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R-Type: Final 2 stuffs

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R-Type: Final 2 stuffs Empty R-Type: Final 2 stuffs

Post by Alala Kuran Thu May 27, 2021 3:29 am

Making a combat roster of what to find while flying. This mission will be recon by two sexy girls (lol)
Arala Cran (A-C1) and FO-Newearl (J-F2)
Time to fly again! R9-A1

This objective? To tell what area gives off the most resources because now in R-Type Final 2, pilots actually have to put in effort, passwords, and currency to get new fighters instead of simply cruise control and passwords alone this time! This is a bit tricky because I think cases change the payout depending on how experienced someone is now (yes this time pilots along with their ranks also level up too!) I also believe the first time a stage is cleared, it has high yield, but the later on and more runs done, the less generous things get.

Hint: I believe some notes from the not-so-popular R-Type Tactics 2: Bitter Chocolate mission does have some kinds of leads to how to find some of the minerals such as saying Subspace areas which are difficult to find are the best chance for the super-scarce Etherium!

For this sample, A-C1 Arala Cran is the more experienced (and in the update will take on normal+), while her friend J-F2 FO-Newearl is still fairly new (and will stick with the easiest level for speedy results).

(update: difficulty does affect the prizes gained multiplier...)


A-C1 Arala Cran : "There's over 13 areas to fly this time! But, I heard there will be more?"
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R-Points are based off performance in a stage! Longer means more points, and 1st time is a lot!
*both girls: "Sorry, we're testing this on lowest difficulty!"

Stats will be as R (R-Points Currency), S (Solarium), E (Etherium), and B (Bydogen)

St 1.0: Space City Ruins
Boss: an olde antagonist of the first R-Type (Dokeraptos)
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost 634 on no miss), S = 110, E = 10, B = 30
"Why do I feel like I'm being watched...? And why are you half-frozen?"

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost 647 on no miss), S = 110 (E), 121 (N), E = 10(E), 11(N), B = 30(E), 33(N)
*seems we're even
"If you face off as a Bydo, you will be chased by the angry watcher... if you face-off as a R-Typer, then you'll see a familiar face and this time he/she won't be frozen anymore."

St 2.0: Bydo Garden Base
Boss: Twin Yatebeolox Harvester mobile plant containers
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 50, E = 20, B = 80!
"Shoot the top of the flower or let the Force jeer it to swallow, then... cut the big ol' bulb-body below before it finds out! Sparring "

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost 727 on no miss), S = 55, E = 22, B = 88!
"Ugh, really you two have to leave tentacles around? Oh my... I'll just use the chaser-type Force or Yellow-type weapon to clean those up, don't touch me!! Embarassed "

St 3.0: A.I Lab Thief - Giant Battleship MK.III
Boss: Warship's Core
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 50, E = 80, B = 20
"Oops! That big boy is certainly not safe to touch unlike the rest of the terrain of the lab/base!"

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 55, E = 88, B = 22
"Well here we are, a third giant battleship boss' core, and this one's a lot more compact than the last two models... have to watch out for that tri-beam and getting flanked from behind and the front too... pesky small target... also, Happy Days seems quite lethal for this opponent were he to come across me using it... Twisted Evil "

St 4.0: Bydo Ruins
Boss: Lilil Prototype Huge Blast Furnace
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 40, E = 40, B = 70
"There's a lot going on around in here... I think I better start using the Force Dose attacks now! Easy to get flanked almost everywhere, and hitting some enemies from behind is a pain! I should bring a chaser-Force for better results...."

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost 1363 on no miss), S = 44, E = 44, B = 77
"Hard area? Easy boss... All I have to do is position my Force in a pincer formation and hit him in the eye. Have to watch out for the dual Jetsoning Afterburner though... and the slimes he drops."

St 5.0: Aquatic Crystal Junction Caves
Boss: Ouroboros the Fish who can summon her other lesser children
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 20, E = 50, B = 80!
"Hm? What? Suspect Are you giving me one of four crystals to choose from? What do these do? Why won't you tell me!? Shocked "

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost 1019 on no miss), S = 22, E = 55, B = 88!
"Another easy opponent, you seem familiar to a certain challenger from planet Darius with quite a legion you've got there, except you don't have any ranged attacks. I'll just let you chase me, but my Force will chase you!  Twisted Evil "

St 6.0-A: Rotating Eroded Caverns
Boss: Mabosterbern the Bydo Coral Bigcore!
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = ??, E = ??, B = ??
"Why does this boss resemble a Bigcore? The coral tentacles though are really annoying, they keep respawning and he surrounds me in a corner with 'em! pale "

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost 1104 on no miss), S = 50, E = 30, B = 70
"The Turret Wheels are back and are tricky to navigate through, using a Shock W. Cannon or Mini-Burst W. Cannon will be very helpful attacking through them to destroy the cores. Nice music here though."

St 6.1-C: Ruins of Corruption
Boss: Principle Wall the Ancient Corrupter Sentinel and Grave Keeper
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 20, E = 120!, B = 10
"So I grabbed the orangish/red crystal and....!? Ugh, too many refractor crystals coming from above and below! Ouch I got hit by a reflecting beam! Rude!!"

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 22, E = 132!, B = 11
"Highest chance of Etherium upon completion here, but very dangerous! Lots of refractor crystals and rebound beams can overwhelm and scrap you easily! Beware! Very annoying place! --Yikes why did you turn me into a ...!?!"

St 6.2-B: Hyperspace Assault
Boss: SIN-G the Subspace Shadow (two-unit)
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = ??, E = ??, B = ??

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost 1789 on no miss), S = 30, E = 100, B = 20
"The -safest- area to finding high amounts of Etherium even if not the most of all. Keep an eye out of the Pow-Armor Ambushes but take advantage of the loot, and watch your back because the boss attacks (and can only be attacked as well) from behind! Destroy the core!"

Final A: Trans-Dimensional Fighter Junkyard
Boss: Corrupt Fenrir Fighter the (Un)Happy Days AKA: Fenrir Ahms Vault & "Final" Force
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = ??, E = ??, B = ??

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 20, E = 100, B = 30
Ending: Good (defeated the boss, sacrificed only the Force, and simply left)

Final B: The Bydo Planet
Last Boss 2: Obsidian Pupil the All-Seeing Bydo-Eye
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = ??, E = ??, B = ??

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = ??, E = ??, B = ??
Ending: Bad! (defeated the boss, but I got pulled in!)

Final C: The familiar (confused) Fleet
No Boss: Escape and defeat multiple warship bridges!
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 120, E = 10, B = 30

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 121, E = 11, B = 33
"For all this trouble, you guys sure lack paying Etherium or such... *scowl*  Suspect "
Ending: Bad! (I um, got turned into a Bydo again... smacked a few ships around and escaped to Earth)

Bonus 1: Inferno Factory of R-Type 3
Mid-Boss: Reconjunator-F the Factory Core
Actual Boss: Creature with a nasty number (a large High-Speed Flying Object)
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = ??, E = ??, B = ??
"This place sure is familiar! Party hard! Lol! "

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost 786 on no miss), S = 60, E = 60, B = 60
"Well this is very similar to such familiar of the 3rd mission but...? -Two- challengers here...? The first one is a joke, but... going back and... Wha?? Ow he flew into my face! That wasn't supposed to happen!?! Bad preformance! "

Bonus 2: The Ruins of Leo (from R-Type: Leo)
Boss: Ruinsloiger the Colossal Ordnance Bigcore with a Giga-beam (lol)
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 60, E = 60, B = 60
"3, 2, 1 -- Let's go!  Melody (another familiar place!)"

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = ??, E = ??, B = ??
"Tricky barriers and platforms, and ...Death on Rails? This boss is a different kind of Bigcore but armed with a nasty surprise... not like that will stop me!"

Bonus 3: Crazed Craft (Delta Ops - Stage 1!) *New Encounter!
Boss: The Moritz-G Brothers (there's TWO Moritz-G's!)
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = ??, E = ??, B = ??
"Jeez, first Tokyo gets attacked by the Bydo and they got chased out, then Falspawn Darkers and I spanked the lot of them, but now the Bydo are right back at it again!? Complaining "

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost 1001 on no miss), S = 60, E = 60, B = 60
"Hey! The first boss of Delta this time has a twin! Watch your back if you thought the one in the front was done, your mission is far from over! (That didn't happen in the original!?!)"

Bonus 4: Warship from Hell (???) *New Encounter!
Boss: Giant Battleship from R-Type 1?
Beginner Bonus -
J-F2 FO-Newearl : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = ??, E = ??, B = ??
"Smaller warship is still dangerous but a lot easier even for me to get rid of--Ouch! Don't unload your cargo on my head, you big fat jerk! Oops! "

Veteran Bonus -
A-C1 Arala Cran : R = (almost ??? on no miss), S = 60, E = 60, B = 60
"This entire area even around the start is technically a Dreadnought Chase, don't let his detachable parts befuddle you or that will be painful! The Boss Ship's core is still a bit small but can easily be taken down compared to the one from the 3rd area."

Newer stages await us ahead eventually!

A-C1 Arala Cran : "So far what I know, the very starting point (Stage 1) pays the most Solarium, Stage 6.2 (Subspace) & Stage 6.1 (Deathly Ruins) along with Final Area-A (Fenrir Junkyard) pay the most Etherium, Stage 2 (plants) and 5 (water) pay the highest Bydogen, while all DLC Bonus stages pay a well balance loadout of 60 of everything.

Stage 6.2 might not be worth as much Etherium as the Ancient (and deadly) ruins, but it's the safest route once you know what's coming and watch your back vs the Boss."

Last edited by Alala Kuran on Thu Jun 24, 2021 7:25 pm; edited 9 times in total (Reason for editing : More research, also new sectors were discovered!! O_O)

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