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Hunter's Generation Notes Memo

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Hunter's Generation Notes Memo Empty Hunter's Generation Notes Memo

Post by Alala Kuran Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:20 am

Some info about my stuff in Monster Hunter: Generations as of current progress and etc.

New Favorite weapon: Guard Blade (since 4, this one had me hooked due to its high variability of three-in-one of a kind! Explosive power, mode change, and a moderately powerful defense with explosive offense too? Why not?! Well.... only one reason: The thing that pisses me off of it however is the crappy sharpness! Gets dull REALLY fast! Complaining )

The Styles:
Guild: Hm? I heard this is where everything stays classic. Meh, not right now... I want to try something slightly newer for a bit first! (unused as of yet)
Overall rating: ???

Striker: Eh? Yes I hear lots of hunters recommend it for wanting to pack lots of offensives, but what will this do in need of a defensive case? Not yet... (unused yet)
Overall Rating: ???

Aerial: Looks can be deceiving. It's badass yes and can use to actually jump off of things: players, cats, enemies, bosses... and is to make someone a king of mounting combat.... HOWEVER.... what use is it against a boss who is NOT gigantic, or too damn fast? or even worse: BOTH blights at once? Ouch! and people say Adept is hard to master...... geez! Overjoy but fails
Overall Rating: NOT my best... (weakness!) unless till vs. Gigant Mass

Adept: Infamously called the most hard to master of all, and no kidding it is rather tricky but this is actually my new forte despite not being a pro of it. I guess I'm the usually defensive kind of girl who knows when a hammer is coming down, get that shield OUT NOW to stop it or get the hell out of the way at that 0.5 split second! I can't always do it right but I do know wtf I'm doing when I usually sense it, and somehow it gave me chances to counter or run like hell away!
Overall Rating: My new favorite dance! The Proud and Happy

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