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Top 10 Funniest ROFLCopter-Barrel Roller games

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Top 10 Funniest ROFLCopter-Barrel Roller games  Empty Top 10 Funniest ROFLCopter-Barrel Roller games

Post by Alala Kuran Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:17 pm

Another list of games to go, this time the funniest games ever which I could never stop laughing at at all. This will be shortened for now since I am on a hurry, but here is what I got:

01: Rayman - Arena
What's so funny?: This game is already funny, but have you ever tried a all-only weapon locked Glue Bomb Only match? This is a memory to stay in my head from the teens. Oh my God this was so funny yet also the horror! I couldn't ever stop screaming my head off in fear if an enemy was closing in with at least over 5 to 8 bombs spinning around him/her! All it takes is just TWO bombs to end someone, but being chased and them slowly closing with over 5 to 8? YIKES!! Yet also I was at the same time laughing my head off till my eyes turned red and my throat started to hurt for several days. This match kept me at the edge of my seat in many ways! The most hilarious thing I have ever played in my lifetime and will never be forgotten! I hope to do it again sometime.  Overjoy but fails Roflcopter-Roll 

02: Disgaea series
What's so funny?: Well of course it's from Japan, so there's several cases which made me laugh my head off; from events with characters, down to the names of attacks, and even randomly generated names of enemy monsters! Though my passion for enjoying the series was shattered by a certain cyber-criminal, I will never forget or ignore good ol' Disgaea, which still keeps coming out with a new gig and twist every now and then (even better: Now I have a PS3, the collection can restart and keep growing again!) I mean: "The Bird", and "OMG! You wrecked my SLAYSTATION Portable!!" etc. wow Disgaea never gets old and never will be ignored!  Roflcopter-Roll 

03: Phantasy Star series
What's so funny?: Well of course the same thing, and what would you expect? I'm born the same year this series is! Aside of that though, starting since PS-Portable which was where I started to get down in seriously with it was already where I noticed funny parts. Of course PSO1 as well has hilarious parts when I took a trip back down memory lane to look sharply. This not only again includes events and such, but also the ways some enemies get smacked and slapped around so badly (such as when I had a Dagan doing a barrel roll across the dunes of Lillipia after one hard smack during a mad NPC-storm combo and I interrupted when it got too close! LOL!!) for more info of this, please refer to my newest "Phantasy Star: The Stupid Files!" demo vid. Bravo! 

04: Drakenguard 3
What's so funny?: Okay, to be frank, I actually am taking a liking to Lady Zero already. We seem to have a lot in common though I could use her nerve in life... too bad I'm a wuss compared to her. Anyway, even so, some parts are just plain hilarious, such as when her vassal had "accidentally" (purposely got back at her! o.O) destroyed a bridge and then he did a barrel roll after being stabbed in the head to have Zero fall flat on her face, OUCH! And also when she just kept going on trying to call out for him in the snow area which... was a "smart" move... (Avalanche!!) then "Pussy snow! how dare you try to stop me! I determine when the end is up, not you!" lol Okay so yes I too do that a lot, but who can blame someone trying to get the job done when all sorts of stupid things try to get in a lady's way? Jesus.  *Facepalm!* 

05: The Bouncer
What's so funny?: OMFG the physics of this game is just so hilarious! being an early 4P game for the PlayStation 2 as well it's even more amusing with groups in a house all goofing around. This game had me laughing for years, and still does to this day when flinging one person into a group or trying to dodge the cloud of war slowly (or even quickly) closing in.

06: Star Ocean series (especially 3 & 4)
What's so funny?: There's some humorous parts in Star Ocean series, though hard to come by but some parts I just couldn't stop laughing at. It especially gets more open in Star Ocean 3: Till The End of Time, and even more outrageous in Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope! To be honest the hidden 2P match mode in Star Ocean 3 has funny factors to it and I never could get the first three fights out of my head we had already teaming up against the enemy NPC character of when I as Soul of Sophia Esteed was with Rakk using Soul of Albel Nox and we mobbed up against ANOTHER Albel Nox copy; I was an idiot! I got stuck in between two ninja boys doing the stab & stomp dash attack which the enemy boss character sent me flying into the stratosphere and just when I went "Boom!" I got launched the instant BACK into the stratosphere again by Rakk who actually meant to counter the faker since I was in the middle! Sophia ended up screaming "STOP THAT!!  Shocked " lol ouch. The second blooper was round 2 when we mobbed up on Peppita's copy. Of course I have the feeling that Fayt & Sophia are meant for one another, but rofl! Peppita's faker ended up hitting the both of us at the same time somehow and I ended up falling on top of the boy in a ....abnormal position just laying atop of him for a second .... um, right! Embarassed ....(I didn't need her help to go for that! I could do a boy I like just fine without support when we have an agreement, thank you......////)  

07: Mortal Kombat: Armageddon
Banshee screaming in a short range over 3 times before she noticed I was standing there laughing at her in-game even (taunting her!), People tumbling down flights of stairs over several times in a row, "Scorpion took a swim" in Motor Kombat, Goro's torso flying down the stairs out of the screen during a fatality, me kicking an enemy character stratosphere-high into a tower's bell and then also doing a somersault sending both my own butt into one bell on the left and the enemy on the right into a gong at the same time, Borichho's Fart-Rocket to get back up on respawn for the next round, Amber was told to "finish her!" but I jumped away from him anyway even on 0-HP left before hit but then finally stunned when I landed back on my feet, kicking people into spinning fans and sent flying going bumpity-bonk through tunnels and to fly smack into a terminal. ....need I say more? Mortal Kombat has always been one of my beginning fighting game steps under the top 10 I grew up with even if just MK1, but Armageddon just put the roflcopter into the series. Violence and humor in a hybrid for the first time even in a gory mess never was thought possible till I got this game. ROFL!! Surprised 

08: Metal Gear Solid series
What's so funny?: Good LORD this series is so funny! Snake obviously likes girls but not them tomboys, and the guards are fricking hilarious! Raiden even says "Uh, did you say 'nerd'?" Rofl! Also try not to slip in bird....stuff..... omg! Roflcopter-Roll 
*topic not yet finished

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Top 10 Funniest ROFLCopter-Barrel Roller games  Empty Re: Top 10 Funniest ROFLCopter-Barrel Roller games

Post by Azursia Siaku Tue Jul 22, 2014 6:12 pm

On drakengard 3, it actually wasn't an accident that the bridge blew up, the dragon is just as Zero constantly calls him "Dumbass". and 2nd on the snow area after the mini avalanche my friend went "The end" and then the game displays "Drakengard 3 The End" only for Zero to pop out of the snow saying "I decide when it's the end!" as she breaks the 4th wall. She then says "Pussy snow, I wasn't even that loud" which to be fair she wasn't loud at all.
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