Heavenly Solace: Shikigami Force MKII
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Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, The Gauntlet (FAQ?)

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Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, The Gauntlet (FAQ?) Empty Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, The Gauntlet (FAQ?)

Post by Arala Cran Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:41 pm

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, The Gauntlet (FAQ?) 198448 : I'll start a faq of my own for this game, and mostly for the mode called "The Gauntlet".

What IS "The Gauntlet"? :
It's a mixed mode for the game which is partial Story Mode, and Mission Mode simultaniously.

The explination of this as a "Story Mode" is because I have found skits around this mode (like Tales of the Abyss, and Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology), they are all anime, and some of them are quite funny. Mostly these skits start off for a chapter and let me take a hint of what's going on, sometimes letting me know who the next enemy is before starting.

The explination of "Mission Mode" for this is because it's a training system which has me take missions to complete and where I must know how to pull off some moves in a forced situation before I'm hit, screw up and I'm knocked out, or simply fail the mission and have to start all over again just to keep my score. (don't have to actually start the mission from phase 1, but I want to keep my score perfect)

There's a total of 34 chapters (stages) in this mode, each is for where a enemy character will pit me into a forced combat training situation. One phase of a chapter requires me to take 5 correct actions to get a full "A" rank. They flow as this:
Start = 0 (F), 1 Action = (D), 2 Actions = (C), 3 Actions = (B), 4 Actions = (B+), 5 Actions (A) - and cleared.

Battle Trophies/Honors:
There's quite a few Battle Honors that can be obtained from this mode. I refer the Battle "Honors" as Battle "Trophies" like in Star Ocean 3, lol!
1: Play "The Gauntlet" at least once for the first time (unlocks some custom character parts),
2: Clear Chapter 3 entirely (unlocks some custom character parts),
3: Get a 3-Star (Highest Points) rank on any repeated mission at least once,
4: Clear Chapter 15 entirely,
5: Clear Chapter 30 entirely,
6: Clear ALL chapters of this mode,
7: Clear ALL chapters of this mode using ALL styles (includes the ones least favorable),
8: Play "The Gauntlet" missions at least over 100 times,

My last record was all the way to Stage 10 - 0.

Stage 1; 4 Mission Phases,
Enemy: Wild Wolf (custom/original character) - using an axe (Astaroth's Style)
Difficulty: Easy (mostly me attacking him, and having to break through his defenses, and stop him from evading, but then at times he attacks back)
Key Subjects: Attack, Evade, Defend

Phase 1: Attacking the enemy:
S:1.0 - 1; he will run to the right, I simply hit Wild wolf to K.O him (F -> D),
S1.0 - 2; he still keeps running, I did the same move (horizontal slash), KO'ed him. (D -> C),
S1.0 - 3; Wild Wolf now has a bit of hide for me to shave off, so I have to use some stronger moves, I used some unblockables against him and combos afterwards (C -> B),
S:1.0 - 4; he now starts to block, so I either kicked him in the shins (faster for 2 seconds), or Thrown him (B -> B+),
S1.0 - 5; he now lays down, so I kicked him before the 2 seconds were up (B+ -> A)
-mission over!-
S1.0 Repeated; he randomly runs around, or has some high HP, so I did my best to beat the snot out of him before I ran out of time for the 3-Star "S" class rank.

Phase 2: (forgot this one)
1.1, goes 1-5
-will relook this one over-

Phase 3: (forgot this one)
1.2, goes 1-5
-will relook this one over-

Phase 4: Evasive training (forgot this one)
1.3, goes 1-5, he starts to attack, so I had to start running around.
-will relook this one over-

Stage 2: Martial Arts Championship; 4 Mission Phases,
Enemy: Fake Griffon Boris(?) Custom character using a Katana (Mitsirugi's style)
Difficulty: Moderate (he attacks and uses much more suited defenses, so this can be a pain. One wrong move and I failed a mission)
Key Subjects: Defend, Counter-Attack

Stage 3: Final Contender of the Tournament; 3 Mission Phases,
Enemy: A rather handsome man, but is hardly wearing clothes, using a raiper (Raphael's Style)
Difficulty: HARD (dispite his good looks which kind of threw me off for a sec, and his "lust for blood, but also a lust of another kind", he's a pain in my buttside. He moves quickly and if I was too angry to use Guard Impacts, that was my butt ending up on the floor right there.)
Key Subjects: Enemy's First Attack, Guard, Guard Impact, Guarenteed Hits, Counter-Attacking, Stun Recovery

Stage 4: No time for rest; 3 Mission Phases,
Enemy: A silly maid using a spear (Seung Mina's style)
Difficulty: Moderate to Easy (she can be tricky and always loves to move first, so I had to be careful when facing off this maid who 'freaked out for seeing a bug on the ground' near me, lol!)
Key Subject: Enemy's First move, Ukemi, Counter-Attack, Evade, Defend

Stage 5: Invitation? ; 4 Mission Phases,
Enemy: Cassandra
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard (she can be a pain in the buttside due to such sneaky and fast movements which are hard to counter! I even had to break the rules and do my own methods of counter-attacking at times!)
Key Subject: Enemy's First Attack, Throw Escape, Guard, Guard Impact, Counter-Attacking, guarenteed hits, Advantage Breakthrough (counter-attack while she's lagging)
Warning! : After this stage, there's no more instant hints! It's do or lose-and-find-out-why from this point on for me!

One personal line: To hell with advice for a "guarenteed move"! I'll just do this my own way: Guard-Impact and counter attack your little butt!!

Stage 6: Lizard-hunting!; 3 mission phases,
Enemy: Lizardman
Difficulty: VERY HARD (wow, just ouch! Low blows, and he always LOVES to attack first! Also the first mission where the early warning system is banned just makes things that much more 'sweet'. I lost a few lives to this lizardskin just to find out that he was going for high-to-low moves, ouch!)
Key Subjects: Guard, Enemy First Attack, Guard Impact, Low Guard, Throw Escape, High-to-Low movement, Counter-Attacking

Stage 7: Assassin of the night; 3 Mission Phases,
Enemy: Dampirre/La Bello
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard (He's a roflcopter with a silk hat, but I've had issues from him! Being spanked for failing a throw escape was just so perverted...)
Key Subjects: Throw Escape, Enemy's First Attack, Evade, guard, guarenteed hits, Guard Impact

Some notes: he'll use a lot of throws, low blows, and even some unblockables, so I had to run and use low guards along with guard impacting and parrying just to stop him.

Stage 8: Perverted Dark Aristocrat; 3 Mission Phases,
Enemy: Raphael
Difficulty: HARD (Dispite his handsome appearance, he's a pain; he will always use a First Attack, so I have to mostly Guard Impact and Parry him to counter attack, sometimes stepping out of his way was better when he starts to use linear combos, and even let me stop him before he moved!)
Key Subjects: Guard Impact, Enemy's First Attack, Evade, Counter-Attack, Guard, Low-blows

Stage 9: Gothic Lolita; 3 Mission Phases,
Enemy: Amy
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard (not as wild as her brother, but if I were to goof off for being a fan of her style, that was my butt on the floor. Most of the time I either Parried/Guard Impacted her or attacked her before she even took the first attack... but sometimes I was better NOT to move and simply take the first few hits for a second before providing my attack-feedback)
Key Subjects: Guard, counter from disadvantage, Guard Impact, Counter-Attack, Enemy's First Attack, Throw Escape, Pre-emptive attack

Phase 3:
S9.2 - 0 (F): She starts off by a swift rising kick, guarded it and immediately courched the second horizontal swing she pulled, and gave her a rising kick to the chin in the middle of that move (or a low kick at least),

S9.2 - 1 (D): Starts with a horizontal slash, blocked it and instantly jump-kicked her in the face before she used a low-sweeping slash to K.O. me, or before she turned around fast enough to notice,

S9.2 - 2 (C): standing at the edge of the ring, she looked like she was going for a low blow, so I acted before she did; a kick in the butt and sent her off the ring, lol! (she's not hurt though Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, The Gauntlet (FAQ?) Icon_razz ),

S9.2 - 3 (B): Still at the edge, she tried to throw me off, I simply slapped her hand away and gave her the "Don't think about it!" expression,

S9.2 End (B+): she pulled a trick card followed up with a fast card, so I guard-impacted her slow move, and scared her into submission of "Back off!", then kickec her in the boots. She then gave up.

Stage 10: Sleepwalking Princess with a Nightmare; 3 Mission Phases,
Enemy: Hilda
Difficulty: ??? (Hilda has gone crazy in a nightmare because of Raphael, and they said that I will need to be able to get through her 'sleepwalking' storm of attacks)
-will update this fully later-

Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, The Gauntlet (FAQ?) PbucketSoul Calibur: Broken Destiny, The Gauntlet (FAQ?) Pbucket
Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, The Gauntlet (FAQ?) Pbucket
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