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The big "OUCH!" in PSO2 (pun topic)

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The big "OUCH!" in PSO2 (pun topic) Empty The big "OUCH!" in PSO2 (pun topic)

Post by Alala Kuran Wed Jun 03, 2015 4:03 pm

Similar to the other topic I made before based of how many of the 101+ ways to fail in the PS series. This one however is based to take note of how many times you're likely to scream "Ouch!" at something and why. This topic is more of what's considerably troublesome to oneself in PSO2 as my previous topic was about every single Phantasy Star game ever known; from Sega Genesis to Online 2 or even up to Nova (I wish I had the game by now *sniffle*), anyway..... Monitor of a percentage from 1 to 100 in batches of 10 if you want, like mine for example:

-From other people calling me off-game to deal with something of their problem(s): 55% <- Quite a Cheapie! Gets ugly and fast, especially when in a High level area, even with party members! I could be considered a leecher! Oh noes! *Facepalm!*

-From attempting to resurrect people who were killed left me open!: 85% <- MAJOR CHEAPSHOT!! Pissed off

-From going to Super Hard mode (AKA: STUPID Hard!!) in a day at all: 70%

-From lagging very badly (be it in-game or because of something else slowing PSO2 down badly): 02% <- rare but brutal AND cheap!

-From stopping to chat: 35%

-From "Warning! Photon Point is at 0%!!": 75% <- Usual cheapshot. No energy considers me already dead, even if not as ridiculous as in Star Ocean 3: Till The End of Time (in where either HP or MP is depleted = death) it's no better because I can't even defend anymore.

-From using a Non-Force weapon just because of EXP Boost in a very dangerous boss fight: 55% <- CHEAPSHOT! So much for all other stupid weapons having better mods than what I am used to. That's just dirty.

-From using a Non-Force class: 70% (BAD choice!) <- Gets especially worse if I use a bad combo of Force being absent from even under at least subclass. If I don't have Technics, I'm already dead. Anything else OVER Force/Techer/Bouncer but with Force absent yet Techer = 70% death chance, this being replaced with only Bouncer w/o Force or techer = 80% death risk chance, but if Force/Techer/Bouncer all absent = 150%+ death risk chance (Yes OVERLOAD) AND 85% chance to fail the quest without succession, No questions. For my end: don't even think of doing something stupid like a bad class combo of leaving Force OR Techer absent from at least subclass line on SH mode

-From running the late gauntlet: 65% <- Natural problem. Staying up way too late just to do personal business and for far too long will drop the consecutive success rating from Winning easy, to Kind of not-so-good clearings, to half-win half-fail rate, to just constantly doing terrible; when doing this bad it's clearly time to get off the game for the day for my end (been in other games with this same problem, lol!)

-From late orgasm by a Deegalla (hentai death, lol): 0.01% (oops! Cute Laugh ) <- Is likely my fault lol Oops!

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