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What annoys Casper at most in DS-series

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What annoys Casper at most in DS-series Empty What annoys Casper at most in DS-series

Post by Alala Kuran on Sat Apr 20, 2013 5:07 pm

What annoys Casper at most in DS-series App_full_proxy_zpseaeea97b : Well anyway, this is what I have in Record of Fight.

For everything I've faced so far it goes like this:

Wandering Reaper: wuss! Rolling Eyes - Too classic

Jordan the Buried Baron: Easy - Sits in place, but throws a lot of junk around. Not as intimidating as he looks.

Conjure of the Forest: wuss! Rolling Eyes - Three words: Big. Sitting. Target!! *yawn* Not very impressed

Sakura the Witch: Average. - She's not all too smart telling friend from foe but is somewhat smart to set up a barrage of magic missiles and stuff. Not to be underestimated.

Mary the Giant Cow: Easy - Has a thick hide, and quite a barrage of trash to toss, attacks from behind too but even a Bulldrome does better than this. Laughing

Lord of the Flames: Average. - This lizard is a bit of a pain, attacks from three directions at once but still nothing all too brutal, I've been through worse... though the exploding pyro-geysers are a bit of a pain if not dealt with by a sharp eye. Lacks defense but has good coverage I admit.

The Twin Dragons: Hard! - Two against one from BOTH sides?! That's quite a pain in the ass! They even have Buster-Breath attacks! Even on low-level these bad boys mean business! Shocked

The Forgotten Guardian: HELL!! - This SOB is quite a major pain in the ass, and I admit is one of the hardest boss opponents in the series ever! Some reason I get that feeling that he's bringing the Gradius-feel back in this one too; the only thing that hurts him by a pinch is his eyes unless gone to phase-2 in which he starts to give chase next that makes matters worse! Worse to add, he has excellent defense too! Repulsively to confess, I never managed to beat him without failing on a normal run. Mad

Gitterburg: HELL!! - This creeper is obviously a "Final" boss, and he stands up to the title well. He gets as crazy as Satan Claws in his 2nd phase to quickly turn things into a mess, but not only that, he also has a sneaky Rod-Charge to watch out for too, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Hard to tell if he or Satan Claws has the worst barrage of a plasma storm or whatnot. What a jerk! Complaining

TyrannoSatan: HELL!! - Obvious as well in his proper place of being known as a "True Last Boss", he's ridiculous! MK-I isn't too much for a start but he quickly turns that facade around using a barrier wall of junk in the way providing excellent defense, while MK-II turns the fight from horizontal to vertical if wishing to press on the attack, and MK-III of him is the worst of them all: He actually gives out a feeling of truly "Dueling in the sky" from how tense this bastard gets, yet it's also epic in a way too for some reason.

Lilly: Easy - Not much different from Mary, but with Satan Claws throwing rotten tomatoes around the place at times too gets to be a bit of a stinker, and unlike that cow, this reindeer is attacking from both directions! That's too predictable though and isn't all that much of a bother.

Bigote: Average. - Yet another large sitting-but-moving target; however this creep throws lots of trash all over the place quite rudely. Gets worse when the "armor" is broken away. Trying to stop the falling debris and the boss at the same time sometimes does get to be a mixup. Oops!

Heavy Snake(s): Average. - They're big; easy to hit, but hard to dodge because of again throwing/spitting lots of stuff everywhere. Facing off one alone is still a bit tough, but more than one can be a pain! bugfreak

Tamecos: Average. - Actually he's quite easy at first till he starts kicking, and distracting everyone by a extremely hilarious move of tossing his head at the screen (lolwhut??? Roflcopter-Roll ) ...okay it's a little disturbing but also funny; however, this is perhaps the worst part of him to me at least because of all the plasma he is "screaming" out and the mini-head bits of his attacking from the quadrants as well. Keeping a cool head makes this fight cakewalk though, but when he takes off running... oh boy! Bad preformance!

The Arachnid: Easy - This boss is just large, and shoots lots of plasma around, but I've seen creepier bugs than her. The mini flea/spider like babies she tosses out are easy to avoid/destroy. The worst part to watch out for is the jumping coordination, HIGH-HP, sneaky direction changing after doing the 2nd or 3rd hop, and the annoying plasma storm when making an escape to the opposite side of the battlefield. Extremely predictable. Cloud

Mad Bunny&Teddy: Hard! - Perhaps like the Twin Dragon brothers reloaded, but I can't tell who's worse than the other of the Tag-Teams! These idiots feign their "fighting" by actually attacking with a plasma storm again to keep me distracted while being fooled of why they were fighting at first but I caught on quickly; they're doing it to make a mess to kill ME in the middle of it all! The worst part however is after they notice I break up their fight, then they actually team up in a beam cage while bombarding the entire field with even more plasma fire! Gets annoying very quickly too!

Satan Claws: HELL!! - Again this fat bastard is an End-Boss. Unlike the last opponent from before, he starts off leaving "snow of green and purple" which actually changes formation on the fly (Woah!!) in both separate directions. After that, he then starts throwing out mini black-hole mines which cannot be destroyed even by counter bomb-spells! Even bigger a threat, he can attack from out-of-range with homing cluster rockets, and even use the power of the portal directly!! Not even TyrranoSatan could do that!! ......wait a minute........ Tyranno....Satan..? and Satan-CLAWS???..... it can't be........ did he take human form for revenge?! affraid

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