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Post by Alala Kuran Tue Jan 05, 2021 7:44 pm

Um... ok I admit, lately I kind of did like Shiva from PSO2 a bit even if a pain to deal with, especially at the last second (clone or not) and having been hard to impress, she actually decided to be friendly for only one chance. Another note is that out of all bosses in the game, she was the only one who almost always gave me something to use at the end of a pesky quest that was nice and strong, even if it wasn't a favored class item she always gave something, and was the first to actually (forcefully!) pull me over and literally hand me a new super-rare and high-class pet egg and leave. Along with that out of the choices of what character the game is trying to get me to be like, I happened to have got a LOT of Shiva's stuff from SG scratch before it was too late (though not everything yet). The game apparently has me sharply being almost a mirror-copy of the following girls of the game: Matoi (her 2nd, EP4 set with voice, and also her Boss Appearance along with her weapon camo but without her veil or Boss-Type voice except for secondary self), Hitsugi from EP4 (almost everything from her, both casual and "Awakened Form" lol) and her yandere friend Kaori (Mother-Cluster Corps crazed version), Sukunahime the Ashen Princess (from EP3), Luther's own sister Harriett (especially end of EP5 "Goddess Harriett" except my own voice, I have the hairstyle related to hers shown here now) and Queen Magretta of Epic (almost everything from her too except voice. I have her attire sets as my 2nd preferred set if not Valgiris), and finally THIS sneaky little mynx (yup, including Shiva's voice, all I lack are her eyes and hair accessory now)

...However when some peeps warned me and said she actually was a flirt and a complete pervert, I didn't take it seriously... until now. at part 0:27 here, I have no idea WHAT she just did to me aside of apparent massive MP damage and a HP cripple but actually having not really hurt after that, having a low-aim, and only doing just 1 damage with no flinch and having quite a cocky look as she backed off after, it looked really...really wrong! And I thought them red Kappa boys in Nioh 2 were bad enough! Embarassed
...now I'm not surprised a few JP-ARKS units shown that she sometimes could be bold and frisky! Guess I peaked her "interest" a bit much, oops!

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