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Guests, please do no trouble

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Guests, please do no trouble Empty Guests, please do no trouble

Post by Alala Kuran on Mon Oct 15, 2007 10:55 pm

Either you join or stay out. If you linger around too long, I will be left with no
other choice, but to ban your IP network. I've suffered too much and too many
attacks against me, and need no further problems from you.

If views increase too far, I will even strictly remove all your access from this
entire forum for my OWN safety, as well as for the members' safety. Post on
your OWN topic, and depending on how well you are, or how evil you are, will
determine your entry or demise from this board.

This is my 5th forum, and I'm not going to tollerate any new enemy stsyem
attacks like from my last one, and losses from my last three boards!

- Advertisers will NOT be tollerated, and nor will other certian enemy-forum
members be allowed access to even look here. Those from antagonist sites
will also be disallowed and disapproved, and may even be discentigrated on
sight without warning.

- Enemies of my friends will also be banished from this kingdom as well.
The word spreads. If another admin here hates you, and he/she was here
first, that's too bad; no entry accepted from you here either.

- Leechers (I know how popular you people are). Only come in for the pay
and stroll around to see what you can steal (Images, sigs, codes, files, etc)
and have absolutely nothing to do with the forum. I will keep watch on your
actions. If you don't have any posts overtime in a week, and either I, or
another staff member see this starts to be a bother, you will simply be
thrown out no questions. Oh, and most of the forums for guests are: look,
but DON'T touch. Pretty soon, guest access will become strictly prohibited
entirely, depending on how long the other staff members are going to react
to guest access.

- Beggers who stroll in and attempt to leech members. Why can't you find
your own fleet instead of trying to leech my already-almost-nonexistant
batch of few? Guest Linking is prohibited via SYSTEM settings anyway.
Alala Kuran
Alala Kuran
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Dimensional Admin

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