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Minor Rules Refinement 5-2021 update

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Minor Rules Refinement 5-2021 update Empty Minor Rules Refinement 5-2021 update

Post by CerebusGirl Thu May 20, 2021 8:34 pm

While the main cat is away, the fox comes up to her place. Here's a few rule changes added for 2021 and up. This partial update will affect more than one affiliated location.

Discord Channels:
Sectors 1 and 2 will have a change to some ranks, what they do, and what to do for these.

A new rank will be added eventually soon to allow users to access NSFW areas while almost all others who are sensitive will no longer be able to see/use the NSFW areas any longer to prevent a scene from starting.

  • Accessing R-18 NSFW sections;
    Both of the two servers will have a dedicated R-18 section each (already known) and due to some sensitive audiences, these sections will be barred of the public eyes naturally. Not everyone is able to see these spots.

  • Getting Access Rank to the NSFW sections;
    To access the R-18 sections, you will require a special rank for entry. There's requirements to get such a rank and this may or not carry over to forum or other said location despite you can get into just one. This is not exactly a shared rank.

    1: You must ask the Main Administrator (Arala Cran) herself for getting the rights to view such sections, but don't think you can fool her that easily!

    2: You are required to be over the age of 18 (or 21 at best) so a date of birth is required and this will be checked.

    3: You cannot be "Just registered" or less than 3 months recent (because this raises a red flag! I actually told her about people like that lately and that's not very nice!)

    4: You should have at least left more than at least 25 posts around (in forum, no spam and not in just one single day) or several responses around places in a server if not both (in discord spots, not too recent appearance of registration time, and at least sufficient info on account and not looking like another husk) at least so that peeps know you well enough that you're not just another fappy leecher there only for the "goods" to run off with 'em somewhere else and not come back.

:?:Why this change? Exclamation
Suspicious activity was recently noted:
On discord channels Ara had noticed the common lack of proper chitchats and etc suddenly started bringing up "people" that don't respond and have some suggestive names or not that much info on accounts appearing and that was quite a callback to when we had some trouble a few years prior. Normally she'd expect some people are too lazy to fill out info and such but on the other hand some problem-makers do that in a rush to do a blitz; specifically to get after something she has and skitter off or do some data mining and try to sniff out a weak spot to cause damage. On other notes she caught quite a few people even if not exactly harmful, going in only to grab what they want and slither away and at some other points even host the same exact thing they snatched from her place in their own location then falsely flag her as a plagiarizer. That wasn't very nice and being supporter and close friend of hers, I can easily sniff out who looks like just a snatcher, and so can her husband too. We've caught on that kind of stuff and had a discussion with her personally about it so that is why this change is approved now starting today.

Had a recent look in a channel and saw an unfamiliar face appear only very recently. Not too long after the admin girl herself told us that she was messaged by such said name asking to get the rank freely, and it bothered her. Normally she's laid back and a tough audience but even I had a look at this and this is where we are now: "Not so fast!" Looks like just another random snatcher trying to find fap material and skulk off when there's plenty of that other stuff elsewhere.

This new effect takes place in the following:
*Discord Server Channels (both 1 & 2) = Today (near midnight; ~11:50PM)
*Forum (here) = June 4, 2021 (soon) ; new rank coming eventually

More NSFW sections may appear for a few users who are a tough audience in Discord Servers, but this is debatable TBA.

Minor Rules Refinement 5-2021 update Wavesigrl7
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Amethyst Vixen (2nd Admin in command)

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Minor Rules Refinement 5-2021 update Empty Re: Minor Rules Refinement 5-2021 update

Post by Alala Kuran Wed May 26, 2021 9:05 pm

Your subject has been approved for all three areas An overlord\'s plan . I've no objections and will take some time to add the new rank soon here (might have to be a group instead, but this can be a bit complicated so it'll take a while)

true notes:
You're right. I have been seeing quite a few who only go around and see what they "might" like, snatch and go, rude really...

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Minor Rules Refinement 5-2021 update 24101
Alala Kuran
Alala Kuran
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