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A Reason to be extremly happy

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A Reason to be extremly happy Empty A Reason to be extremly happy

Post by Azursia Siaku on Sat Apr 11, 2015 7:28 pm

My dog is finally back with us again yay! While granted the male dog here is basically a horny frat boy and foamed at the mouth when he first met her (means he just wants to get it on, not rabies) She has no want to, and now when she's laying in her crate and he comes over and looks in she bares her teeth at him. No sounds are made but the Male is just like "Nope" and walks away since he's such a wuss (he is the biggest wuss ever about so many things). So for now only one of them is allowed out of there crates at a time, until they get more friendly... Which will probally be soon since the male is getting nutered soon.

The little dogs on the other hand learned immediatly that they can't jump up on her, since she doesn't like it. One of them wound up giving themselfs some kind of panic atk from pulling on the leash too much.
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