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Not offically (fully) documented state controllers and triggers

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Not offically (fully) documented state controllers and triggers Empty Not offically (fully) documented state controllers and triggers

Post by Someone92 on Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:36 pm

Well, I've recently started to create my first character, but it already happened to me that I thought "It would be cool if MUGEN could do this, but it's not in the documentation", and later I've learned that I could implement what I wanted by using command in a way they were not mentioned in the documentation or not mentioned at all.
I thought it might be helpful if we share our knowledge that isn't covered in the documentation.

You can also use "NoKO" as a flag, it prevents to be KOed at long as it is active. If even one game tick ends with 0 life you'll lose instandly when the flag is no longer active, even if you have more than 0 life at that point. You need to use SetLife = 1 afterwards if you want to prevent that.

Can also be used like this: "(enemynear,trigger)". Useful if you want to know something about your opponent that isn't covered with the "P2..." triggers (I've heard it also makes your char more staple in 2on2 matches, dunno about that).

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