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PSO2 - Emergency! Code: Error Type-2000!

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PSO2 - Emergency! Code: Error Type-2000! Empty PSO2 - Emergency! Code: Error Type-2000!

Post by Alala Kuran Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:32 pm

FO-Newearl : Um, yeah.... So I've finally learned the hard way the reset time for logging in;

Reset Time to keep FUN-Points gaining streak to rapidly increase and gain prizes
for staying active is around 8:00 AM in Pacific Rim Time over here (lol that reference!)

...because I just screwed up on it due to being punted by a rooster TOO early and
finding out the hard way that stupidly waking up around 6:30 / 7:00 AM is BAD in
more than several ways, logging back in did NOT count!

Anyway the biggest problem now: Due to a extremely LATE maintenance going on
only a few hours ago, I stupidly lost sleep till 4:00 AM after also being woken up at
rooster time noted above (God DAMMIT!! Pissed off ) my login didn't count, but till
past 7:00AM AGAIN today, maintenance was finally down so I had to pop in REALLY FAST even if feeling severe lethargy and pain, but thanks to the heat preventing me
from sleeping well, I did YET AGAIN in less than 2 hours; at 10:00AM directly still not well and got the 2nd batch THAT fast, which now confirms that I suck and failed. I expect it was an 6 hour penalty time.....

But aside of that humiliation, THIS makes it that much worse:
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Wow, now I can't even change my voice to that expensive mod I bought????? Jeez... Not very impressed 

In fact, all editing is impossible in the Salon now in the Vita version! Even CerberusGirl couldn't do it. But that's not the worst yet....

Oh well, so I thought "That sucks, but at least I could check on my failed side-liners now..." WRONG!! Here's the UGLY: Now even the computer version is down! *Facepalm!* 

This counts as TWO days missed for these hard-fighting working cats:
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

At this rate, BOTH girls will suffer a entirely missed week if this worsens and no repairs are done! So to note, the PC won't even start up so my poor secondary girls missed not only one, but now this makes TWO days in a row of a miss! GameGuard keeps failing to update (WHAT?!) faint 
I am a sad FONewearl right here now...... but at least I didn't suck at dueling it out with Falz, but this "NO EDIT ALLOWED!" error is bad.... Overjoy but fails 

I.e: This is affecting both PC AND VITA users!! I'm hearing MANY other players being very angry at this fact as they claim it damaging their systems by deleting large game files from other titles to make way for this day's "update".....Locked, baby! 

Queen of Heavenly Solace. Cold to the core.
"Better to have a cold core than to not have one at all..."
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