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Your top 20 hardest bosses ever

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Your top 20 hardest bosses ever Empty Your top 20 hardest bosses ever

Post by Alala Kuran Wed Mar 04, 2015 3:45 am

A more broadened topic in response to the old one, this one is a roster of your very own top 20 most difficult, pain-in-the-ass boss confrontations under any and every game you have played even in retro. Here's mine for example, and yes some familiar names will be displayed too, I will do them in reverse order from least yet notable pains, to the downright most loathable enemy I have ever faced off, details and why, when I have the chance. For now it will be all random since I am sleepy and tired-

Number 20: Plasma Gargoyle (name not known, I named it this)
Origin: Blaster Master 3: Blasting Again
Class: Boss
Irritation limit: Very Frustrating!
Irritating Factors: flies around out of range a lot, long corridor to reach, very aggressive, has two phases and lots of HP, has very high-damaging attack power, his attacks DROPS Roddy's attack power if he gets hit by him every single time by 1!
Note: The stage just getting to his gate is hard, the dungeon gate he is in is actually the hardest stage in the game,and not only is the Plasma Gargoyle the hardest boss in the entire game, but this boss is the hardest boss in the entire Blaster Master saga I have ever faced in my life of knowing the series. Not even the Plutonium Boss himself, being the game's true last boss antagonist was this brutal or annoying!

19: Sephiroth
Origin: Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 (not so bad on FF7)
Class: Extra (optional) Boss
Irritation limit: Very Frustrating!
Note: I don' hate him, but also he's a major pain in the snatch for me to deal with. I had to do one full 24 hours sitting of a boss battle with him on Kingdom Hearts 2 since at a much lower level than in the first one; however, despite the long time taken, he is actually much harder in first encounter due to Sin Harvest being ultra-fast and without warning! I had to have Sora use ultimate timing with potions ON-TIME to survive the fight; one error was all it takes as Sephiroth doesn't fart around. In KH2, his arsenal is much larger, as of his stats too, but at least he gives people some time to make one final move compared to at first. All this and yet I still don't hate him, lol!

18: Dark Falz - Loser/Luther
Origin: Phantasy Star Online 2
Class: Final Boss/Superboss
Irritation limit: Rage Overdrive!!
Irritation Factors: Insanely hard, gimmicks, Super-Annoying, limited chance only
Note: Of course he's supposedly to be ta Final Boss in PSO2 for the moment (unless Magatsu or someone else even bigger appears) and boy does this brute get on my nerves to no-end! He only appears for a limited time due to being classed under "Emergency Quest Bosses" so there's little room for mistakes and if not done on time or with a good Multi-Party zone, things can go ugly and he will escape, laughing at you till some other day (litterally!) IF he decides to show up ever again. Fighting his Apos Doros units are the only keys to getting access to face him off and even they have only a short 30 minutes chance to at least destroy ONE of those bosses! The problem with Loser (or Luther?) is that he requires a gimmic strategy; if his clock-core is not destroyed, he will remain invincible no matter what level you are, and to do that, he HAS to be stalled by "Mirage Virus" from wind elemental force damage having a small chance to affect him with such bad status, else if he's impossible to destroy even on NORMAL (which at some point could be considered "Easy" if you are strong leveled enough) but not just that, the time usually could risk lagging and (if very UNLUCKY) risk of being disconnected during midway or near-end of the boss duel. Super Hard mode is ridiculous enough as-is, but now that he's got a new height of difficulty which technically turns PSO2 into Neo Contra Online 2 (hyper-speed enemies, built like tanks, and you drop dead in ONE HIT! Difference: you do NOT have any lives!) which is now called Extra Hard... as if Super Hard wasn't bad enough already... this point he has new moves! To admit, he's a new reincarnation of Kumhan but actually in combined form with Dark Falz himself, making him bigger, smarter, faster, and like X10 harder to destroy than ever before! I never liked this version of him other than his voice.

17: Night Terror
Origin: Soul Calibur 3
Class: Superboss, True Last Boss, Extra Boss
Irritation limit: Frustrating!
Irritation Factors: Smart, overpowered, cheats death, somewhat cheap, not playable
Notes: Could I say that this is Nightmare gone on the fritz even worse by Souledge than at first? Barely looks the same but much bigger, is able to fly around, rather highly mobile despite his larger, bulked (in muscle+height!) Either way, he's perhaps one of the worst, most brutal bosses in Soul Calibur history ever; however, there are two others next to his ranks on the list of bosses on the stage of history! They, too, are on this list. I could certainly say that Night Terror is perhaps the most brutal boss in Soul Calibur ever!

16: Elysum
Origin: Soul Calibur 5
Class: Final Boss
Irritation limit: Very Frustrating!
Irritation Factors: cheap tactics, smart
Notes: Being the (current) True Last Boss of Soul Calibur, Lady Elysum, being a light-type boss character certainly proves herself to be a royal, divine pain in the ass (lol! Pun intended Overjoy but fails ) She plays like Charade and Occadan; a style switcher, but she uses an all-women style type setting (which would be obvious, I guess) along with her own "Critical Edge" (aka: Arc-Drive) which is a guardable yet potent Mega Crash that does repeated damage and even hurts through defending. The biggest problem is how aggressive she is, but this is to be expected of a "Final" boss antagonist character. She is already dangerous as-is, but the locations in where she lurks as a boss makes matters far worse! Further to note, she may actually be "kind" enough to share her style with your alter-ego if another girl in Soul Calibur V (which was surprising, she actually let me use her style directly.... AFTER I beaten her though) which is a first, but I personally think she still has more attack power than a "custom" character using the same style she does, guess because of boss stats. Elysum would most certainly be labeled as my top 3rd place hardest boss in Soul Calibur series ever, as to admit personally, the two others before her appearance and story were known are actually worse than her!

15: Algol, the Hero-King
Origin: Soul Calibur 4, Broken Destiny, and 5
Class: Final Boss
Irritation limit: Rage Drive!!
Irritation Factors: smart, overpowered, cheap tactics
Notes: Algol, being the first "Next Generation" type final boss antagonist character on the stage of history, and having the ability to control both of the two swords simultaneously, better than Cervantes (who too uses two swords, but is NOT able to control both Soul Calibur AND Soul Edge at the same time... but THIS GUY CAN!!) is absolutely no push-over! Having both light AND darkness on the palms of his hands at once already proves that he's meaning very serious business; but not only that, he actually even has a firearm which is more punishing than a certain someone else who too has one but is weaker (Cervantes with a gunblade, lol! Faster but inaccurate and not as damaging). Even if his ranged weapon is slower than the legendary Pirate Captain, and which also could be guarded as well, Algol's weaponry is powered by both cores of the swords of legend, so his fire is far more punishing even if guarded! Not just that, but he can fire it variable speeds, and even worse: He has a THREE-WAY PLASMA SHOTGUN which could pop off shots at any given time without a warning and no dramatic aim-to-fire pose to warn you what he is up to at that! Not just this, but he stayed his ground even to the 5th stage of history, and in that appearance, getting squashed by his throne is perhaps the most damaging Critical Edge to suffer being on the receiving end, if one could actually survive it, that is! In all three of his latest appearances, he never let up nor played nice with anyone when it comes to him, them, and the ring! He is super aggressive, smarter than he looks, and is guaranteed to force anyone who's unlucky or unaware of how things go around the place an absolute "Game OVER!" screen, even if he somewhat slowed down in the 5th (just barely!) a bit. Algol is most likely the 2nd place hardest boss ever to have appeared in the saga of Soul Calibur. The only other person I could compare him to is Night Terror, as the two boys both are very brutal!

14: Lenneth
Origin: Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time (Enemy Boss; this subject), Valkyrie Profile (home origin)
Class: Extra Boss, Superboss
Irritation limit: *BERSERK ROAR!!!* Pissed off
Irritation Factors: cheapie, overpowered, smartass, long corridor to reach
Notes: Oh, my, GOD! This bitch took one year to reach, and over 3 to 5 years (no, seriously!!) of shame, defeat, hate, hard practice, heavy-duty grinding, and punishment just to finally beat and destroy her for good! I don't know if it's because the game said "Well congratz for beating the story! You now are able to advance to the secret dungeons and can explore all the hidden floors in Sphere 211 as well! During entry of these secret dungeons, if you were playing this game on easy, the difficulty will now be increased to normal, and if you were on normal, the difficulty will now increase to the HARD level. Take care!" ....or something? This bitch is what I would certainly call a "Superboss" because even though I got levels really high on my best and favorite characters in SO3, they STILL were having hell trying to deal with this dyke! I litterally had to go around to other parts of the game just to find stuff to buff-up, but even THAT didn't help! Got them all to level 255? STILL did not help! Found some of the "Ultimate Weapons" and even THAT still did no justice! I had to come up with a different tactic; I gone as Soul of Sophia, since good at mid range Bioweapon-Sophia ....and I let the boys: Fayt & Albel do what they do best while at the same time however, if there was a screwup I had to revive them and STAY AWAY from the boss as FAR as I could! Biggest point was I had to at times purposely do a sexy pose to piss Lenneth off to give chase, sometimes it didn't work.... but when I did get her angry enough (after throwing bombs at her AND spells as well!) and I noticed the chase was on, I had to keep being the lure and letting the boys rip her apart painfully.... unless she got fed-up and decided to scream "Shut UP!" by murdering someone else if I stayed too far out of reach for too long. That part wasn't too much of a pain; however, the SECOND Phase was FAR WORSE-- More the like to admit, makes this bitch the hardest boss in Star Ocean ever, and even one of the most downright hardest bosses I have ever faced in my life! The cheapie move of a AOE attack this bitch uses is technically dropping a Nuclear Bomb of demonic magic which (of course) covers the area like a Nuke, and it HURTS LIKE A NUKE (ONE HIT = GAME OVER), THIS is the part in where she's the worst boss in the entire series; compared to Luther being the game's "Final Boss", compared to another, and actual constantly-regenerative "Extra Boss" after killing this broad off! YES SHE IS HARDER THAN THE BOSS WHO IS UNLOCKED AFTER HERSELF!! Over 15+ to 20+ Battle Trophies were lost in the over 100+ failed attempts to kill this freaking bitch! My last resort was to order the boys at this point "DO NOTHING!" and litterally space out formation to the far ends of the whole ring in a triangular formation; if this boss closed in on ONE person, I have to switch MANUALLY to him/her (yes I had to even stop Sophia from doing anything at this point!) whoever was being targeted to fight for his/her life in a 1-on-1.... or at least have TWO stay away as Manual Mode and leave ONE person to still move around if possible.

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Your top 20 hardest bosses ever 24101
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Your top 20 hardest bosses ever Empty Re: Your top 20 hardest bosses ever

Post by Frost Tue Mar 10, 2015 6:31 pm

Top 20, huh? That's kind of a lot, but I've got quite a bit to fill this plate. I'll post it later when I've got the time.

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Your top 20 hardest bosses ever FrostSig
Credit to Ziggy.
Your top 20 hardest bosses ever SmashSig3
Made this one myself!

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