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Recap 2021- Your top 10 best and worst games

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Recap 2021- Your top 10 best and worst games Empty Recap 2021- Your top 10 best and worst games

Post by Alala Kuran Thu May 06, 2021 6:41 pm

Just to start something again here as it's a shame everyone dropped forums (except for some disturbing eyes at times) and moved away to other means, I'll be adding a new topic here but there too just for the hell of it. I guess this kind was already around but as things always change, so has this: Naming off one's top 10 best games of anything, and 10 more which are their worst games by reasons; this time a grand total of 20! Also while at this topic, I'll be changing my list over the year too whenever I have the chance of an update.

Let's begin.

From 10 to top-
Best List:





5- R-Type Final 2; it's no longer a "Fool's Joke" but the real deal! It's also on everything too so that's great, but my donation didn't get acknowledged... I'm sad.... but whatever, I'm still just happy they did pull through! It's kind of rushed though because only half of R's Museum is operational (so 50 fighters; Ragnarok is barred, no OF-1 Daedalus, no Unchained Silence allowed, no Bydo Fighters are released yet except for the very first one that consumes again and escapes... darn!) but there's far more where that came from because they're not done yet and not just that, but one can edit their own paths of a mission, and there's a little pilot customization! They will acknowledge who's who (yes gender aware now) in the story too. Some previously weak fighters gotten beefed too (conversely some strong contenders in turn had gotten nerfed quite badly...) so it's quite a nice warm welcoming.... even from the Bydo, lol.

4- Cosmic Break "Universal"; it's almost the exact same one, except sadly starting all over again and prices have gone worse, but on the other hand some areas have become easier, level caps have been removed, and experience costs have been lowered slightly. Feels kind of good coming back to this actually as I missed it. Hopefully can get the previous characters I had before back eventually when they're released!

3- Monster Hunter: Rise; shame it's on pesky Switch, but it's quite a comeback for MH series and this time characters are not shy, in fact will warn you if a boss is trying to do something nasty! Lots of new stuff added too and now one can take cat & dog! Shame no more tailraiders or slinger, and forced nintendo subscription required for worldwide ops (so that's out of the window unlike MH-World....) but some cases have gone easier as now one can gain major heights around the places too! Here's hoping more stuff comes to it and it goes to more systems soon! I'm quite active in this one locally right now too. They're adding new stuff overtime as well so keeping an eye out.

2- Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP); Obvious reasons, I'm very active here, I have friends who sometime show up, some events are reasonably tough but also could be shrugged off to easier at my own choice, there has been updated character creation and is still yet to come with more, and I made it really far here! Even if not much is actually left to be taken very seriously, I always find something in a day to do with this one. The game has appeared elsewhere too though that other place and version is not as favorable at most except for a few hat-tips and both versions are rumored to be making way for yet a newer, bigger version soon to release in June! Things from here can be taken over to the next one if it is confirmed true.

Best- *I have yet to decide...

From 10th least to most repulsive-
Worst Resorts:

Least worst- Phantasy Star Online 2 (JP); "wait also part of the worst? are you stupid?" this game has times where it bares its fangs or where each rose has its thorns, etc. and what I mean by that is things have changed here too also in terms of the bad, too. I'm half at an impasse with the game in terms of seriousness too because at the start of 2021 or near the start of it, player shopping prices now look like in Elsword (EN), and ever since the bane of friendships of difficulty started appearing (Stupid Hard), this wasn't enough for some sadists/masochists; now the game has 6 layers of difficulty... yes, two more layers appeared making the game-changer classes now obsolete and underpowered to some points no longer being worthy of called "Successor" and such sinful difficulties are "Extra" Hard (better called excessively hard), and at the late half of last year they released the worst of all.... "Ultra" Hard (simply AKA: Unholy Hard) mode including bosses can break the game's rules and go to ancient levels while players are under the modern-nerf level capacity, openly unfair. Hopefully the rumored "New Genesis" will be a breath of fresh air away from the ridiculous prices and unreasonable difficulty quest rehashes and such.

9- Genshin Impact; another that has actually a not-so awful rating but why it's on my no-good list is for a few reasons and why I eventually lost interest (though not entirely). Such problems are for one is having to pay to get newer characters and it's not always accurate when one is aiming for a specifically desired soul (does the Garapon/Gatchapon mechanic again!) and that's pretty annoying when simply wanting a character or actually needing to balance out elemental squads for enemies/bosses ahead. Game difficulty also permanently increases and will not be reverted at certain points making chances of when one thought they could best a boss who humiliated and eviscerated them before will always be stuck under its boot no matter what; this leads to the 3rd problem as well. Due to such said difficulty creep, this game forces people to have to find another a bit too much for my tastes, and usually this means those who are higher level than another usually gain all the glory while said person who is at a specific level are mortified easily to looking like a major drag. I don't really appreciate this because I'm usually the one who looks the weakest since I mostly prefer to go alone, and this also goes to the 4th problem: why I seem weak is because of attempting to train newer faces and since the difficulty creep takes things too high and never reverts, this makes the process impossible. True there are items that can counter this but those are naught of a easy chance to get. An ok game but is forcing one to be "carried" too much which is a bad example.


4- Remnant: From the Ashes; it's almost like Lost Planet meets Dark Souls; fairly good gunning, but ridiculous difficulty. Even if going with two other players (maximum party of 3) things only get worse. At least despite it being another Dark Souls game, it doesn't super-penalize players on repeated deaths such as losing any items/experience on a spot and permanently lost if repeated failures chain too quickly (which they certainly will). I'm simply not a fan of extreme difficulty games, furthest I've got was to the basic Final Boss but can't destroy him in 2nd form yet due to being an endurance round. Will sit it out till later eventually.

3- Nioh 2; it's expected to be a difficult game and certainly is. Not really terrible and was actually possible until the DLC Part 2 arrived and they added increased difficulty (couldn't even reach part 3 yet) so it's put on hold.

Most infuriating- Tekken series; almost all of them, especially the later games (5 and up) 4 was a sign of danger because my favorite protagonist lost one of her key abilities, and by the time she got it back, too many newer, more antagonizing faces appeared to give her a bad day and very easily. It didn't just go from there; when online modes appeared that was a grim sign for the later systems, though its "rival" series, Soul Calibur, has taken the worst blow from online mode appearance chopping off nearly half of the game's content. Tekken 6 was a bit of a point of interest and perhaps has the best side-story mode relative of Tekken Force; this is because the new protagonist Lars allows you to hire one other character of your choice from the roster and is backed by Alyssa in an active field (unlike Tag 1 and 2), but Tekken 7 (the latest release until later) bought the rage back by hiring an infamous face of another competing series and a red-haired devilish warrior in a black dogi who can shoot devastating fireballs from his hands and catch a victim to 1-hit kill them who a certain warrior in a white dogi has been trying to deal with... into an irregular place, but now consider him an legit character instead of a guest/invader and is still just as cheap as he usually is! This series is perhaps one of the first that was a perfect chance to see me throw controllers around, destroy devices physically, and literally punch holes in walls. The fan community of this series is not much for a friendly sight either, and that's normal to expect since it's a fighting community so this is no surprise. Not my taste, simple as that. Just not for me. Despite this, it's not exactly the worst thing I've ever had to face, and there's sliver a chance I actually still look at it time and again. Even if a very infuriating game series, I still persevered and beaten each one at a point somehow.

"Never again!"- Woody Woodpecker (PS2); this game, unlike even Tekken, has had me feel absolute fury. There's three characters, and the later down one goes into the game, the significantly harder the game becomes and to add going courses in reverse order worsens this syndrome when combined. This has triggered an incident I do not wish to remember as it was beyond my mind going blank, and this game remains unfinished to this day. I do have a considerable chance of simply selling it eventually...

Bonus roster-
The throw-outs: Maple Story (both 1 & 2)

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