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[Persona]'s Weakness: Exposed!

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[Persona]'s Weakness: Exposed! Empty [Persona]'s Weakness: Exposed!

Post by Alala Kuran Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:35 pm

Yup, you just got busted, Persona. And you got owned by actually a FONewearl who was using a Rocket Launcher!

This I'm not sure if it's old news or not, but I want to spread the word so that you rangers out there (even though I'm NOT a Ranger and I fail at it) can take a advantage vs a so-called "ARKS-Terminator"! This boss DOES have a weakness and Rangers have the key. It's not Grants, as there are still many who vulcaned that boss and still got knocked out by the blunt part of his blade flat-cold with the Game Over screen when trapped alone while he has back-up from them Darkers. Well now, that's just about to change!

I know this video will suck (as people are just hateful creatures against me), and I'm no ranger (and hate the style! Actual natural FONewearl here so I suck at ranger mode let alone they are all mean to me anyway, and I never liked the style either though not useless) but from experimenting while in a bad mood, I was even surprised when I took him down... with a LOVE-RAPPY BARREL!

Here you go:
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Now go get out there and shame this fool who shamed all of you right back! I know it's not high-damage either, but just ONE slip-up for a "Terminator" and I will leave the rest of what you can do with ONE opening of him up to you, now that you CAN!

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"Better to have a cold core than to not have one at all..."
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