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Blights and Debuffs

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Blights and Debuffs Empty Blights and Debuffs

Post by Alala Kuran Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:40 pm

Well, I'm sure some other things here may or not be known to people and decided it'd be a good topic to talk about them and the changes they have had overtime, as some even elude me of what does what. Biggest fact of course is "get this crap off me right now!" but I'm wondering in turn too because what can it cause to enemies/bosses? Well let's share that info.

1: Poison
causes: Darkness (Megid, etc) some weapons, traps, laser traps, invisi-bombs
Debuff Target: Player and Enemy
What: A common wide-known blight. The target's HP constantly decreases in seconds by a 1/5 maximum damage of health for a set time. Wards off eventually.
Changes later: N/G
Hint: This is extremely painful for those pompous Doppelganger-Character bosses who are Arks-Clones!

2: Shocked
causes: Thunder (Zonde, etc.) enemy laser cannons, yellow explosive barrels, some weapons
Debuff Target: Player and Enemy
What: A pesky bad status effect which one is constantly stuck in a jittering pain and could randomly flinch or even fall from not even being harmed while infected by this, constantly interrupting movement and making them a easy target for combos. Wards off overtime.
Changes later: N/G

3: Burning
Causes: Fire (Foie, etc.) standing in magma, some weapons, things that look like they will burn someone (dragon breath, etc)
Debuff Target: Player and Enemy
What: Same as that of poison but there is a difference. It does less damage and wards off easier but is easier to trigger --
Changes: In later versions of the game, this has became a passable status (player only), so if the fire isn't put out and one person runs by another, they can cause other player(s) to also be burned! Best remove quickly when noticed!

4: Paralysis
Causes: Bind bullet (player vs enemy), homing shock mines (Boss: Profound Darkness)
Debuff Target: Player and Enemy
What: Unlike shock status with a blue shocked coat, this one has yellow instead, preventing most standard movement (turning, running, jumping) but not attacking.
Changes: N/G
Hint: If you're a victim of this by Profound Darkness, you still can escape with Ilzonde or mobile melee/ranged Photon Artes.

5: Frozen
Causes: Barta and almost any other cold technics, cold-hearted breath of Snow Banshee and Snow Banther, Dark Falz Elder's lasers, Ice Barrels, Yettis' Tricrystal Throw, Mammoths' Crystal Throw, other things that look cold & cruel (lol)
Debuff Target: Player and Enemy
What: If frozen, the target is trapped and unable to react; therefore, is a huge sitting duck extremely vulnerable to lethal blows. Has the shortest duration time but can be bad in some ugly situations. Being hit by Foie or something that looks like will burn will instantly remove this, as of a single or more hits can as well though not as quickly.
Changes: In a later part of updates, there is a chance that being frozen will be a deep freeze and will require more than a single hit or even a combo before shattering.

6: Calamity Bind
Causes: Special-ammo armed Turrets
Debuff Target: Boss only (Magatsu)
What: If shot by a number of Calamity Binding bullets from specialized armed turrets set in a place to ambush large targets (at least 30 shots or more) the boss is dragged down to the ground for a painful 10 or longer seconds unable to move any further and can be punished immensely. This is required in Quick Emergency Trials during a special Emergency Quest boss fight only (against Magatsu).
Changes: N/G

7: Bleeding Wound
Causes: Dark Falz Hunar's Blade attacks and shockwave slash explosion (when he does a Sky Dragon Slash and emits a huge outer-spiraling shockkwave), Dio Hunar's homing beams, Dark Falz Doural's mimicking blade throw (copies Falz Hunar's shockeave), certain attacks from Profound Darkness
Debuff Target: Player only
What: a very nasty wound which cuts a player's maximum HP limit to damage done up to 35% loss which is bad to have. Anti or Sol Atomizers can remove the HP-Lock. This takes a long time to ward off if not cured.
Changes: N/G

8: Panic
Causes: Light (Grantz, etc) bodyslam from Reol Madreed and his body fluids, Dark Falz Double's cars after they self-destruct into a bloody mess, Light Barrels
Debuff Target: Player and Enemy
What: A bad status that affects players different from enemies. For players - controls of movement are distorted to random directions for a set time. For NPCs - ??? For enemies - They will attack anything and everything closest to them for a set time. For Boss Fights; Apos Doros - will lose balance and be considered a counter, interrupting his move for at least 8 seconds or less and left extremely vulnerable.
Changes: N/G

9: Jellen
Causes: Jellen Rocket (player vs enemy), Sally Curse (player vs enemy), toxic beads from blumegas (bad spelling sorry; flower-frog like things of Vopar)
Debuff Target: Player and Enemy
What: A returning blight which was once used by Forces is now more in the hands of Rangers and Summoners..... lowers the attack power of the target who was affected by this. Has a short duration time.
Changes: At first Rangers had it via Jellen Rocket, now Summoners too have it with Sally; when she levels up after they preform enough egg synchronizations with her, the skill "Sally Curse" is unlocked which the Summoner commands her to shoot a homing sphere that causes Jellen effect. Takes a couple shots to work, but affects even armored targets.

9: Gravity(?)
Causes: Special Boss - Odin
Debuff Target: Player only
What: A mysterious effect (info needed). It almost functions like that of Bleeding Wound but also constantly does damage to a set margin of HP overtime and slows movement slightly. Info is not completely accurate, update info needed overtime, sorry.
Changes: N/G
Note: Only Odin, a special guest-boss from Final Fantasy made an appearance once and is capable of using this status attack, no other boss in the game can do this.

10: Mirage
Causes: Wind (Zan, etc)
Debuff Target: Player and Enemy
What: Disables some actions (intel recieved)
Midnight Blue Soldier: Wiggly wrote:mirage makes a % of someone's actions meaningless, so if a player was to do a PA it might do no damage, or if they use a mate it won't heal him/her.
Changes: N/G
Hint: This is the only way to affect Dark Falz Luther - Loser Form. His "clock" core will be exposed after being affected by Mirage, and after a set amount of damage, can be destroyed, leaving a weakness (unless in Extra Hard mode, in which case if this is accidentally done before destroying his Arms armor, he will protect it with a Shield!)

11: Impaled
Causes: Deegalla, Vulture Phamut, Buffalo Skull
Debuff Target: Player and Enemy
What: The enemy stabs itself into their target and latches onto him/her, causing damage overtime despite he/she being able to still move freely. The higher level the enemy is, the more damage it does to the target who is impaled. Evading or attacking the one who impaled the target shakes off the aggressor.
Change: N/G
Hint: (sometimes can be inappropriate, lol)  

12: Shifta
Causes: Shifta, Shiftaride item, Ruins Monoliths (light = players, infected = enemy) or a dark bomb (enemy only)
Buff Target: Player or Enemy
What: actually is a good status. This raises one's overall attack power (S-Atk, R-Atk and T-atk) of a team for a set time.
Changes: In later updates "Shifta Critical" was added and so depending on the skill and class type, it can raise both attack power and critical chance. In even further updates, some objects or enemies can also boost themselves too.
Hint: doesn't stack. Too much ill-timed boosts at teleporters in Emergency quests just before massive bosses can cause other players to disconnect via error 630.

13: Deband
Causes: Deband, Debandride item, Ruins Monoliths (light = players, infected = enemy) or a dark bomb (enemy only)
Buff Target: Player or Enemy
What: actually is a good status. Same like Shifta, except this is for Defense instead for a set amount of time.
Changes: In later updates, Techer style users gained the "Deband Cut" skill which lowers damage suffered from aggressors by a certain percentage. Of course, in even later versions of the game, enemies can too boost their defenses as well.

14: Weak Bullet
Causes: Ranger skill (player vs enemy) or Darker Rocket (enemy) and dark hunter beams (Boss: Apos Doros)
Debuff Target: Player or Enemy
What: A painful bullet hits a certain spot of the target. When this place is attcked, damage dealt can go from Double to Triple times normal, causing a at first average hit to suddenly become fatal, and if it was a hard hit.... well, ouch! This cannot be cured under any means other than warding off overtime, so beware if you were tagged.
Changes: At first, only players were able to use this against enemies, giving Rangers much needed fame; however, in later versions of the game, the Darkers also learned of how to use this, and some even learned how to reduce its effect.

15: Stun
Causes: various (getting stomped, grappled, etc)
Debuff Target: Player and Enemy
What: The character is stunned and dizzy, unable to react for a time. This wards off either overtime or by rapidly spinning the analog stick or pressing movement keys to try to recover. Damage done to the victim of this status is increased.
Changes: N/G
Hint: rapidly spin the analog stick or mash the movement keys to recover faster before it's too late!

16: Sukahime's Blessing
Causes: Destroy a certain number of faces of Magatsu's body
Buff Target: Player only
What: There's three levels which the princess of Shironia can grant a player in the massive fight against Magatsu himself. The first chance is after 300, she will extend everyone's mobility overall (Speed UP, superjump, Wide-Zone Moon Atomizer boost), the second is 500, which she can follow up with a HP extend, almost doubles everyone's health and makes it harder to be defeated by Magatsu, and the final extend at 1000 she will increase even more HP of everyone following up a Photon Point Frenzy (hastened PP recovery). This only affects protagonists, and lasts even after death until the stage is cleared or failed or aborted.
Changes: N/G
Hint: take advantage of Sukahime's blessings to lay the smackdown on Magatsu!

17: Arks Level
Causes: Multiple players beating up Profound Darkness, Manual Quest trigger
Buff Target: Player only
What: This is a three-level "God Mode" for players to use against .......Themselves (Profound Darkness) as this boss everyone must face is ungodly powerful. Level 1 version boosts Attack and Defensive ability for the entire boss fight of even other players in another of the same quest on other blocks together or away. Level 2 increases HP limits and more defense just like that of Sukahime's blessings but a bit more since this is a nasty opponent we ARKS must face. Level 3 is the highest everyone can go, technically it's the "God Mode" of PSO2but nobody is invincible...
Changes: N/G
Hint: try to use this to fight off Profound Darkness as best you can. If it goes up, you might not rank-in but you do have a better chance to survive and win at least which matters more. It will not save anyone from their Persona's "Mega Crash" attack however... as it does a painful 999,999 damage (ouch!) so don't go slow just because you're in God mode!

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