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WTFGlitch in PSO2

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WTFGlitch in PSO2 Empty WTFGlitch in PSO2

Post by Alala Kuran on Sat May 30, 2015 4:40 pm

Remember when I was telling some of you that the game went like creepypasta stuff on me once before?

I knew none of you believed me because when I tried to screenshoot it, the data did not save it at all and I closed it out too fast when thrown into a panic after seeing this for a first time in a game which isn't horribly flawed nor that bad of a game either, so this is not normal at all...

Well you know what? I have proof now that I wasn't b/s-ing you! Of course it didn't screencap it again but I was prepared this point! Let this vid show the truth:

How it happened? System Failure sucks : I'm not sure in the slightest; however, I do know that when I was extreme questing with friends around, I noticed that the PC was like.... randomly clicking off the game a LOT and left me vulnerable and wide-open for some cheapshots. The further I was going, the worse it started doing it, till I noticed that the Raptr HUD system finally gave out a quick error then when we returned to the lobby, I find this crap happening all over again, so this confirms that it might have been a conflict with Raptr and GameGuard malfunctioning had damaged PSO2 a bit temporarially. It didn't let me save screenshots either and would not as I found out the hard way, but this did get through. Hopefully closing Raptr out when it starts to show something going wrong and restarting the game entirely will cure the problem? It did before... Fear-Factor

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WTFGlitch in PSO2 Empty Re: WTFGlitch in PSO2

Post by Kenjutsu on Sun May 31, 2015 11:02 am

Nice find.

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WTFGlitch in PSO2 Empty Re: WTFGlitch in PSO2

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