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Gradius: Storm Assault

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Gradius: Storm Assault Empty Gradius: Storm Assault

Post by Alala Kuran on Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:35 pm

White Len : Well, it's probably not EXACTLY Gradius, but it plays pretty
sharply like the series. Being a fan, I think that it wouldn't hurt to
announce how Japan keeps up with their technology so nicely, that
some Jap-fans made their own project: Storm Assault, and they did
some pretty nice work at that one too! It'd be nice if my cpu didn't lag
so badly, lol! Anyway, here's the site, also announced at Shoot The Core;

Apparently the demo doesn't stop at the end of the Boss Rush stage
anymore (Oh! BTW I pwned Mr. Scatter Core without a sweat this
time compared to when I first tried the game, lol! The lag he had which
allowed me to fix my fingernails, get a drink, and even dust off some
old debri off my half-broken computer's Dualshock controller which
doesn't have the vibration function before he sent half of his bombs
across the screen didn't change either, lol! Seriously, I did all of that
at once and came back, he was still bombarding the screen!), now
they seemed to have updated it to where we pilots can now explore
an ancient ruin sector! WOO!! It's just as epic as Gradius 3's stages.

A bad part of this, however, is a glitch I've just spotted and feel like
telling them about... It's around the underground cave area, pretty
deep inside; there's a huge wall (A dead END?! WHAT?!?!) and shooting
at the wall did nothing, so I had to go *splat* right into it (ouch!) Suspect
Okay, so there's a life lost to a glitch right there, I was so embarrassed...
start again JUST before it, take down the swarmers and spectator
turrets around, then the guy who is needed which triggers a quake
to at least make a tiny hole above the area finally appears! But, did
that help? Nope, too weak since I lost all my options AND laser! No
holes in the floor or ceiling to go around, and as said, I shot it over
50 times and no effect?

Okay, so this got repetitive and till I lost ALL my lives, and still never
figured it out yet. I felt like screaming just like Luis with this point:
"How the hell was I supposed to dodge that crap?!"

Queen of Heavenly Solace. Cold to the core.
"Better to have a cold core than to not have one at all..."
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