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Post by Alala Kuran on Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:42 pm

Post about the most epic things of your life which you can remember as far back up to now as you possibly can. I've over several, some are cool, others are hilarious.

One event: I've came across a live Israelite in Trickster Online! That was a first for me and I found it a very epic unforgettable event! He was using a gunner-lion in a blue outfit while at the beginner beach area before they changed everything. He had a bit of a rough time speaking english but I understood him very well.

Another epic event was in PS-Portable 2, some reason against Kumhan, I beat the living S**t out of him without even taking a hit on Hell-Path of story mode in less than 14 minutes, BOTH boss forms of him too! How the hell could I be so brutal to a game's TRUE last boss but fail at the rest of even casual enemy mobs and other bosses before him/her? Oh and another game which I beat the living crap out of and brutalized a Final Boss was in The Legend of Alon-Dar while with Ludovic. We smashed the crap out of the final boss and his mob-squad, but after that first time we beat the game, we couldn't anymore, lol! Oops!

Yet another boss I humiliated in one go under 10 seconds was Storm Eagle in Megaman-X1. First encounter with him and I just smashed the daylights out of him so badly and perfectly! I didn't even use his weakness-weapon either! affraid 

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