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Super Stardust HD and Delta

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Super Stardust HD and Delta Empty Super Stardust HD and Delta

Post by Alala Kuran on Sun May 03, 2015 10:56 pm

Let's talk some stuff about the Half-SHMUP: Super Stardust HD series.

I know it originated from the Amiga, sadly however I have yet to ever tried it out on one as I never seen one physically, but I certainly have watched some videos of it and know that the soundtrack from all Stardust series was never poor! It's actually really good and not only that, but it gets better in the HD versions starting on PS3, but also moved to PSP known (and I don't have it yet....) as Super Stardust Portable, then once more into its latest (and perhaps best version yet!) appearance: Super Stardust Delta.

It's a half-SHMUP in where you fight things off like in the legendary Asteriods series of games but now you have dual sticks like in Ape Escape, some badass soundtrack, anime-based speed, and lots of weapons (there's three basic weapons and only one special type in SDHD, while in Delta the basics reduce to only two but there's three special types) to bomb the competition away with, and there's even co-op and versus modes on the PS3 version while you can share OST with peeps on SD-Delta.

For random notes from me:

Best Song ever from the latest series: Theme of Segomo (normal) - PS3 ver.
2nd best song ever from the latest series: ALL theme songs of Lave/Alena (normal, Type Delta, and orchestrated)
3rd best song ever from the latest series: Theme of Conventia (normal) - PS3 ver.

scariest boss: Magetron (Delta, Boss 3)
Hardest boss: Craberoid (Delta, Boss 4)
Most Epic boss: Prinny-Planet (PS3, Final Boss)

Favorite stage: Lave (HD-Type)

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