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PvP in 2017? now about to retire

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PvP in 2017? now about to retire Empty PvP in 2017? now about to retire

Post by Alala Kuran Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:24 pm

From the latest news I heard, they sadly had finally condescended into bringing PVP B-S into this once good co-op game starting next year. Just the thought of it makes me sick, but to my dismay it looks like it's confirmed and I'm not very happy hearing about this.

If they're serious and it actually does make its horrible appearance into this once descant game, then expect far less activity from me in such any further in the future/ I also will have to make sure not to be so trusting to players if it really does happen from henceforth even on a once great game I liked for specifically not having that horror in it. No

Depending on the future outcome, I actually may retire eventually at that rate if it's really bad.

If they really do add such a worthless atrocity then...
I will then sharply have to watch where my meseta goes if I even care anymore,

I won't be as active as I usually am there anymore,

I certainly won't be as friendly around there anymore due to high alertness,

I'll start utilizing the blacklist more properly and actively instead of leaving it empty,
I don't give a damn if they're giving free AC/premium items/cool outfits or accessories as a blood-bribe, I will NEVER be found wasting my life to such a pathetic excuse of a waste of content no matter what!

I will have a high rating of deciding if I should pass down my position to another
instead and just leave, along with just stopping any online gaming nonsense from henceforth.

I will block any further requests due to people using it as espionage and datatracking a victim for later assault. It's an old trick people use all the time, and it's especially predominant in western cultures used by english speakers, I fallen for it too many times. Already as is, some selfish people I barely knew before but forgotten and can't even remember anymore of already disliked the game and hated me going in it because of the first fact is that it did NOT have this B-S in it, but it sadly will become another competitive cesspool of western addiction and abuse later starting 2017, aside of added frustration of some current problems as-is too; at this rate, might as well confess that this once great game has now fell below par of even its predecessors and is only about 5th to 6th place of interest to me now, it's just as bad as the others I've been in. However, I can't jump the gun yet since it's still a strictly co-op only game now... so for the time and notice to others who too find this a disaster waiting to happen: enjoy PSO2 now while you can, because in 2017 it will no longer be a good (or even at least "fair" if not good or great) game anymore once that PVP blight takes place and ruins it.

The current ending to be predicted:

And so after Dark Falz Elder, Falz Luther/Loser, the mighty Magatsu, the Profound Darkness, and mysterious Mother Cluster were defeated, ARKS has then returned to a time of peace/its foolish wars in where the races fought against one another to end its own life...

Little did they know that there was a new enemy lurking in the distance, waiting...
...silently awaiting its chance to begin a new battle to end the remaining victors.

-said in a duet voice like from Guardian's Heart in Thunderforce V's ending.

Queen of Heavenly Solace. Cold to the core.
"Better to have a cold core than to not have one at all..."
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