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Blaster Master Zero 2 - Confusion

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Blaster Master Zero 2 - Confusion Empty Blaster Master Zero 2 - Confusion

Post by Alala Kuran Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:11 pm

Um ok? I have to admit, this caught me by surprise, and in more than one way at that to boot! First of all I never knew they released a "Part 2" of Blaster Master Zero until I saw someone's YT vid about boss fights so of course I snatched that up right away! (Same price as BM-Zero 1 at this case to be called now, a $9.99 meseta to buy on pesky Nintendy Switch)

Quickly got into this one and I admit there's things about it I like better but also hate... but for now I'll jump right to the most confusing part ever; So we have it that Jason is the father who has a pet frog named Fred, and hooked up with Eve and so she is his wife and he's a family man kicking mutant ass with an awesome tank. So according to the basic timeline, we have the Blaster Master Family: Jason, Eve, Roddy, and Elfie. This game however takes place in Jason's active timeline. Now to beware spoilers, you better stop looking now but I'll have to vent it anyway!
Dunno what I did; but I went after every single upgrade item, and NPC quest of rival MA-Fighters except for the only one who looks like a Cast dude from Phantasy Star, and has just as nearly the same bad attitude but worse than a common one who's stuck with his Cast Superiority Complex syndrome. He has a nasty past but was given another chance more than time and again. Of course typically... he listened only to girls and paid no heed to Jason except for blaster-to-blaster in response much so, even though Jason kicks his ass more than twice lol. Rolling Eyes

--But let's just stop right here about him; there's an important gap here speaking about this part! Alrighty... so after doing things "right" so it seems, Eve is sighted by him as defenseless as she could be with just a paw-shot and time lag to defend herself against a ridiculous slew of these monsters, and sadly this guy with an attitude problem shows up... and he's the complete opposite: has the fastest MA combat vehicle ever: the Garuda, and can even call it in for support assaults while NOT inside it!? Worst timing ever for Eve to be spotted! But wait... another entity shows up in the front of her and behind the Garuda being piloted by Leibiz (if this is his name? misspelling for memory failure of me!) so he shuts up and turns around.... we find.... Elfie?!? Wait a second though! Elfie is Roddy's sister... they were from the future, but BM-Zero and 2 here are supposed to be prequels? Also to add salty confusion, she's a spirit entity and mentions that sadly both she and Roddy had died to the Mutant Cocoon Boss thingy yet all that's left is almost the exact same tank from Blaster Master Zero's 1st game but blue...

Time out for a second at this part: how did Roddy, who's Jason & Eve's son, along with Elfie who is their daughter too, BOTH appear as a cliff-note in the past, and worst of all: end up with the reverse end of the stick how Blaster Master 3: Blasting Again starts off??? Yup! Somehow they said that Roddy and Elfie screwed up and died? Is that a bad future after even the Plutonium Boss Kaiser was defeated???

I'm confused: in a regular timeline, Jason was taken out by an accident and Elfie holds regret from a mistaken guidance. Roddy, who is Jason's son lives and takes up for his father and ends the mutant threat. (I.e: Parents passed away sadly, children live on)

but in THIS timeline?: Jason lives but was turned to stone by a nasty mutant boss, Eve kicks its ass and cures him of petrification and he finishes the job but their son and daughter died in combat without their notice??? (I.e: Parents live active duty, but children died before they even known them?)

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