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Bloodstained: Ritural of the Night (Miriam's Story)

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Bloodstained: Ritural of the Night (Miriam's Story) Empty Bloodstained: Ritural of the Night (Miriam's Story)

Post by Alala Kuran Mon Oct 14, 2019 10:51 pm

Currently holding a decant time with Miriam in this game focused on her at most, which is kind of like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night(?) and albeit she's no Belmont or such, she is still quite a crackshot at using arsenal of her own to get by, including the whip (which is one of her favorites), well I guess I've earned Miriam's respect because this game is the 2nd in my lifetime I have ever earned a platinum trophy for PlayStation, meaning I absolutely "Mastered" this game with her, so she called me an Overlord. Razz

Anyway though forgot if I had a topic about this great game, but here's another part to merge if I did. I'll first off admit about stuff I did AS Soul of Miriam myself. First off, the Bosses. They're what I expected to be with a few tough customers but only three in particular actually had me rage, ONE especially was a major pain.

Hardest Bosses of Bloodstained: ROTN are in my book--
3: Demonic Carpenter (he was what I kind of expected yet at the same time was quite menacing for a Superboss. Has a rotten amount of HP in a high power limit, hits really hard, and can summon some nasty bogeys who hurt almost nearly as bad as he does from the "Final Destination" to say without spoiling names. He also however has one of the best Shard Spell-Weapons in the series which functions like a piercing Machine Gun that can be fine-aimed and has rapid fire which can stack to ridiculous damage if doing a certain move I learned lol! He caused two casualties to poor Miriam before she got him back, ouch! He is a constant returning boss so can be bullied over and over, but after the first defeat of him, she can easily escape... well, at the cost of that Demonic Carpenter completely restoring all HP. Can be grinded off of for a heft if dealt with patiently and carefully.)

2: Twin Dragons of the Tower (These guys actually caused my first "Game Over!" casualty on Miriam's tab because they attack from both sides, trap her in a pincer attack, and will use a "Final Attack" twice at the same time which if not having her crouch, can result in Miriam just "disappearing" and screaming in intense pain by bashing her with BOTH of their jaws against the tower while covering the entire area without a warning of WHERE THE EFF to hide! Yeowch!)

1: Bloodless the Pervert (Noted that this boss is a returnee from the previous Bloodstained Game: Curse of the Moon. She is as fatal as her sexy looks deceive the eye, and also is the cheapest boss in the game to my opinion, and actually had me RAGE at the game for a short while before Miriam finally bagged the brat, costing over 7 to 8 casualties! First of all, she knows how to use the field against Miriam and has quite some coverage for her attacks, a Blood-Storm Tornado laser that has excellent coverage at that to boot, and as if that's not the worst part.... can drain all blood spilled by BOTH girls in that fight to completely repair herself and make the battle drag even far longer than intended! There even was two parts where I have no idea WTF Ms.Bloodless did to Miriam and caused a "Game Over!" despite Miriam was actually slightly injured but far from being defeated? Did the pervert do something lewd to her and they decided to censor it out and call it a total failure? Was the boss fight timed? I have no idea, but I finally gotten the best of her eventually and even stolen her weapon along with ability to drain leftover blood from everything to self-repair Miriam in a pinch.)

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Bloodstained: Ritural of the Night (Miriam's Story) 24101
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