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Some bad PS4 games

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Some bad PS4 games Empty Some bad PS4 games

Post by Alala Kuran Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:23 pm

Just a warning but I do admit there's some games which are bad for the Playstation 4. It's what I do say is bad, but to others it might not be as much; however, I do think that several may agree in the later run after hearing me out as of why.

One so far:
Solbrain: Knight of Darkness
What is it?: It's an action game. It is trying to be like Chaos Legion, as there are waves of enemies to destroy one after another. Groups and sizes vary as you hunt them down and slay them.
Why is it "bad" to you?: Well there's several things to boot and I am just about to mention them on the first few seconds of gameplay.

Problem 1 is on the game's description; "The warrior must save his people" but the protagonist is a girl, according to the cover art so that right there is saying something is off... excusable though as there are quite a few games with grammatical errors.

Problem 2 is about the protagonist herself; according to the cover art, she was supposed to be a red-haired elf girl who has bikini armor. In the game however (unless someone has to unlock?) she is replaced with a silver-haired and lavender-clad armor adorned lady knight which is not as revealing with her attire. Now unless she has to unlock the other character, this is also kind of off-setting in confusion.

Problem 3, which is now more into starting on the serious problems as of why I label this game a bad one starts here; As soon as the game starts, there's no instructions of what button does what, or anything. One is just thrown flat-off into the start of a fight with no idea what to do. Of course people most times hate introductions and tutorials but geez...

Problem 4 is bad hit detection; ok so I managed to swing the sword around a bit at the monsters... but....? are they even taking damage? What is more effective to stopping these wild creatures? I can't even tell if I'm hitting anything. Not even a red flash or such, all I know is that I (look like) was hitting something with the sword several times and it just drops dead after a lot of hits.....I guess?  

Problem 5 is like above: and what about my end too? how can I get out of being mobbed when taking a hit and not noticing it other than just a few yells and controller vibration without even any knockback or such? Super-Armor is ok but this is not the best situation to have it, especially when there are large amounts of monsters clustering up all around the heroine and just vulcaning away at her without any warning!

Problem 6 is one of the most generic problems: when some certain people around the house start to be pesky and not know when to leave someone alone... this game, which is an offline game, is missing the most basic function of all even old games which are offline... where's the pause screen/menu? I tried pressing everything I know would be a natural: Options (which is the Start) button, Touch pad, even L3 or R3... no menu appears... those monsters are still coming! What the heck can I do?! the last and worst resort: just QUIT and start all over...

Problem 7 is the speed of how it runs; it's as slow as an old beta-days PS2 or below game. Quite laggy and slow.... sluggish really, for such a console as this, seriously?

Problem 8 is about the physics; not quite that good to me, there's better, this is not one of them..... I tried jumping on some rocks or platforms, weird stuff happened there instead.

So.... well there, I normally am a tough audience, and I also got this indie game at a discounted price too, but this is a bad game for the PS4... even for an indie game. There are others far better than this one, this is not one of the good games and I don't recommend anyone to buy this game. I felt it was a loss of money and a waste of data space; therefore I even deleted it. No

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Some bad PS4 games 24101
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