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Post by Alala Kuran Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:09 pm

Type 1:

Data: An female overlord and a Shikigami Goddess who has a cruel past. She has been maltreated and was murdered twice but reincarnated more than several times for revenge. Reincarnated and back once more, this time to stay.

At first, Arala Cran was on neutral good side, but after cruel times down till she was wrongfully murdered, she gave in to the dark force and joining Shintaro Kuga in creating havoc as the first of the seven overlords in the year 2006. Having been killed again by Shintaro's own younger brother: Kohintaro Kuga, but she is resurrected in the distant future once more. Arala has lost all memory other than her name, flirty and somewhat narcissist yet suave personality, and mastery of scythe and magic; however, Arala is now actually connected of another soul for this reincarnation, one of a goddess this time around, and has changed sides this time to lawful good. Despite her bad luck and facts that people loathe her on approach without reason (perhaps sensing her past which she cannot remember?), she strives to do her best not to fail the corps she now works with in the ARKS unit. Despite her crippled ability and severely weakened power, Death no longer can stop her.

Oft, she works alone as a lone FONewearl. Notice has it that Dark Falz has recreated Arala Cran's "past nightmares" as a Dark Radiant who is out to destroy any and everything in her way, especially aiming to hunt down the real Arala Cran after being defeated by her original self over several times... beware!

Combat Style Forte - Force/Techer (Force at best; has been reincarnated as a FONewearl)
Quest Combat Style - "Go for the Maximum S!" (rather intolerant to anything below; ranks which are not "S" rank clearings are considered no better than failure due to laziness and incompetence), Careful (travels at a moderate speed at most unless completely necessary to ignore the enemy; she prefers to follow the religious rule of war: when ordered by God to take the land from the enemy, we are to not leave a single enemy alive)
Team-up Priority - Beginners first (prefers to strengthen beginners till they are at least 40+. Somewhat less social to those who are higher leveled due to under-par status)
Status Setup: Survival (built for long adventures; can at times survive a brutal blow from some very malicious boss adversaries, often to revive the fallen and let them have a chance to counterattack; most stats are defensive, offensive ability is below average thus she avoids groups who are often high level)

(Real Name: Kasumi J. Xiang)
For more information, find me in the forum: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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"Better to have a cold core than to not have one at all..."
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