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Top 10 All-time Favorite characters

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Top 10 All-time Favorite characters Empty Top 10 All-time Favorite characters

Post by Alala Kuran on Mon May 26, 2014 1:38 am

This is a list one can make of their top ten favorite characters of all time, and state why. My list will be edited though as I am in a rush, so mind me.... This may look like 20 or such due to seperating boys from girls, but of course the girls come first due to same-gender matters in relating to me directly more. I may make a different topic for the opposite gender of those who I like as attractive boys. This one is the Top 10 Favorite and Loved Female characters list of mine.

1st Place (BEST and all time loved character): Arala Cran
Origin: Shikigami no Shiro 2/Castle Shikigami 2
Info: She has a lot of relations to me directly! also to admit, when I had first seen her, it was in a dream; she claimed to have been ME but left in a dark era, abandoned, and was not happy about it. Regardless after even a fight, we came to an agreement and I accepted her back as part of myself; but after a touch, she disappeared. She was not lying as in a later dream I ended up BECOMING her but far stronger than originally seen, along with a few "differences" in physical appearance (larger bust, muscular, red eyes....) but anyway, I plain love her even up to.... um, naughty and inappropriate levels even for being another girl myself. (seriously! not hiding it! I do!) and later I found out we did the same thing at the same year though I didn't realize, hence one of my favorite quotes is of her own:
"You say I'm evil, but where's YOUR justice?!"
She said it far more bold than I ever could in a certain incident... TRUE story. Anyway, despite being a boss character on first sight, Arala Cran is going to forever STAY as my top number-1 most loved character of all time, I even went far to start a OOC story of her and in other games I changed her from the dark side into a good girl!  Love effect 
I forgot to mention that I actually felt pain when she takes an impact from enemy attacks, surprisingly from time to time!

2nd place: White Len
Origin: Melty Blood/Tsukihime
Info: We have quite a bit in common, and she was recommended to me from Sayajin Mui (AKA: Satsujinki) directly. A good recommendation at that to add. I actually have seen her in dreams too. I went as far to adding a personal story of her as a protagonist.... after I possessed her by her accident.  Bad preformance! 

3rd Place: Etna
Origin: Disgaea/Makai Kingdom
Info: I could use more of her attitude, really. Anyway.... I've a LONG history with Etna from Disgaea series. At first she was actually on the top of my list; however, certain... "things" in life happened, and so she fell TWO feet below now. Sad story really, to be honest it was worse than this but it's wrong to just turn back on her like this just because of retards ruined my life and her name around me in more than one place. Regardless, I still hold a firm place for Etna within me, and of course we still do have quite a lot in common with one another, though we do have some major differences too (such as how she is outgoing and I'm not so much, and she will beat things into submission while I don't have the balls to myself... yet) and in places I still do choose her...

4th Place: *FONewearl-Self
Origin: Phantasy Star
Info: Not much info, though I did too make a connecting story of my Newman-Persona from the world of Phantasy Star series. Also to boot, she's the direct same age as ME even in real life due to the first PS game released in the same birth year as I am, and newmans have been all the way back from then as well too. I really adore her appearance from Phantasy Star Online 2 at most.

5th Place: Len
Origin: Melty Blood/Tsukihime
Info: not too much of a difference from her alternate-replica but I've found some differences; she's far faster and will go berserk without warning even out of my own hand! It happened once; Len snapped and went berserk after some enemy character (Mugen) did something to her.

-updating- sorry Oops! A new player?

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