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PSO2: New Genesis? Both sides!

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PSO2: New Genesis? Both sides! Empty PSO2: New Genesis? Both sides!

Post by Alala Kuran Fri Jul 24, 2020 11:27 pm

Seems they're coming up with another gig! This time it's for both sides and looks like the following notes are as is, but more to add soon:

The new Phantasy Star Online 2 "New Genesis" game is a standalone that they are going to pair up along side the original! This one they plan on opening gates of around next year: 2021! The era of this version takes 1000 years later after the events of ARKS back in PSO2-original(s), and this sucker is going for both JP and NA at the same time!

*You can bring all your current ARKS characters (separately but both) over to the proper versions!
*Gameplay is more open-world looking instead of being huddled into a single ship all day anymore, you're actually traversing a planet!
*Speaking of looks, this one is a graphical master! Has the hint of Star Ocean and Skyrim, along with high-speed movements and flying like Sword Art Online games! Surprised
*Like said, one can fly and dash to move far faster, a first in the series without using vehicles!
*characters who are created from one zone can go to the other freely and back as they wish!
*Rappies Party hard! Lol! (lol!)
*This time both JP and NA sides are working on the game so progress of this version of PSO2 won't be of one behind the other, but both are in sync; no content drag!

*while high graphics is a good thing on the most part, it can also be a nightmare for low-end processor users, making this a double-edged sword...
*while moving your protagonist/s over, his/her/their level/s will be reduced to 1 after such a ridiculously long "sleep" as they move to the New Genesis... Oops!
*Premium currency types are shared across accounts, but there's a catch... (just the two!)

-Mags are now only able to just follow you around, not support you anymore...
-Despite your protagonists all being able to move over, they cannot bring meseta or FUN points with them...
-These new (giant!) Enemies look brutal for some low-levels...
-This might be a sign that original PSO2 is running out of motivation...... hopefully not. This certainly does mean content for basic PSO2 will be slow in place of this one rising.
-Classes are back down to a few, but this may change!

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PSO2: New Genesis? Both sides! 24101
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