage, not the boss)
My notes: The stage is now getting like Thunderforce again, everyone is now beyond the sky dueling it out in the final frontier. The grand space battles! Aoba Anoa was more fascinated at the whole scenery (lol) but of course she still was also paying attention. The biggest threat for me as her here actually was when it got to parts like in R-Type Final's Stage 5: between the enemy battleships. The even worse part was when these bad boys were doing operation "Thunderforce".... Bigcores were consecutively dispatching every second from them making a even larger force than the first semi-final stage in Gradius V when the screen was getting filled with those cores! The boss duel was actually easier than it looked. Perhaps because I was used to facing off Heaven's Gate in Nemesis Online is how I caught onto her patterns? Either way, she didn't get away. "You're horrible!" yeah whatever. Rolling Eyes Spanked her a new one and my rank went back up again.

Stage 6 "Cursed Memories" :
My rating: Perhaps the worst place in the series ever!! Absolute HELL!! Sobbing
Boss Rating: *too many!*
Kill Chance: 80%
Escapees: 20%
Main Boss: Quad Core Sentinel
Main Target Escape Chance: Impossible
Boss Dismantling Rate: High! (lots of things to smash up! Fun fun!! Cute Laugh )
First Clear Rank: B
Death Risk Rate: 65%! (Most likely gonna die somewhere if one error is caught on!)
My Notes: I both love and hate this stage in the game. My favorite part of all Gradius games: Boss Rush! There's about um..... I think over 6 or 7 bosses here. I stopped many of them except for Denreir Core from Gradius 3. He's got a bad mood here now as he loved to try to tackle the hell out of me, leaving NO chance to counter him at all even if he missed (which he did every single attempt) since he only opened himself about 3 or 4 times, in which that case he got away. If I think I remember right, Denreir Core was the only boss here who escaped alive. Nothing else could elude Aoba Anoa's wrath, and to top it off, I broke absolutely EVERYTHING on the rabbit-girls' Quad Core Sentinel and took my sweet time with it. True they had the biggest of all bosses in the game under Old Bigcore, but that also made them the most vulnerable with no chance to escape. The problem is that around this place is where one teaching takes solid form: take no heed toward following up for greed! For me, I had to make sure I wasn't getting greedy with snagging every single powerup capsule in view because if I got too many and didn't keep a tab for holding up Force Field if I took too many hits, I'd be in big trouble.

Final Mission "Dark Force's Sanctum" :
My rating on this: The WORST part!!
Final Target: Dark Force (2-round battle!)
Her escape chance: High in 1st form, Low in "final" form. ??? for "True Form"
Death Risk Rate: 100%!! (There's no way to stay alive here; not from the stage easily, but absolutely NOT from the boss fight!!)
Cleared Rank : D (OUCH!!) Overjoy but fails
Boss Dismantling Chance: Failed (too strong!)
My notes: Good lord I hate this stage. It's quite a long one; however, it's not as brutal in some places as this game's predecessors and originals, but there's one big, fat exception to this: Dark Force herself! Her fortress might not be that hard thank God that everyone here can do the same is in R-Type Final where walls don't kill when it comes to the speedy parts, but that girl means serious business! There's no way I'll be getting by her without dying over several times at all! She even stolen quite a few continues from me in the process, leaving me with the worst rating in the game and only one prize; a double-edged "speed amplifier" card where it's instant-max, or crawl to a initial halt. Very useless. Bad preformance!
Either way, she did escape, but didn't get very far alive.

So personally, there are four bosses in Otomedius which I despise and in reverse order they are:
4 - Old Bigcore,
3 - Denreir Core,
2 - Serpent Core,
Most hated - Dark Force embodied

Queen of Heavenly Solace. Cold to the core.
"Better to have a cold core than to not have one at all..."
Alala Kuran
Alala Kuran
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Dimensional Admin

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Otomedius: Excellent Empty Re: Otomedius: Excellent

Post by Alala Kuran on Mon Sep 17, 2012 3:15 pm

Well now seems I quickly improved by the last day! Took a bit of training and got rather a bit serious now so....

Stage 1 updates-
Boss is done for casually, and everything here is still smashed up under an "S" rank.

Stage 2 updates-
Nothing different still, smashed stuff up again but of course the pesky Gofer Sisters with their "Invincible" Teto Ran have still ran away alive (lol!) but apparently they didn't matter that much. Still got the "S" rank as usual.

Stage 3 updates- Exclamation
Oh this time I wasn't farting around with Mrs. Serpent Core! I got very serious with her and this time even if I had to do a bogus move to evade her, it worked and for that, she didn't get away alive now! Didn't even come close to shooting me down either so that rank got bumped back up to an "S" rank for once!

Stage 4 updates- Exclamation
Once more I pulled it off! Alright, so I took a few bumps here and there along the way but caught up to Old Bigcore and in the nick I got my Force Field back on and when I slipped behind his little wall-gun and my previous plan finally worked! He went "BANG!" while I once more got yet another "S" rank along with a new pulse laser but I can't even use it so what a letdown.... oh well.

Stage 5 updates-
Nothing new here except that I didn't do so well on the boss fight. She got away, but luckily I didn't die even once either so it's a fair miss. Rank went up to at least "B" here.

Stage 6 updates-
Same performance here but this time there were no deaths, and instead that pesky Neo-Bigcore escaped but Mr. Denreir Core wasn't so lucky and I stolen Photon Torpedo from him! I knew he had something that wasn't unlocked yet! Rank stood at a "B" again since someone still got away. No deaths for me yet though this time but quite a few close calls.

Final Stage updates-
No-good. Still sucked badly here and of course died about 2 to 3 times by Ms. You-know-who that makes her standing as a Final boss for sure. Rank was demoted to a "C" but at least no lower for once, and on top of that no credits were lost so my Total rank improved.

Final ranking this time around? : "Excellent!" to my surprise, wow. It also was quite a large payload in Exp for Aoba Anoa so she's now lvl 7 I think and most likely was more upbeat this time around when she won. Smile

New challenger approached the game that day!
Lol-Factor: Vastell took on with Diol Twee

Queen of Heavenly Solace. Cold to the core.
"Better to have a cold core than to not have one at all..."
Alala Kuran
Alala Kuran
Dimensional Admin
Dimensional Admin

Age : 32
Number of posts : 2519
Location : Newsan Diego
Registration date : 2007-10-15

Character sheet
Race: Newman Newman
Personal Title: Crimson-Crystal Core


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