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Mighty No. 09 - reviews and stuff about him so far

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Mighty No. 09 - reviews and stuff about him so far Empty Mighty No. 09 - reviews and stuff about him so far

Post by Alala Kuran Wed Jun 22, 2016 7:30 pm

Ok let's talk about a late arrival: Mighty No. 09! He's finally been released yesterday (June 21, 2016)!

Of course the game took a heavy bashing due to being super-late, and the fact that the protagonist was supposed to be a new successor in place to some loved veterans but isn't quite standing out as well as they do yet... It's taken way too many negative ratings more than it deserved in my opinion, so here's my viewpoint of him so far:
in simple stats-

Release Date time: Super-Late!!

Pricing: ~$20 on steam (good) <- This didn't change either. Those who already got his game pay nothing, the installation is ready and waiting. There was also free DLC with its purchase last year too, not the best kind but it's better than nothing! Smile

Difficulty: Toughie to Unforgiving-Hard!
(This is not a game for beginners who think they can charge in with guns blazing and walk out in less than a huff. It gets to be quite a pain in some spots and I'll be doing more in-depth review of reasons of this below soon)

Graphics: Great
(There's no graphical oddities in this game whatsoever, and despite it at times giving off heavy lag on some systems, it doesn't cause a malfunction unlike some other games. It has the 3D rendering in a 2D plain kind of factor such as Guilty Gear and later Megaman-X games)

Lag Rate: Not-So good in some spots of the game on the PC version
(initially, it's set to high standards. There's no crashing chance but it does give off quite a bit of lag which can't be helped. This can be absolved by lowering some settings and such and you're still good to go. Some spots in stages can still give off lag: for example, a certain spot near the boss area of the Ice Factory stage...)

Soundtrack: Good
(a bit generic but it properly suits the game's atmosphere and is not a rip-off of anything else, completely original and quite descant to listen to when Beck's out for the good fight)

Control Loyalty: Fair
(of course some spots and such may be finicky here and there but it's near flawless; quite smooth and crisp, easy flow to when using the mechanics of the game, sometimes though could be a bit super-sensitive but there's no errors or such so other than lack of skill or whatever, that's not to bash on. The game even allows vibration function for both PS3 and Xbox360 controllers. The only thing I didn't check yet was my old SteelSeries controller which is kind of defunct)

Voiceovers and Voice Acting: Great!
(This actually comes in three languages too! - English, Japanese, and the third one was French... I think. Anyway, the voiceovers from player characters, NPCs, and even bosses are almost flawless on all three settings, people make sense of what they say and there's no static noise or anything.)

Unlocking Factor: yes
(well this has a mixed note... but it certainly does go like some classic games in where one must put effort in actual gameplay to earn prizes instead of cheese-running the "pay to win" thing in where things that should have already been in-game have to be purchased; this adds replay factor)


Here's some notes about the stages and such, along with some notes.

St1.0 - Intro-Stage: The City
Difficulty: Easy
Length: Moderate Distance
-This is the intro stage of Mighty No. 09! Welcome, newbie! In this place, You control Beck for the first time. As you are starting the game with your new robotic protagonist, some of the abilities are crippled at first (for example, you can't have him attack just right away yet) but there will be a point soon where Beck will have all-systems go and able to open fire on first contact. As Beck goes further in, he witnesses the destruction of the city area and is there to put a stop to it as he fights his way back to the lab. Soon, the professor learns that Mighty No. 09 is unique from most of the other bots he created in two ways; for the obvious, Beck was unaffected by the unknown virus, and the not-so-obvious (and new mechanic of this series) fact that he can absorb the energy source of his opponents called "Xel" when executing a dash movement into a disabled opponent (which after a few hits, the enemy will change a dark or such color from normal: some turn red, some turn blue, or yellow, or green, and bosses turn purple) granting him abilities from them in some sort of way to turn the tide of a fight to his advantage! Maybe he's learned this ability from Axl, lol! As for abilities when Beck absorbs enemy Xel, this is what I know does what... a bit. Red = Power Pelts which penetrate some beelines of opponents and cause more damage on impact. Green = Speed Up which allows Mighty No. 09 to run much faster. Yellow = Thickens Beck's Armor which raises defense by a slight percentage so he takes less damage from enemies. Blue = ??? (not sure exactly.... perhaps increases energy for the Recovery Xel containers?)

Boss: Berserk Demolition Unit
Threat Level: Easy-Moderate
Weakness: N/G
This is your first boss fight, and it could be a toughie if you're a complete newbie because you need to learn quickly! When the boss takes enough damage, he'll start to discharge a purple aura. When Beck notices this, you best have him do a Dash toward the boss to leave a scar on him, or you'll be wondering "What?! How the heck did this guy recover!?!" in rage and confusion, if not lose a life or two already... He will be a bit tricky, but he's the easiest boss of the game so far.

Power Plant Zone
Difficulty: Moderate
Distance: Moderate
I decided to start here for my actual first maverick hunt with Beck because I slightly remember the layout from the beta version. It's still almost the same but with a few differences and a itty bit longer, so it's not the worst stage ever in the game.

Boss: Mighty No. 03 - Dynatron
Threat Level: Semi-Hard
Weakness: Brandish's Sword(?)
There we go, a girly boss who's hyper and likes to throw sticky shockmines all over the place like a spread shotgun! Compared to the Beta version (I could be wrong though!) she now has a chance to cast DEATH when using chain thunder, so don't think of looking up this girl's skirt when she descends while discharging thunder from her hands, or... OUCH! Best fact is to try to have her throw them into a corner where she is closest to in case she goes over there to electrocute the zone and will have little coverage to cause major damage. I'm not exactly sure since she was my first target but I think the Ronin Sword is the most effective weapon against her since Brandish is the one who gives the report here if you've had Beck liberate him of the virus.

Central Museum Zone
Difficulty: Moderate-Hard
Distance: varies due to Beck's combat performance
This stage could get long and boring, quickly. It's a wild chase of sniper vs hunter in an area which loops. The objective is to find where the sniper fire is coming from.... which is where Shade is located! Find him, and punish him at least 3 or more times before he escapes! There's lots of enemies in the way and some rebound traps which will switch Shade's reflect bullets after Mighty No. 09 once they glow red if he's too close to them in a unsafe spot, so be careful! Best bet is to go the opposite way of fire and reduce the number of enemies before going after the boss. It's best to go here after dealing with Dynatron (Mighty No. 03) because she will swagger in and shut down the traps on one of the phases when Beck is getting closer to Countershade which is very helpful! Shade really does have quite a big mouth here and taunts Beck a lot.

Boss: Mighty No. 07 - Countershade
Threat Level: Moderate Easy
Weakness: Dynamo Shock(?)
The only thing to worry about of him is three things: 1-he teleports from place to place, five areas in the office. 2-he has reflect bullets which can ricochet all over the place in at least 5 to 7 points so best try to find a place to avoid getting shot! lol!, 3(most important danger!)- the biggest threat of Shade is if he fires ONE purple bullet; that sucker is a CONFUSE SHOT and can cause a nasty EMP Distortion to controls for about 15 or so seconds which could be a bit hectic so be careful! Aside of that however, not all is lost! There's also a cheese factor or two for Beck to pull off too *evil snicker*... for one cheese factor, Beck CAN shoot through such thin cover walls some reason, hitting Shade right in the face if you have him do the run&gun movement toward him at lower levels angrily even THROUGH a wall (because some reason, Beck can punch a small hole in the wall and hit Shade in the face while running), take THAT, sniper boy! Also ye olde Skyrim trick is if you catch him on a high spot: the chandelier, I don't think Shade likes taking a Mighty Buster to the knee.... and even worse since he's quite a large target....... the only imposing parts is when he takes the upper corner locations of the room instead of the chandelier. Keep steady and take the desperado down, he's not super-brutal even without using special boss weapons. Notes are that perhaps Dynatron's powers could help Beck get better aim at Countershade but one might not need it to deal with him, lol!


Radio Tower Zone
Difficulty: Hard
Distance: Moderate-Long
This is of course the high-place of the game in where once Mighty No. 9 goes up, that's gonna be a long, painful way back down so don't fall no matter what!! This is also where one of the best displays of voiceacting of the game is in action: Avitor the Mighty No. 06 is our sponsor of the broadcasting station and boy is he super-sporty! lol! There's quite a lot of chitchat going on and despite being partial annoying, he was also one of the best parts of the stage as well and bought a lot of life into it.After dealing with the miniboss, he comes out to "greet" you, only to have his plans and audience ruined by a restored Countershade who sadly suffers bad wind friction when he's trying to snipe Avi, doh bummer.... heavy winds: it's almost any sniper's worst enemy. Anyway, beware one of the parts even HE warns you of: "Heavy winds! Be careful!" well even your enemy makes sense at some parts.  

Boss: Mighty No. 06 - Avitor the News-Battlechopper
Threat Level: INTENSE!!
Weakness: Countersnipe Bullet
Well now you're on the air, live combat on the news of Mighty No. 9 vs Mighty No. 6: Beck vs Avi! This boss fight requires a lot of patience and precise timing and movement, one wrong move and that's it! In my opinion, this is one of the hardest standard boss battles in the entire game in my opinion because of three things: 1 - Avi is a small target and he is extremely agile just as he looks, just because he lacks defense doesn't mean he's ditz or weak at all! 2 - the arena is the very peak of the radio tower and there's only three footholds on it, one wrong move and Beck will end up a tragedy scoop of the day and have to climb all the way back up there to do another take in the action film (lol) 3 - due to such footholds, one needs to time the firing of Countersnipe Bullet PRECISELY because one wrong move and either could happen: Problem - A = fired too quickly and missed because of Avi's camera option blocked it and deflected it in the wrong direction, or Problem - B = fired it correctly but a bit too slow despite a rapid fire set of 3 to 5 hits will make Avi vulnerable, he decided "Nope! Let's try a different attack!" and flies out of the way where you can't dash-break him and he recovers the scar from being out of range or counter-bombing poor Beck which could either hurt, cause a fall-off, or hurt and cause a fall, ouch!


Some other pluses and minuses to note:

Unlike in Megaman games, Mighty No. 09 has a new note under when Beck is selecting a maverick (sorry pardon me calling the antagonist robots out like in Megaman-X series, lol); this time when checking which attack point to go to next, a new "Advice" tab will appear! This is what will now hint who Beck should defeat next because it also lets him receive a transmission from the previously defeated maverick boss who returned to his/her senses providing a little support (such as disabling some brutal traps in the stage and making it far easier for Beck to traverse to his target with less trouble than if not).... as well as the fact that his/her acquired weapon is a best bet against the next boss who he/she is talking about.
For example: let's say you had remembered how the first trial stage was before the game got delayed.... the Power Plant stage. Beck infiltrates this first since he's somewhat familiar with the layout of the zone.... with a few changes. He has to take down Ms. Mighty No. 03 as a boss, and liberates her from infection successfully. Once he's done, he returns to the lab and is wondering what other maverick he should take on next. Checking the roster, all but the "Central Museum" are missing a now new option that appeared below it on a 3rd tab called "Advice". After checking this, the previously defeated maverick girl now sends a transmission in about how that area has quite a large amount of ominous generators which are discharging a lot of power, and that she is also trying to find Shade (the next maverick boss!) and so Beck enters the building. As he enters a room which has some deadly traps, he now suddenly encounters the previous boss character who sent him the transmission, and she disables the traps, allowing him to fight the enemies with a much better advantage! It also so happens that the current maverick boss of that area is somewhat subtle to being taken down much easier by the previous boss's weapon too! In the end result: This game now is telling you which order of the mavericks should be taken down, and this is helpful for beginners who have no idea who's weak to what!

There's some resavor canisters already on-hand for Mighty No. 09, and these function like ye olde E-Tanks for when in a pinch! He holds two of them at the start of the game already and doesn't need to go find them. The only catch is trying to fill them requires effort....
Co-Op mode is not open right away and requires a certain part of the story to be reached before it can be accessed. (Spoiler: Defeat the 8 Mavericks and clear St 9.0: the Prison Base stage as Call, the second protagonist, before this mode is unlocked.)

Co-Op mode sadly is not local... it's online-only.

Some bosses can be really nasty! Beware of some one-hit kills they have!!
There's the cheese-factor of "easy stage = harder boss" or "hard stage = easy boss"; some places are like a breeze but are guarded by a nasty boss who is super-cheap, and then there's some areas which are a royal pain in the ass and will easily make even a skilled irregular hunter go on a frenzy but only to end with a maverick who hardly even puts up a good battle compared to facing a bigcore MK1 itself.  Such quick examples are like this -
Easy Stage = Brutal Boss : Aqua Base area (this stage is not the worst in the game and will take only a while to sprint through with easy-to-spot death traps and two midboss fights which are a bit challenging but not rage-inducing. The boss however, Mighty No. 02 AKA "Cryo" is actually a major pain in the rear as she stays HIGH in the air then freezes poor Beck and if he's extremely unlucky, could end up frozen and vulnerable for her instant-murder attack! Facing this boss without the proper weapon to knock her off her high-pearch is just downright infuriating, and even so with the proper weapon still is extremely challenging and cost 8/9 lives just to win!)
Brutal Stage = Ditz Boss : Underground Mines area (now here's the flipside of the same topic; this stage is seriously a major pain in the rear, and is really long at that too! There's lots of traps in spots which can't be seen or if are, not easily avoided! Aside of the many plastered electro spikes, there's also mass EMP Drill units on the rampage which are infected by the same unknown virus and can't be destroyed! Somehow though, Bat, one of the previous maverick bosses if saved will be able to disable several of these traps and open a shortcut to the next maverick boss! When on such next said maverick contact, this boss isn't exactly the worst one to deal with, especially when able to use Bat's sticky mine trap bombs; miss or hit, they go "Kaboom!" and cause a large amount of damage to the boss in a matter of seconds. If lucky, you and Beck might not even have to use more than 2 or less lives in this boss duel, lol!)

*This is one of the rage-inducing parts but that doesn't crush the game; 'tis my fault here because it's one of the semi-final stages of the game(?) I think.... it's certainly not a beginner area because it only appears after all 8 basic maverick bosses are liberated of their viruses. Of course the path to the true last boss/es won't be an easy walk through the park, certainly not!  Oops!

Random note:
Beck, unlike Rock (Mega Man /X) is flat-out noted by the developer Keiji & company on the development page somewhere stated that he is Half-Human Half-Mecha, while Rock/Rockman is more likely a FULL-METAL Reploid, so it's obvious that Mighty No. 9 has his limitations.... for NOW... Hell, truth be told, even Rock had his own limitations on first-days releases too; he didn't get his Variable Buster till Megaman-4 (in where he finally has a charge shot, then again even further in MM6 where he not only gotten a new Charge Buster attack, but also received his very first got a actual armor change in the classics... and it was almost like the X series. True not nearly as powerful, but it was certainly a huge change to him and very similar!), and even X didn't get more than 2 armor sets until Megaman-X4 (granting his variable armor AND the legendary "Ultimate Armor", so I'm not surprised Beck didn't start with a variable weapon yet but do expect to see that maybe if there's ever Mighty No. 09: Episode 2, 3 or 4+ that he too will get several upgrades and armor schematics and so on too! Remember, Mighty No. 09 only JUST made his appearance for now as a new protagonist, so he looks like he's got next to nothing, but give him a little more time and he'll go from greenhorn to hunter eventually too. Let's give Beck a chance. (fun fact: We'd all know here what would happen if in a certain Youtube Channel called "Deathmatch Battle" that Rock would easily win over Beck if the two were in a duel...)

For wackiness:
The challenge request placed to the makers of the "Death Battle" series would be between two legendary bomber-heroes:
Rock: the first and veteran named "Mega Man" who has gone through multiple series changes: classic, to Megaman-X (or Rockman-X), then to Megaman Battle Network series then advanced to the last known as Mega Man: Starforce series which gone ahead of even battle network.

The new challenger? Beck: a new protagonist who too absorbes the abilities of his enemies once they are defeated by taking their "Xel" energy source which grants him instant abilities such as speed-up, power up, or defense up, and even recovery tanks right away.

My best bet is that Rock/Megaman would be the winner due to the following:
-he is a full robotic being later known as a "Reploid".
-Beck is only HALF-Machine so he still has some organic limitations as he is also Half-Human.

Megaman has been through several games (over 30 or more) in his own saga of dealing with antagonists such as Dr. Wily, Sigma, Dr.Wile, the Life Virus, Nebula Grey, and so on.
(sorry I don't exactly know who Beck's main enemy is yet...............) but the challenger too has dealt with someone who has caused the world to be in turmoil and saved the day as well too.

Useful Info:
Boss weaknesses so far I know are here! Attack all out!!:

Intro Boss is only attacked by Beck's Buster <- Intro boss, there's no weakness or advantage!

Pyro Boss is weak to Avi's weapon (wind) <-Defeat Mighty no. 06 - Avitor before dueling, (Warning! Listen to what Pyro has to say! If you don't.... specifically forced on one spot because of NPC chatter interrupting the boss duel when trying to hear ques from when he attacks, be prepared to suffer a 1-shot Kamikaze death! This could get extremely annoying as well as dicy when trying to predict what he will do when he does NOT respond thanks to the voiceover interruptions at half-health point! Complaining )

Cryo Boss is weak to Pyro's Explosion weapon (fire) <-Defeat Mighty no. 01 - Pyro first, (Warning! This boss can be a real pain in the ass because of trying to do the timing right and the fact that she stays HIGH out of range a lot is a cheese factor!)

Thunder Boss is weak to Brandish's sword (Blade) <-Defeat Mighty no. 07 first,

Mines boss is weak to Sticky Mines (Millitary) <-Defeat Mighty no. 05 first,

Air boss is weak to Reflect Sniper (Shade) <-Defeat Mighty no. 08 first, (Warning! This guy could be a real pain in the ass even if you have his weakness weapon!! Good luck dueling him!)

Battalion Boss is weak to freezing (Cryo) <-Defeat Mighty no. 02 first, (NOTICE! Actually he's predictable, so if you have some iron balls, he's actually the easiest out of the maverick bosses since he only goes along the ground to attack and you could see that coming! Pelt away at him as best you can! Even more humiliating if Beck had Cryo's frost shot to slow him down, but I could tell he'd take Battalion out easier at most since his attacks are mostly linear)

Swordsman Boss is weak to Bulldoze (Seismic) <-Defeat Mighty no. 04 first,
Countersniper is weak to Thunderforce (Dynatron) <-Defeat Mighty no. 03 first,

Prison Cerberus is weak to being shot in the EYE (have Call destroy the eye, her shield reflects his weak bullet storms)

*Bonus Boss Fight-
Ray is not weak to anything! The only better bet is to go melee-to-melee with her and hope you don't get too careless!

**Please note that not all bosses of the game are on this roster yet due to the fact of not getting far enough just yet. I have stopped at the Robot Factory area due to the video below being one of the most rage-inducing spots of the game yet. I did not successfully guide Beck through that spot yet, sorry... Oops!

Final Verdict
In my personal final verdict: I say this game got bashed far more than it deserved...
I've seen worse, this is not the worst thing ever, there are other games which are more disappointing on actual release day than this one, truly.

*Warning! This is still being worked on so things may not make full sense yet!*

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