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Devil May Cry 5 - bringing DMC back to what it was!

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Devil May Cry 5 - bringing DMC back to what it was! Empty Devil May Cry 5 - bringing DMC back to what it was!

Post by Alala Kuran on Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:03 am

Well, quite crude and lacking in its stuff compared to DMC4 but hey, it's better to the fans familiar with its roots than the previous game which was just DMC Gaiden from Ninja Theory (albeit it wasn't actually super-bad, yet the content of it to me sucked badly and had the worst of profanity ever in its series lol)

This game does have some (poorly arranged) co-op play in some missions. I recommend Mission 13 as a hotspot for group fights against mobs such as in my vid here (yes this is me as Dante here, Igarax is as V, and a random was as Nero)

There's other major differences that take place in this DMC game as well! Dante's new weapons of course are a set of Bike parts (yes he actually now uses a motorcycle as a weapon... a Heavy Weapon at that! Riding included!) and a funky Faust Hat! I like the way the hat looks but there's a nasty cost... (hint!) it steals your red orbs as you attack, and a lot more if you fail/take hits! There's returning weapons for him as well such as Cerberus, but it's NOTHING like in the previous version! This time it actually lets Dante sound like a Kung-Fu fighter as you can see here while also pulling some moves off like Kilik from Soul Calibur lol Laughing

Nero actually uses a freaking badass Mega Buster! I can swoon over that! Too bad it breaks after one full-charged shot though... lame! With some effort later on he gets his basic special moves back with the use of these new armaments.

New guy(?) V is a new "summoner" class player who has control of cute but deadly pets... three at once! I'm jealous! All I get is a mag and ONE pet, and not at the same time unlike he does! Anyway, they are familiar from previous DMC games; Griffon is rather cute parrot-sized with a blue coat of feathers and mischievous with quite the beak to boot, I never can stop laughing at his swag! There's also a shadow cat, and the "Nightmare" isn't a battle tank anymore but a hulking Golem this time, still laser-powered though. Sad fact though is after a bad turn of events in a later edge, you better watch out for these guys... Surprised

Game teases with Vergil though...
sadly he's been demoted again from at first Boss to a Anti-hero Protagonist, then to an actual protagonist, then right back down to unplayable End-Boss again... for now it seems....

Bloody Palace is nowhere to exist at this time, also the ladies are demoted to NPCs again too, lame! On a flipside though, this is perhaps the first DMC game to feature a "Practice" zone: aka - the Void, where you can goof around with your favorite enemy (no bosses allowed!) and test off your arsenal. Can command them to attack back if you want to or not. Starting off is just a harmless, helpless bug demon who looks at you really funny lol Oops!

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