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Randomness topic: Leg bandage-F

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Randomness topic: Leg bandage-F Empty Randomness topic: Leg bandage-F

Post by Alala Kuran Thu May 14, 2015 9:57 am

Geez, that was actually spot-on to what I needed to look even closer from CS2 here but ugh! The shorts it has just ruined it! Darn how it was almost like nearly a perfect do-want item! It's a full 99% win, 01% fail... *grumble grumble*... because of that I had to drop back to the somewhat unattractive Pranis Replica dress which doesn't bring out my figure.... that just sucks! Complaining

Oh well, hopefully later on then there may be a patch to remove the bogus shorts or maybe I'll have to buy another one later on that will not have it but still are the same leggings? Surprised

Anyway though I meant what I did say before: next boost-up I was going to move off of S-7, and I partially did. If any further irritation occours, I will actually be staying off of it entirely. So far in regards to notice of differences as of yet:

-I was able to keep lobby actions from either one which I got.
-It's much quieter in the other Ship; didn't encounter any dangerous English players yet so far there.
-Prices are still around 10M to 20M, but reasonably; I.e: lobby actions for some moves are like how I used to know them back in the day-- Nagisa's voice in example on the different ship I examined was only ~525,000 meseta, while on S-7 the price is almost twice/three times higher (a whooping 900,000~)!
-some items are still here that are not on S-7 anymore
-Fun Points do carry over from one to the other as well; if I need to get items the cheap way, I'll just shell out some Ex-Cubes from S-7 and move to the other one to do an item rollout check.

-a bit too quiet on that ship I moved to; there's no partners for me except for one person (totally worth it though!) so usual hunts will be a bit more difficult without a group but it's nothing I can't handle alone.
-the room I have there is not the same one which I have on S-7, so getting music discs will be a sidetracked priority if I want to later on...
-I'm still getting bombarded by worthless grinders/buttscratchers even though using 20,000 points.... Verrrrry slow......
-Casino Tickets and points do not carry over.
-I'll most likely need to watch out not to be confused and log in on the wrong area now... (confusion risk)
-It's slightly harder to get meseta here at this rate, but at least some of the items there are far more reasonably priced than on S-7, making it possible, still.

-Emergency Quest invasions are different a time or two; this can be a good or bad thing.

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