Heavenly Solace: Shikigami Force MKII
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Blaster Master Zero (1) now no longer Nintendey-Exclusive!

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Blaster Master Zero (1) now no longer Nintendey-Exclusive! Empty Blaster Master Zero (1) now no longer Nintendey-Exclusive!

Post by Alala Kuran Sat Jul 06, 2019 9:22 pm

Here's what I've got to say about it!

Blasting once again never hurts, and this time Jason starts with a party! (ok not literally, lol)
Alright, in all seriousness with a pun or so to add, here's my review as-is for this game. This one appears to be like the Nintendo Switch version (maybe?) so this means:

-2 Players local co-op,
-a versus mode (I've never touched lol)
-it plays pretty much almost the same, no flaws or glitches, nor lag even on a somewhat low-ender PC at full speed
-the controls go good with a controller almost like the switch version with a usual PC/PS4/Xbox controller minus vibration function
-soundtrack is still great for some 8-bit stuffs (especially the True Last Boss theme!) and even the SFX aren't choppy or anything

This is perfect for those who love seeing Jason kick some mutant butt yet haven't heard from the legend in a long time and who lack a Nintendey-3DS or Switch; now you have a chance to go at it too albeit a bit late, but better late than never, huh? But hey, did you know that sometimes late bloomers get the better bonus? Remember when I said "Jason has a party!"? Well this version unlike the other two original releases does have a difference. Those who have the game but looked at the DLC, have you wondered this: "Hey, where's Gunvolt?" or "Is Ekoro off somewhere else again?" as you can see that Shovel Knight and Shantee are there at a small cost of $2 each?
-Gunvolt and Ekoro are this time already there waiting behind Jason in "Ex Character Mode" via Extra Mode! They are now free for PC version users! (unless they were too in the Switch version? I remember having to pay twice lol but that's my problem, yet no regrets!) at first I got a little flustered thinking they were exclusives until I just got in the game and looked no further than at the new "Extra Modes" option, lol I got pwned a bit X'D

This is a fun little gig to try out so feel free to get it while it's the exact same price as the other two original versions. Nice work Sunsoft, hope to see Blaster Master Zero 2 and new stuff in it soon, too! ;)

(Smileys disabled because going to put this as my review of the game soon, some reason though I guess maybe I didn't have enough time in-game to put up a review yet or my net is being nasty to me today so I have to hold this as a placeholder, but then again I'll leave that same review here too because why not?)

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Blaster Master Zero (1) now no longer Nintendey-Exclusive! 24101
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