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PSO2: The Stupid Files: Episode 1 sample 2

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PSO2: The Stupid Files: Episode 1 sample 2 Empty PSO2: The Stupid Files: Episode 1 sample 2

Post by Alala Kuran Thu May 29, 2014 11:23 pm

Remember that short little blooper sample I did with me snapping off Dark Falz? Well here's a much, much larger one of it. Still not yet finished yet but I think this should hold some attention for a while this time!

from lines I have so far:
0:00 to 0:20 - Zeno is not happy with Dark Falz so he calls him "Faggat!! >Sad ", Sara is lost at the case, Falz has no idea why either but is expecting someone to cover him so they ALL (except Zeno) look at ME... Zeno notices and snaps him off again, this time in his face so that Dark Falz doesn't space out enough to not notice and it worked so Falz gets angry and kills me for it. OUCH!! :'(
Well actually he did it to score himself a free upskirt look of me ///

(Part missed) Zeno still disapproves and wants to fight but he is fallen and can't get up yet;

-Bonus: request me for the actual normal fight on YT if you want it without the stupid files version of being sped-up.

--therefore the boss fight commences anyway (Random song: "Warning!" - BOSS [Phalanx - SNES] ).

Dark Falz lost the match and still is spacy in the head a bit after years of a long sleep and wonders what that smack to the face I delivered to him was for so my FONewearl-Radiant who I have named Len J. Yami snaps him off calling him inferior to me (live voiceover clip recording: Mint Xiao "CerberusGirl" - she attempts a voice imitation from Da Ji from Warriors: Orochi years back).

Later, I come back after Zeno told me that Falz took a upskirt picture of me and I'm not happy about it, but he takes it out on Mint (yes her character) and escapes. Random stuff happens here after for a while;

I stupidly run into a fart bomb in the Lillipia Desert Zone, and Len is angry about it, screaming at people to stop setting fart bombs all over the place.
(missed part) A box will trigger a "WTF BOOM!!" part commonly found everywhere.

--Later: Kerasia tells me about a mysterious Stark Gun who had a strange virus code thanks to the darkers messing with him, so I hit a really high pitched note after finally trying Braver-Type after a long time and........ o.O?! (So who thinks this part should be a GIF file?)

--5 Minutes more: Apostle Doros seems to have epic seizures from too many energy drinks but also had beans this morning... My conclusion? "This is ridiculous, really..." (not my voice, but to admit this clip came out perfectly!! No errors on it whatsoever and even lip sync is perfect!)

--3 minutes later: I just finish cleaning things up in the Naberius Ruins Zone and was about to leave, but suddenly I started feeling a little heated. Just in my luck, a boy was around nearby after cleaning his shift as well. I bump into Afin and out of curiousity and heat, I boldly ask him if I am sexy or unattractive. To my surprise, he actually flat out tells me that he DOES like my looks.... aww he should hush, him... That only made it worse... ////
(mistake part, the silence pause is too long....)

--In another place: Mint is busy looking for Mr.Umballa, she finds him and PLOP!! Ouch! (Warning note: live voiceover; ME IRL.... I forgot to disable my mic.... oh dear =^o.o'^= ...) That actually hurt, a LOT! Happens again and just so in the nick when a PSE burst suddenly explodes out of nowhere at such a time, Mint takes ANOTHER hard hit to the face but the mission is done.

Not-so Later: Back to the Naberius Ruins Zone. I find a singing Woogolonda. What?

30 Minutes later: Seabed Raid! This is not edited, just a regular playthrough cut to some action parts in which White Len and I tag-team up together to flush out them floaters.
-After that, they left large floaters around that will seriously smell in 2 minutes if not cleaned out right away so I tap the first one... WRONG!! T_T
--Edited: I bump into a fountain while trying to get to the next bomb (oops lol) and again OOPS!! Sad to say I accidentally got a Tag Apceros (Badass song: Final Boss from Battle Garregga, also AGAIN I left my Mic running that evening @_@ )

-Continuing where we left off: Dark Falz is starring at me.. wait a second, more like "somethings" ON me.... that pervert. //// *SMACK!!*
Falz you idiot! You can't do that here!! There's too many people around and they HATE that sort of thing!! O_O

.....but of course I do give in when nobody else was around secretly, first off I found out what "NOT" to do when taunting a Deegalla... and again later on a "hungry" baize seems to want to "taste" me, and does for a few minutes. (Censored lol! Sorry! You do NOT want to know what happened at those two parts... unless you like 18+ Hentai and tentacles..... I do, but this is NOT for the public.////) Well.....okay, I admit. I'm guilty. I enjoyed it and I won't lie..... (live voiceover: ME again, but a few years back. Clip unused till now)

AHEM... anyway, back to the stupid files! *blush*
--Earlier: Me and Len J. Yami are just teasing around. (Error: Music and voice clips left out since rushed! All dead-silent!)

Later: Almost ANOTHER 18+ situation happens! I find a Gum Anemone, and I heard that those things also have a taste for attractive girls who are on the hunt but don't pay attention to her step when she is exploring in the deep Seabed areas. Just so happens an explosive fish was near one as this curious cat almost stupidly fell for the Anemone.... only that she lured the BOMB into the perverted "trap" for it to taste some aquatic depth charges XD (live voiceover: Me again from years back imitating and doing voiceovers for mugen)

In another place: Len is busy hunting pesky lizards for Io. Due to that FONewearl being some what "frail" she actually was a lot smarter with heightened alertness, so a Delsaber in a Lizardman suit who called himself a "Sil Dinian" jumped from the floor to attack her only to fail once, and fail again when she just so "accidentally" fired a grenade at another Sil Dinian; "COUNTER!!" Of course she was frightened and had to recuperate herself a few seconds before continuing on after asking "WTF did HE come from?!?"
-Last for now: Not all boys hit harder than girls... A Sil Dinian thought he could send Len flying in pain, only to end up finding out what it means to enrage a FONewearl who has a Rocket Launcher covered in a Love-Rappy Barrel.

Parts Missed:
Rappy doing a Rick Rolled song (and me singing along with him until hit in the face by a Za Trolloloodan),
Jak making an appearance in Phantasy Star,
Dancing moments,
That fan in my room is a Jet Engine!!,
Igarax is not amused,
Air combo madness,
Silsia doing a beatdown on some rats,
Someone doing the Taz Tasmanian Devil Spin,
Beni doing some DMC style shooting!!,
Loser has Fallen (girly scream),
Dark Falz found his body! OOPS he lost it!!,
Mammoth Riding,
Persona the Human-Pinball,
Navigator yells "Do a Barrel-Roll!" and Len does it,

Queen of Heavenly Solace. Cold to the core.
"Better to have a cold core than to not have one at all..."
PSO2: The Stupid Files: Episode 1 sample 2 24101
Alala Kuran
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PSO2: The Stupid Files: Episode 1 sample 2 Empty Re: PSO2: The Stupid Files: Episode 1 sample 2

Post by CerebusGirl Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:48 pm

I like the pic shown before the start with you in it here instead.  Love effect 

PSO2: The Stupid Files: Episode 1 sample 2 Wavesigrl7
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