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Cosmic Break is making a comeback, slowly.

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Cosmic Break is making a comeback, slowly. Empty Cosmic Break is making a comeback, slowly.

Post by Alala Kuran Thu Jan 21, 2021 6:13 am

After a silent death of both EN and JP versions of the game, it's making a comeback with some changes, some pros, and then cons. Just ran a test with Igarax and had to leave a complaint (Major problem!): we tried to do a mid re-join party in Anarctus Free Fields and as a result, ended up both getting a critical system failure error and CTD so had to abort and do another all over again.

Pros: Item drops in the free field are much easier instead of manually pressing a button to grab a chip/box/usable anymore. Can choose up to three characters at the prelude area this time instead of just one, out of 6; 3 boys (full Steel) or 3 girls. Crimrose is still there but HD only, along with Lily Rain & Jikun Long. Aquila is also a starter too this time. Some of the HD girls now do new intro poses when you summon them, fancy!

Cons: that nasty error I mentioned above. Jikun Hu is no longer a starter anymore and is actually absent for now, so is Ivis. Areas are extra crowded since merging. Garapon still is garapon but slightly more expensive (mixed case). Some quests aren't allowing people to enter them freely anymore without tickets or such now. Since Crimrose & Lily are both HD now, the girls refuse to allow free custom-builds anymore and are very picky of what you can give them (Esilotte isn't allowing this either... and I'm dreaded sure the other girls also won't allow it), some NPCs do weird things in the lobbies now; at Wiz area, two helper bots were running into walls or circling a spot confused (!?)

The WTFs: Some lobby areas are absolutely different compared to before. Esolitte now faints like a Monster Hunter if she dies (ouch, lol!) Rumors have it they are planning to make getting RT points easier eventually?
*This is the sit-rep of the current Beta Run, I assume things will be different later on. (hopefully better) so most problems for now are moot that is excusable and expected.

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Cosmic Break is making a comeback, slowly. 24101
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