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Would the United States be considered Babylon Reincarnated?

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Would the United States be considered Babylon Reincarnated? Empty Would the United States be considered Babylon Reincarnated?

Post by Alala Kuran on Sat May 21, 2016 6:06 pm

Well,the question does come to mind. Remember Babylon? What arrogance the people of it had back in the day and when God destroyed it because of the people being too pompous and self-absorbed thinking they were rulers of the world?

And what curse it had as a price when destroyed; how everyone there ended up losing the unified language and started falling apart into their own random languages as of today from beyond then?

Well then, notice how there's a hotspot country almost the same way? The USA is a good example as there's no other continent of the world which is known to be so popular of many different languages in one and where in some point at least almost everyone understands one-another. No offense but I do believe that this place might just be Babylon Reloaded so to say and there's hardly much difference except the fact that it hasn't grown in "full power"......yet... the people over here are quite arrogant indeed, and there's several other infamous things to note about it as well too; such as the pure murder of Mississippi and such, it's like another side of Egypt all over again: all the murder of a race they enslaved and considered "inferior" to themselves... all that genocide done and the rivers later on ran of blood, attracted parasites of all sorts and the rest was history as divine punishment from God himself on it. I'm not surprised if the USA will sooner or later end up the same way next as there's several things here breaking the rules yet people who are doing such filthy things are getting away with it... more likely seeming to believe they have the right to do such evil stuff and bash the victims who are against that kind of crap, and even worse: are getting supported doing it at that too. Of course, now if I were to get down with it all, then I'd expect some hostile approaches from several faces, sadly, so I won't go there, but it's been quite a bother. I won't deny the fact that I'd personally say that the USA is in what I should call... um... "Sillent Chaos"...

Bad stuff is happening around here, and it's getting worse overtime, but people are keeping quiet, and then there are some who succumb to such disgusting things going on around the place... hell, there's even some worms who actually think it's "cool" having that crap going on and want to jump in with it... just how more disgraceful could it get? Well, a lot worse, and it will eventually, there's no denying it but I am one of the few who notice and stand against it, yet can do nothing much of it.

Dunno if this might even sound like a repeat, but as said: does everyone remember what happened to Egypt after they did all that damage? Does everyone remember what happened to Babylon after they screwed up? Don't you think that the USA is a merge of both in one, and have you wondered what will happen to it when its time is up?

Leave your thoughts here of the case if you're in for some religious brain-food too!

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Alala Kuran
Alala Kuran
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Would the United States be considered Babylon Reincarnated? Empty Re: Would the United States be considered Babylon Reincarnated?

Post by Igarax on Wed May 25, 2016 11:36 pm

Everything repeats history no matter what. As technology advances so does history. It will never change no matter how great or **** each land crawlers is, & when I say land crawler I'm saying presidents/kings. Satan already rules the world as we know it. There's very little we can do about it princess... cause those who fought back have been crushed by Satan's followers with ease, all while those who are righteous get in the way at all the wrong times only to point directly to those who break Satan's rules. He doesn't act out as the public image expects of him. The anti-christ is to act as perfect in every way possible until considered useless & near time of being replaced. This is what has happened to many presidents even up to Obama. Eleven countries are against him now cause Satan no longer has use for him. Once the new president raises they too will follow in the same roles... only to do Satan's bidding. Even the demons can use God's name in their defense.

Would the United States be considered Babylon Reincarnated? 8502
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