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Post by Arala Cran Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:04 pm

Arala Cran : *sigh* Poor little soul, you see how powerless
you are, and are so weak, you can't get out of your dirty
diapers... I'm starting to feel sorry for you. Laughing

Give up, Kaell. We already see who you are, you are powerless.
The more you try, the more you just give yourself away. Locked, baby!
*slices the hydra's head off again*

I think I'm on a roll, and I can keep this up all day long if
you'd like. Cute Laugh

Frost, go to the cannons, fire away on my mark. bounce

Behold! The poor helpless soul who needs rest now takes...
Disgaea style names! The perfect spotlight to show who he
hates for lying to, betraying and stealing from, and played
for a sucker.

Seraph Vulcanus
is not the original, but is actually Kaell Richards (AKA: Mr.Larwence
of Scamco Central.) 'tis too easy to tell. The more he appears, the
higher points I get, and the more boots I can launch!

Good one, pesky fly! Amuse me more!
You\'re FIRED!!
Your movements are just way too predictable to fool me, or
anyone else anymore. You may try your hardest, but look where
you will always end up now... reversed of the incident like the
way you did me, but got away.

As you said in your last words before the ensured fact that
you are a heartless traitor just as Judis Iscariot: "Only time
will tell when this will stop", it's right back at you. I will stop
your every attempt to try and attack me anymore even when
almost isolated because of you.

Wild ride PbucketWild ride Pbucket
Wild ride Pbucket
Arala: "..............."
Arala Cran
Arala Cran
Sexy Shikigami Goddess (Admin)
Sexy Shikigami Goddess (Admin)

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Wild ride Empty Re: Wild ride

Post by Frost Mon Jun 22, 2009 12:54 pm

You got it. (a tad late, methinks.)

Frost has to train hard, in order to gain the respect and trust of others.

Wild ride FrostSig
Credit to Ziggy.
Wild ride SmashSig3
Made this one myself!

"Fanfiction is the activity of the wandering mind..."
Sonic Blitz![i]
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Hero of Legend

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