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Looking for ways to buy JP games for PSN

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Looking for ways to buy JP games for PSN Empty Looking for ways to buy JP games for PSN

Post by Alala Kuran Fri Jun 19, 2015 2:42 pm

If anyone is willing to help, I'll be opening this topic for asking to convert some US PSN currency for JP PSN currency. There are three targeted games I've got on the hit list that I want for my JP PSN account:

1: Phantasy Star Nova (PS Vita), <- Because I actually NEED a Phantasy Star game on Vita which is NOT just PSO2! I am super curious about this one! Most clearly is a MUST HAVE!
2: Soul Sacrifice (PS Vita), <- This one has PSO2 DLC in it and I want it! 2nd Priority of DO WANT Shocked
3: God Eater 2 (PS Vita) <- Whichever one is the latest and the best one, optional.

I would like to know either of the following possible:
*if anyone is willing to convert the cost of yen so I can give the proper US-PSN card currency code back when I get one to make a fair trade on specified date,
*if anyone knows any other method of how I could do it on my own without having to make a deal, info will help. \

If someone is kind enough, please PM me here about either notes of the subject.
Do not openly-post about it however due to preventing certain trouble happening.

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Looking for ways to buy JP games for PSN 24101
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