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New Phantom type style, what's it going to be?

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New Phantom type style, what's it going to be? Empty New Phantom type style, what's it going to be?

Post by Alala Kuran Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:31 pm

Ok so not too sure but I think I get a hint it might show up somewhere in this incoming April. Unlike Hero Type, this one is (rumored) to have nearly just as great of power but actually does allow subclassing and can be subclassed this time but I don't think it'll be as strong, also I wonder how long will it be before the whiny sadists start to cry about it being too strong too? Jeez... Not very impressed
Those people are seriously boring and are the reason the game is starting to also take some bad updates too. Speaking of that, here's the gig:

Good: Phantom Class Type will eventually be released, I think...
-it can be used as/can use a subclass with almost everything else,
-has weapon overdrive like Hero Class completely changing its arsenal for Rod, Rifle, and Katana but not sure,
-there may eventually be more outfits and such,
-editing will allow posing differently in private salon,
-constructing an in-game group chat not needing "teams" anymore (a good counter reply against what happened....) so goodbye discord EN abuser/sadistic/spam trash community!
-team tree will already have some skills unlocked instead of having to build it the hard way from just two/three out of all skills on it already there anymore.

-some daily missions might have new releases (?)
-"New" skills coming out for the inferior classes, but what are they? How many?
-Now going to step it up to Episode 6...
-New NPCs (majority are antagonists, only um.... two look friendly)

-Time Attack will now pay even less meseta! This might as well make it entirely useless at this rate Pissed off (hopefully prices will die off of those ridiculous 15/30M ranges though!)
-"Ultra" Hard difficulty next? Dark Souls / Contra Online anyone? (wasn't Super Hard enough? Next they have "Extra" Hard currently, but now they're coming up with something worse??? Complaining )
-Three or four new bosses (and each one along with a remake of Blu Ringhada all look chaotic)

So again but this time I have to say Episode 6 has leaning more to mixed feelings instead of a hype from me this time around.

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New Phantom type style, what's it going to be? 24101
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