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Post by Alala Kuran Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:48 pm

Got to talk about some suave suits I noticed... one prime example and if you watched my Expert Requirement 1 of 2 video, I mean like Phaleg. I personally think she is Sega/PSO's "Wesker" and for some obvious reasons yet small differences, so let's compare and contrast for fun!

Subjects: Albert Wesker and Phaleg are quite the same almost!

Both of them wear a lot of full-black,
Both are blondes,
Both have tyrannical martial strength and will destroy you very easily! (yikes! Shocked ),
Both are suave and have a lawful evil role against you,
Both conceal their eyes at first... but if their line of sight is visible, you know you are pretty much done-for!
Both characters are BOSSES!!
Both are stylish as well and can't absolutely be despised,

*Battle Style:
Wesker uses his upper body for melee combat at best (but might be able to do kicks too),
Phaleg uses her lower body to pack a powerful arsenal of lethal kicks that create nuclear explosions (but at times she can use a stun-palm burst attack, and then some),

Wesker works at Umbrella Corp.,
Phaleg works at Mother Cluster(?) or on her own,

*when they are pissed off!:
Wesker's shades come off = you're dead!,
Phaleg opens her eyes to glare at you = you've actually pissed her off! Fear-Factor

Wesker is obviously male, Phaleg is naturally female,

*Aggression on appearance:
Phaleg does two good things and isn't 100% inclined to smash your face into the floor all of the time,
Wesker on the other hand isn't so accepting unless you unlock him as a player character, else if he will almost always punch your face in as a way to say "Hello there! Razz " lol ouch!

Again, Wesker will allow you to play as him in a few games provided you impress him well enough by surpassing difficult means to gain his interest,
Phaleg however will never join you under any circumstances unless absolutely needed and then quickly leave to do her own business (unless future updates confirm otherwise)

*Special case:
Wesker has control of the T-Virus and has a Tyrant form (5?),
Phaleg does not have this yet she is still almost as powerful... able to control elements of Fire instead

Phaleg only makes her debut in one game: PSO2 (for now),
Wesker has persisted through several titles, including as a guest in some (various Resident Evil games as his origin, and almost all versions of Lost Planet 2 as a playable hero for almost all factions excluding the one gender-opposite exclusive side he may not enter there)

Personal verdict:
If the two dueled, I kind of think Wesker would win due to having Tyrant abilities and quick regeneration while Phaleg does not, and also by gender differences affecting power while at it... however this might be a bit of a mixed chance due to a notice of Phaleg having control over fire, which is something Wesker doesn't actually like to tangle with (as he has been chased away by Tyrant Alexia in RE-Code Veronica, and ultimately defeated by Chris Redfield via being taken down at a Volcanic Zone in RE-5), so this remains a mystery!

If the two encountered one another, perhaps they'd make quite a good team? Both have similar personalities and prefer their martial arts to settle things between them and their opponents, but their line of work might cause a case... hm. This might be an interesting thing to see!

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