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Member groups in teams Empty Member groups in teams

Post by Alala Kuran Fri Jan 30, 2015 2:50 pm

This is a list out of random I've made up on noticing which people get along with others as best friends and can do lots of damage to opponents quite easily. Small groups which are lethal to confront by Darkers, and best for others to know about. Some people here have no groups though and are unlucky so this will need to be sorted later... others can feel free to update this list if they wish. As said though, this is just a random thingy; it's how I see it so I could be wrong. This is the current list of who is active at the moment.

Group 1: "Legendary Leaders"
Note: these are the high-ranking leaders who have a near-same time meeting all of the time or most of the time. Smile
Squad: 3/4
Active: 3/4
Same-Time Arrival: close
-Mitsuki Dawn,

Group 2: "Not-so-beginner units"
Note: these three are in the same area, and two of them are actual siblings! No wonder they have such well-planned moves, I'm so envious!
Squad: 3/4
Active: 3/4
Same-Time Arrival: close

Group 3:
Note: these four tend to have lots to say, lol! XD
Squad: 4/4
Active: 2/4(?)
Same-Time Arrival: various

Group 4:
Note: some new faces I saw before and helped out a time or two.
Squad: 2/4
Active: 2/4
Same-Time Arrival: close

Members without groups/don't fit in: Stray cats/dogs?
Note: some people who aren't lucky.... timing is not like the rest, disorganized, isolated, having trouble by other "pests", etc.
-*self (Odd-one out; NOBODY is close. time is completely different)

Queen of Heavenly Solace. Cold to the core.
"Better to have a cold core than to not have one at all..."
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Alala Kuran
Alala Kuran
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Dimensional Admin

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Member groups in teams Empty Re: Member groups in teams

Post by Azursia Siaku Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:29 am

On Group two, Sanji Cheep an' Teddy are all sibilings.
Azursia Siaku
Azursia Siaku
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