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Post by Alala Kuran on Mon Jun 20, 2016 11:44 pm

Ok here we talk about some SHMUPS! Here's one I was thinking of over a while.
Silpheed series.....

Sadly I only know of three versions of such a great game and here's what I got to say about them:

The first was "Silpheed" for Sega CD. Of course there were a few others before, I think. I never had a chance to see them sadly and I wish I could someday, but hey, I got to a ROM version of this one! It's quite nice too and I see Silpheed NEVER fell under "bad soundtrack" whatsoever! if this was the first one, then what can I say Melody !
My standing on this one is that it's the 2nd version of the series I gotten around to trying out and playing. The fighter can take up to 5 hits on its shield but the pilot actually has to take 7 before he/she is done-for! That's one really tough fighter! I also notice it has up to I think around 10 or 12 stages(?) so it's pretty long for a SHMUP and there's quite a few weapons to choose from, though I only know about 5 or 6 since I wasn't the best flyer lol sorry! Overjoy but fails

Personal achievement rating:
Good - Epic Starter of the series!
Bad - Hardest game of the series!
Conclusion - This is one hell of a start for a series, really good and has some nice soundtrack too, but yikes is this one a hard nut to crack at! Guess I'm just clumsy though lol!

The "second" one is Silpheed: The Lost Planet, and this one is a real kicker! I actually started on this one first in line and officially own a disc of it so it's not a ROM! I beaten it twice too! Unlike the first one, sadly there's only 6 stages in the game, however they play like in Castle Shikigami 2 (lol!); each stage has a Part 2 area and it goes from midboss to major boss to boot, so yup, it's the less-but-longer kind of thing:
-My first mission was to deal with a enemy attack in the orbital area of Planet Solont which looked like a terrestrial planet just like Earth, almost. Now.... these bad boys who stood in my way were called "UT-OO" or something of the sort for their race, and they're ye olde Aliens who want to take over or kill, so yup, extremely hostile and the 1st major boss was quite a ugly bugger.
-Second mission triggered when I was reported to that a few UT-OO freaks actually managed to sneak past me and break into Solont's atmosphere and then INTO the planet itself! Making a descent, there's a series of mini-bosses who stand in the way who need to be taken down quickly! I dealt with that. next up the other pilots and I manage to get into a now ruined city and have to work our way past two menacing possessed craft as a major mid-boss fight. Dealt with them and gone to the core where yet another miniboss dragon-like thing was, but then found a really ugly major boss at the deepest part. Despite bagging him, this is where the title came from "The Lost Planet" (lol not that badass game though) because it was lost to those alien scumbags.
-The third zone is now a mechanical base with disoriented mechanaloids and such who decided to defect and attack everyone EXCEPT UT-OO aliens! How much fail-security is that!? Despite this, it's still kind of smooth flying and nothing to get too worried about.... until getting to the boss that is! The entryway is where we all make a speedy descent into the mechanical base and have to watch out for all those corrupt guns and turrets on our way down! After dealing with a few virus-infected Ion Cannons, we then go forward......only to find a spider-hamster thing! He actually puts up a good fight for a low-level major boss! Oh also, I had to tell the other pilots not to touch his wheel-gear even when he's exploding; I still took some shield damage! Ouch!
-The fourth area? Okay now people officially say we lost it! We had no chance against those jerks to take back Solont so they had one last punch-line: have the lost of us who gone in to get the hell back out of there and fire Space Nukes at the damned thing.... but what happens?! We find out that UT-OO changed Solont into a Bio-Star weapon! Almost like the Deathstar but it's the Deathstar's Organic Counterpart, and it has a huge shield which blocked even Space Nukes! Oh noes! What's left now? Drop it and run away back to Earth to forge a back-up plan! So there we go, it's time for... Hyperspace-Escape! Alrighty so we're trying to get away from Solont.... but did the aliens get the hint? Nope! They're serious trolls! Now actually I hate to say, but this is where the game starts to take a flip on difficulty and say "Too easy? Well now! It's time you're going to have a chance of getting your ass kicked now!" ....yes, I'm now saying that St 4.0 is now where the game actually gets to become troublesome hard! Why? For first starters, when the fact is clear that the few fleeing Silpheeds and I were flying away from Solont, this is where the game now brings a bit of a old Gradius pun: Boss Rush! Several mini-bosses who were already shot down are back: the alien-dragon, the terrible two plane-brothers, and then some... I can't remember all of them, but there's at least about 4 to 5 familiar faces who came back one after another! That's quite a dogfight-gauntlet in Hyperspace.... but if I managed to get through that, onto the main boss of St4.0 is where it gets really nasty! There's a boss who disguised himself as one of the supporter crafts which repairs a full HP bar to shields of 5, and gives a 2nd chance to select a weapon loadout during the fly.... well not this time! This one suddenly rips out grotesque tentacles and alien parts! Oh noes! It's a BOSS!!!! For a first, he's one tough son of a bitch already having to rip off all five segments of each part of the craft he decided to look like: rear thrusters for legs, body in the middle, and both front thrusters he uses the afterburners off of like dual Flamethrowers! Bad enough? NOPE! It gets worse! When all those are dismantled, it's the worst part! He uses the front cockpit fighter as his head and charges in and out of the screen from a blind-spot, and shoots a lot of plasma everywhere while at that too when trying to ram me like in Super Stardust! Yikes!!
-Stage 5 is the semi-final part of the game and one of the longest parts of Silpheed: The Lost Planet, if it isn't the longest part actually.... Anyway, I cruise through an astroid belt first with peeps, but someone in the back screwed up (Ouch! lol! Oops! ) .......aside of him having to retreat back to base, the rest of us carry on. There's the miniboss ahead trying to fire beams from point-blank areas and eventually we catch up to our culprit and have to deal with him accordingly. After he's been silenced, this is where things start to get ridiculous! Nukes are still being launched at the UT-OO fleet who are still a bunch of trolls, but even worse?! They have little rats jump just atop of the warheads of the nukes.... and send them back after...wait, .....m~ME!?! affraid Geez! Well after dealing with that mess, I then have to confront the most grotesque main boss in the game who also has two phases, and the 2nd part being the worst in where he attacks in a full 360-degree zone! NOT FAIR!! Best bet is to deal with his chain-bile before it clutters the battlefield, quickly! Seems them Napalm Bombs are my best friend of a 2nd weapon here since it covers three areas in one launch, short range but some power+coverage carnage!
-The final battle now? This is the showdown as UT-OO decided to drag Solont all the way to Earth! Of course a full-frontal salavo of Wave Cannons (almost like in R-Type Final) wasn't good enough because the commander forgot THE CREEPERS OF UT-OO ARE USING A SHIELD TO CHEAT, lol! Well there's one last plan: send the last 8 survivors of the incident carrying a pocket-sized star-nuke on the INSIDE of it to deal with it all! Alrighty, well someone decided to be a Prinny and go "open the door" from the aliens' main cannon weapon as the way in... I feel horrible for that prinny who piloted that Silpheed, but I didn't let his sacrifice go in vain without vengance! The rest of us went inside one of the hardest stages of the entire game.... oh and one other thing! You know when a game is called a "SHMUP".... a "Shoot 'em Up".... usually what you want to do is shoot every single hostile alien/mech down before they can volley you with a vulcan-fury storm? Well now.... a certain part in this stage screams "NO!! No " and it's even hinted in the back as yet ANOTHER victim falls to UT-OO invaders! "You are shooting too much!" one's first or second sense says "Wtf are you talkin' 'bout mate...?" .....There's a swarm of Mechanical Rat-like things! A HUGE SWARM of them, and unlike regular small weaklings, they actually have a THICK hide and if you shot one, you'll piss it off! They seem passive, but once agitated or if too-close, they'll become enraged and chase a victim down, latch on (Damage!) and after being stuck on one's fighter just long enough they then EXPLODE TOO (MORE Damage!!) which results in a combo of 2-hits! This took several retries to get past them and I finally learned that this one exception point is where I can NOT go shooting-mad! Still they'll do it if too-close and there's a huge swarm so it's inevitably unavoidable to dodge pain here: they WILL cause damage no matter what! Less if someone is less-aggressive... and as if that's not bad enough, the final mini-boss is one of the worst: a flying Demon-Sword mecha thingy! he's a cheapie and after some moves he'll deliberately fly HIGH out of range but try to track down a victim and attack from above, and sometimes he does it more than even twice! NOT FAIR!! Best fact is to try to be less-aggressive with the previous rats and avoid taking over 5 hits from this jerk because...... well there's nothing else left ahead..... except for.... the WORST boss possible in Silpheed Saga ever! The freaking Garrison System is back!! WTF?! The one many of us destroyed about 5 to 10 or more years ago! It's BACK -- wait, this one is a bit bigger! Junking it will take quite a bit of effort.... oh and I don't recommend this but I stuck with DUAL Napalm Bombs.... (WTF?! TWO of SHORT range weapons against something THAT deadly?! Woman.... Are you stupid!?) there's a reason and why I said to keep Shields at least over 5. My only bet for this is Operation: Kamikaze. It's of course not smart to try it against the Garrison System .......YET..... but if it's junked, is it over like in the original Silpheed game? NOPE!! It actually gets even worse!! You'll now finally see who was piloting that damned fortress of death, and he's trying to get away! AFTER HIM!!! This is the point as of where I go Kamikaze on the boss now: he'll shower the zone while on a super-high speed chase heading to the core with way too many plasma beams if not try to ram a victim on his escape, what the hell! Just mount the son of a bitch and drop over 12 Napalm Bombs on the back of his head every 0.5 seconds regardless of suicide damage! The Silpheed has at least a short invincibility frame from when the shields activate to prevent constant damage, the final Alien King of UT-OO does NOT have any shield but a super-thick hide that can NOT protect him from constant combo damage! Just go crazy on him and let his shell rot away faster than your poor fighter's shield can crack before it's too late! After that, it's over for them!

And so there we go! only 6 stages, but each one of them are a lot longer than one would think it sounds like!

Personal achievements and notices:
Good - Best of the series!
Bad - Shortest of the series...
Conclusion - The best of the game's series yet in my opinion (though others disagree) yet it's also the shortest, and at some parts could be downright hard but I'd love to see more like this version back up and about! Also, I started with this one first so it's a bit odd but lol!

Now, there's a third one(?) so I hear and it's called Project Sylpheed and is rumored to be the final story and conclusion point of the Silpheed Saga. When I first saw this one and played the demo, it's nothing like the originals; this time you're thrown into a full 3D space battlefield! Of course there still ARE Silpheed fighters and was the only thing that looked partially familiar to me hence I caught on..... but I don't remember them being THIS freaking huge! lol! Not just that, but they now are called "Deltasaber"s and carry THREE-on-hand weapons instead of the basic dual-weapon system, and they have only one.... but super-powerful shield! These fighters are actually large too! Another thing is that this time your chat partners flying around aren't hanging in the back dealing with the rear when you're the only one up at the front line anymore; they actually DO fight this time, you can see them, order them where to go and who to attack.....and accidentally hit them via friendly fire too (lol oops! Don't do that!) and get mad at you for it, so try not to be a jerk Laughing !

Anyway though, sorry to say, I only have the demo of it before they took it down for good, and<- Scratch that, I now have the full Disc version, and after playing it, I have to say that it's nothing like the originals.... and in this one, people have done the saddest joke that Guardian Heart mentioned from Thunderforce-V "returned to their petty wars" after UT-OO was dealt with; so this time, no more aliens, but just humans-vs-humans nonsense, bummer. It's also harder than the originals because well as said, full-360 so one NEEDS to be on super-high alert, anything can and will happen from anywhere, and everywhere!  Shocked

Not just that, but now there's a ranking system after someone finishes a mission to show how (terrible) they have done in a run......... unlike in the originals where it's just about trying to deal with the alien invaders as best you can to unlock weapons (do bad, you'll still get one weapon, do descant or good and you'll get TWO!) but here?...... Neutral

In this one, it's progression and the rate of unlocking something is depending on which stage was complete. The other way is by having to buy to upgrade stuff; the more you buy as you fly, the more you unlock things eventually. On that category however unlike the previous natural Silpheed games, this latest one does have a crapoola ton of weapons, although they don't seem very unique from one another, there's a lot of them. This time the new Silpheed Fighters, now called "Deltasabers" are no longer able to use dual-weapon systems, but Tri-Weapon systems (or more?) and are much bigger than a few years ago too!

So far in this version, there's sadly only 4 boss battles (3 actual bosses)...
Boss Contact:

Boss 1: Margrus the Rival - Round 1 (Atmosphere Descent). He used to be the protagonist's best friend but he's now on the enemy fleet for now and he uses a different fighter. There's three fights with him in the way, this is the first one: Katana is trapped alone in a unfair Mob-vs-Hero boss fight. Margrus's fighter is a boss because his is the fastest "small" enemy fighter and has to take quite a bit of a beatdown before it takes mortal damage to crashland. He will often attempt to evade and backstab with several missiles or heavy fire, and he's backed by a bunch of rats to make matters worse and must be taken out under a few minutes!

Boss 2: Margrus - Round 2 (Asteroid Field). Again this pits best friends against eachother due to being Ace Pilots of each his own selected side. Margrus however is a bit wavering after he finds out the hard way that Katana was right about warning him that he picked the wrong side of the fence... regardless, this time he too has a fully-upgraded Night Raven fighter and he's faster than a bader from Defender-2K! Like... SUPER fast!! Not only that but his shield is a bit more stout at this. True this time he actually is strict now: it's officially a 1-on-1 dogfight in space but he's not farting around this point! One wrong move and he could cause a lot of damage extremely quickly! Whenever he slips out of the front, IMMINENTLY about-face for your six because high chance is he's right behind your fighter trying to blast you to bits with high-power armor piercing fire! A decisive battle will be very quickly done of either you or him going down; let's make sure it's Margrus, not you...

Boss 3: S-Class Battleships X3 (?)
Well, more like a miniboss in my opinion, but they still could be counted as a boss due to having some brutal attack power and a crapload of defense before going down even to anti-ship weapons. Get a certain variable power cannon which acts like from R-Type, and this actually could make the fight FAR easier, just don't piss off the friendly units however! lol! Laughing  Oops!

Boss F: Prometheus Driver's Core and Defense Sentinel
Now this thing acts partially like a Garrison System remake from both previous Silpheed games; it's a giant drone with a big ass plasma cannon and is never afraid to use it! He actually guards the system core and is super-aggressive, and if unlucky, can one-shot kill a player! (didn't, but he did a crap ton of damage when I was blind-sided!) Not only that, but he also can resist at least 3 full-charged Plasma Cannon shots to the face with very little health left, so about 4 might shut him up for good. I will most likely consider that thing an actual boss, if not the FINAL boss of the game aside of the Prometheus Core which he's protecting. This boss fight reminds me of the exact same Final SHMUP stage in Kingdom Hearts 2; going inside the Nobody Space Armada and destroying their core system (just the same!) but this guy is guarding it, and BOTH must die under 10 minutes!

Personal achievements and notices:
Good - Longest game of the series!
Bad - Completely different; oddball out.
Conclusion - Not exactly the best one, but it's by no means a horrible game, it's just completely different and at some parts could be a pain, but not bad at all.

In my opinion, Silpheed: The Lost Planet is the best of its series I know.

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