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Monster Hunter finally collabs with Phantasy Star!

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Monster Hunter finally collabs with Phantasy Star! Empty Monster Hunter finally collabs with Phantasy Star!

Post by Alala Kuran Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:18 pm

Not much but it was pure badass from what! I'll keep it brief but awesome!

-There's a new Monster Hunter type Boss invading PSO2 in free field searches; I forgot his name but apparently he's quite a nasty bugger! He has destructible parts just like in classic Monster Hunter boss fights. You can "destroy" his tail by cutting it off, and you can also destroy his fire and ice horns to ever-so-slightly reduce his attack power as well as increase the drops loadout upon taking him down. In a regular Free Field boss attack, he will escape upon his defeat as if being "repelled" like an elder dragon; however, in his exclusive triggered boss "quest" of "Fire and Ice" or "The Frozen Flame" whichever I forgot... it's a boss trigger quest item and a Felyine will give it to you (before December 05 of 2018! Hurry up!!) if you beat him here, he will die like in a classic MH game and you can actually carve him three times just like in the origin of his appearance! You can also carve his tail (they kept the animations and even the Monster Hunter HUD alerts, panic-on-boss-alert flinching, and even the "*friendlyunit* has fainted!" death alerts on friendly casualties! Even the boss still does a painful barrel roll upon being punted on a destroyed part! lol! )

-Don't believe me? Well I got my first popular hentai-huntress oops um, Azul Replica armor from MH-Frontier as well for proof too! lol! Cute Laugh (5 colors I think; Basic Blue, Black, White, Red, and a red+Gold scheme)
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^-but hey! Not just for girls only, there's also the non-revealing ones strictly for the Hunter Boys too! Perhaps the one only time I didn't complain too much of getting something nice-looking to hand over to a boy who I like in the game...

-There's two lobby actions from MH in here as of currently which expand to 4 due to the differences for boys and girls; 1 = "MHF1"
(Boy: carves at something like a defeated monster on the ground in front of him/her like in Monster Hunter.
Gril: Drink a Potion like in Monster Hunter, but the healing effect didn't exactly do anything lol)
and 2 = "MHF2"
(Boy: everyone got to cook that meat over the BBQ Spit! Song and all is included! But hold on? It's.... fully automatic this time?!? Boys will always do it right!
Girl: "oops I did it wrong! Burnt again! Ugh! T_T" It's still full-auto so no pushing any buttons. Kind of sexist how they rigged it up for me to always do it wrong... Not very impressed )

-A Felyne Palco by the name of Partnya will be in the lobby waiting for your attention at the center of the shopping area in front of the big Monster Statue. Make sure to see him at once! He has a single simple mission for recruitment, provided you defeat native animal kinds of enemies of any low level or higher until you are able to recover which one of who stolen his treasure and take it back to him! He is actually a solid Hunter armed with a Greatsword Paw-Blade with no subclass, and he doesn't have a voice in this game sadly, but he can pull off quite a few sick moves for being a hunter! After that he will hire you again for several more missions in which he will give you several kinds of Hunting Stones to get various weapons or items from him, including an actual Monster Hunter ARMOR set from the new boss as an outfit, along with some armor parts to equip on it too! Most of his stuff is actually super-easy and can be done at your pace at any level; recommended you take everything in one sitting at Naberius Forest zone and take him with you to net all targets in a one-go trip. Also, as you take his missions, you have a 80 to 100% chance of encountering a new mysterious invader of a boss right away or somewhere in the first field right away! Stay Sharp, ARKS Hunter!

-Let's go over a bit of the rules about the triggered Boss Fight. I haven't done it yet, but from what I hear?:
1- it can range from normal all the way up to Extra Hard (death!) Mode difficulty. The worst level is capped off to an 80+ requirement.
2- it follows Common Monster Hunter Quest Rules; this means,
*you can only recruit up to 3 others to form a hunting squad of four as max in this boss fight,
*3-strikes of anyone of you period all pooled together (i.e: someone gets scrubbed too many times from not knowing what he/she is doing/getting trolled too much OR the boss decides to nuke the area and too many of you are all splattered at once even if the 4th is a survivor) and it's "Game OVER!" just like in Monster Hunter, make sure none of you do anything stupid like typical English Trash, plan properly and work together efficiently and be very careful!
3- the boss area is back at the top of the Ancient Tower area where you first face off White Fatalis, Teostra, and other nasty MH Bosses who aren't playing around anymore.

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