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Boss Comparatives - from MH2 to 4/Gen

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Boss Comparatives - from MH2 to 4/Gen Empty Boss Comparatives - from MH2 to 4/Gen

Post by Alala Kuran Sat Aug 06, 2016 5:13 pm

Well, I decided to start a Boss Comparatives topic about the bosses in Monster Hunter games starting from 2 up to now Generations. mostly this roster of bosses will cover the familiar returning bosses who never miss out a great hunt for fun. Sorry if this goes random! It'll be like, all over the place! lol! Also to note, most of my remembered fights starts from Monster Hunter 2, so please bare with me on this!

Well so here's the challenger roster so far:

Velocidrome -
He first appeared in MH1/Freedom, this is usually the very first Large monster encounter in where the game would consider him a "Boss" fight. He's scary, fast, and hurts when he hits, but he also summons lots of Velociprey reinforcements to make things even worse!

In the very first game, he's good at summoning them on the fly and he is, as said, pretty fast on those feet! Not the worst thing ever though, but he will shame people the first try usually who are new. (1st-Duel Difficulty: Moderate - hard)

In MH2/Unite, he's been a bit toned down and summons less by chance due to actually getting more personal and having some brothers around who do more actions (Iodrome the Poison Bile spitter, Giadrome who is the new starter boss in MH2 who has Freeze Bile, and the Gendrome who is quite a "shocking" encounter, lol) more the likely he's became easier the 2nd round in my opinion.

in MH4 though, he makes a comeback and he's actually not the first boss this time, his rank went UP! Why? Well now he now has several new punch-lines (literally!) to use:
New Attack list: Quick Hook punch, Double Side-Step counter, Quick-Step counter (don't get caught!!), Devour pin-down (OUCH!!), Rage Mode (yes now like all other Big Bosses, Velocidrome too can get into a berserk mode!)
So to say, he's not exactly fair at some fights and could make it a decisive chance of fail by sight, be careful around him! (1st-Duel Difficulty: Hard!) Unlike at first, ye olde Velocidrome hasn't slacked off his training, he learned new tricks and hits even harder than ever before so he's became slightly harder than he used to be to deal with this time, let alone even faster now too!

Final Verdict: Velocidrome stepped up his game this time, he's became more difficult than he used to be!


He too first appears in MH1. Not much different than his brother, the Velocidrome, except the fact that he's a bit stronger and the major difference aside of his scale coat appearance and favorite climate to hang around, he is quite a "shocking" encounter! Don't get vulcaned by him or you're going to end up paralyzed and then a sitting duck wide open for either massive damage if not a killing blow!

He didn't change much from 1st to second game, not much else could be said than that of the Velocidrome on his tab here. Difficulty at first: Moderate-Hard (more likely leaning to a difficult opponent due to his bad status attacks for the unlucky)

Just like the Velocidrome too, he also comes back in MH4 and Generations and with the same brand new command list, except the fact that he's not as easy to stall compared to his brother here either and (dunno if I'm seeing this right, but....) he also acts somewhat more of a sneaky opponent trying to attack from a blind spot this time around too, so don't let him slip out of view!

Final Verdict: Just like his brother, Gendrome is now officially beefed up compared to before so he's harder this change!


The last I will speak about the *drome lizard brothers, lol! Yes I know you're tired of me speaking about them lizards all day long sorry! I still have to state the differences however because all of them changed (except the Giadrome will be left out of this story as he didn't come back..... yet) Anyway, Mr.Iodrome is perhaps the elder of the Drome Bros. because he has a creepy deep voice, and perhaps was the first of the Drome lizard bosses who actually "shoots" something from a distance which is a surprise to most who expected he was another jumping lizard.

Now let's just get straight to business on this dude: in MH1/2-Unite, he actually shoots Poison Bile from a mid-range distance, so downright on note, Iodrome is by no means a medicore enemy boss for the start as he already has to be found and fought from some distance up ahead in the ranks, and he has to take even more of a beatdown than his two or three younger brothers do, too (1st-Duel Difficulty: Hard)

Taken that he already is the stronger of the Drome Brothers, he too also learned the same new set of moves the other two taught him too, but the major change is in his Bile shot which is now no longer a small little splatter, but is now upgraded to a bile Bomb! It now covers at least half-range of that of a Gypceros's poison bile bomb and explodes over a small area and lasts a while too so watch your step! A downside to him though is that if he's putting too much back into it, it'll demote to just him doing a poisonous sneeze with no range and him just panting to try to catch his wind, left for at least 1 to 3 seconds extremely vulnerable for a counterattack from an angry hunter! *evil snicker*

Final Verdict: Just like the other Drome Brothers, he's became harder around this time too, might as well say that they all have!


Now let's talk about some BIG Bosses! Khezu, the most disturbing and suggestive looking thing makes his appearance in MH2. Unlike other bosses he's got some distinctive features to watch out for:

1 - Khezu will NOT give you the common "Boss has sighted you!" warning, making him more stealthily; he could sneak up on someone at any moment....
2 - Despite him looking like a huge um..... I'll just say to not be perverted and actually be more creepy instead.... "Lump of flesh", he's got a hide as hard almost as Bassarios! Some effort will be needed if using melee, bring a Blue + sharpness weapon if you don't go ranged! (IMO: range is best personally; Best weapon is Heavy Bowgun + Shield, trust me...)
3 - Khezu will move.... and move around from place to place, a lot... NEVER leave paintballs behind!
4 - Khezu has no eyes, nor ears, he tracks a victim by "smell". Flashbombs? NO! Sonic Bombs? NO! Dung Bombs? YES!

Ok so now how do we deal with this creepy blind dude? As stated, he moves around from zone to zone a LOT so don't EVER forget paintballs, and make sure to have 10+ of them! He may be slow but he'll be difficult to track. Also, he uses several Area of Attack moves so be extremely careful! "Why'd you say bring a Heavy Bowgun with a Shield again?" Well now, there's a hard lesson I learned from Khezu, and it didn't feel or end nicely the first few times I found him... *sigh* ...in MH2 here, his first debut, he'll spam a large variety of LONG RANGED attacks in the cheapest ways possible! I noticed he tends to try to do a lot more of his long-ranged melee moves at that too: Area Roar (STUN!!) and Body Slam. This is the cheapest way he can pull off a lot of kills when he uses it right, and especially when he's gone berserk! He gets Plasma Coating when he lunges from long range which causes almost X3 damage (chance to instant kill) and if stuck on the floor and he has someone pinned, he'll follow up with Blanka's Body Shock from street fighter (well this IS capcom, right? lol!) but since Blanka is still human while Khezu is NOT, and is much bigger than him? OUCH!! Usually this is how I failed things a LOT, so the only way to shave stun time off of this and a chance to counter is to HAVE A SHIELD READY when he reels that head up to let out a supersonic scream; better to hear a "Bonk!" and be knocked back and able to counter in 0.5 seconds, than stuck shuddering in a earbreaking shameful pose and unable to move, seriously! First time facing Khezu will be rage-inducing, be warned here and now (1st-Duel Difficulty: INSANE!!!)

This creeper comes back in MH4 (for sure!) and Generations (I think?), and he's gotten several noticeable changes too! Is this really a bad thing though? Let's see the differences:

in this version, Khezu will now have these new command moves mastered to his arsenal:
-on foot-
Double Body Shock,
Full head swing (from G-Rank levels, he now does it on lower difficulties!),
Backstep Jump (to try to psyche hunters in thinking he'll do his usual forward lunge but "Nope, I tricked you, Backstep! lol Razz" pesky....)
Jump to wall (goes either to a nearby wall or ceiling now)

-on wall-
Wall shocker,
Homing plasma sphere (he now shoots homing plasma! look out!!),
Jump to aimed spot on the floor,
Jump to ceiling,

-on the ceiling-
Stun Extract Drop,
Homing plasma sphere (has even greater accuracy from the ceiling!!),
Plasma Pool (DON'T GET CAUGHT BY THIS!!) -
Devouring grab (if you got caught by his Plasma Pool),
Ceiling Roar

When tired -
his body shock lasts only 0.3 seconds and he'll be vulnerable,
his roar range has been reduced!
he'll have to take a full second or 1.5 seconds to get up if he lunges and missed!
he cannot use spread shot on the floor even if he does the pose!
Now that's a lot of new tricks he can do, but guess what? Because now he's focused on using more ranged plasma shots or backstepping, he became a bit LESS annoying with what really CAN hurt! Just don't underestimate him and he'll be done-for, oh and also he now DOES have a breakable part! His stomach can be mortally wounded in where it'll glow red and his thickness will become weak blubber which is vulnerable to even more attacks! Also he still does move around, but this time he doesn't as much as how he used to, and he also somewhat laid off the cheapness; seems he changed from aggressive to trickster in personality, making him a little more predictable to deal with. Better at this point to try to go melee with him than ranged.

Final Verdict: Khezu, unlike most other bosses on my roster here, actually became rather much easier to deal with on the later tab than before! He seems dubbed down and more predictable, even for melee to face him off now. He still can be a bit of a cheapie but at least this time it's easier to see what he's getting at and reject him before it's too late!

Dyamio Hermitaur

All hell the Crab Lord, lol! He first appears in MH2 and is quite a pain in the ass, and can attack a victim right away without warning by ramming people with his Diablos Shell cannon without any alert other than seeing what may look like an undead Diablos head chasing you!
He was not an easy opponent in my book as he can attack from four directions all at once and hurts like a Bitch when he does! The worst cases are from three moves: 1 - if face-to-face and he uses Aqua Shotgun Beam. It might not be as far as a Plesioth or Shogun Cenetaur crab boss's Aqua Beams but it hurts brutally nonetheless and even causes Guard Damage (if it could be guarded?) like being blasted in the face by a shotgun. At G-Levels, he also jumps in Parabolas (lol!) like in a Sega Genesis game, and he covers just as much distance... and that's pretty far! O_O
Not just that, but he's one who also can attack from underground too, and that's where the "fun" starts. Sonic Bombs only work on him when he's guarding and NOT enraged, unlike the Diablos who is a bit more vulnerable to them when he's underground compared to this angry crabby crab dude. (awaiting correction) Mr.Hermit Lord will attack unpredictably from down there and timing can get very bizarre so never stay in one place unless guarding with a BIG shield! The only way you can tell if you're winning is if he is spitting out black blood from his mouth, but that's hard to see when he's pissed! (1st-Duel Difficulty: Hard!)

He comes back in MH4 and isn't too much different but he certainly does have some new punch-lines to his Crab-Fu arts:
1- when underground and pissed off, he will do a crab uppercut which will lead to--
2- he has a very painful crotch-grab + head-bite grapple! ouch! (both humiliating and painful, it can actually be lethal if someone forgot to use a cool-drink and getting pinched "down there" while he's biting someone's head off too AND the heat is causing further HP drain! it can result to instant kill even)
3- the most unique one: what looks like his common Aqua Shotgun Beam now is with Discharge time and he will SIDESTEP towards you while discharging it a full 5 to 7 seconds! BEWARE!! Both the bump and the beam WILL HURT!

But here's the upper notes about it all!
Cons of the new Crab-Fu:
-when weak he now has aged, someone can hear him loudly sobbing when dragging that heavy ass shell of his on only two legs trying to scamper away, lol!
-he doesn't jump in Parabolas anymore! (well, not yet that is....?)
-when underground for 3 seconds, STAY DEFENSIVE (if you have a shield) or keep moving! If he hit your shield or someone else's, he's going after that victim for two more hits directly and will not change targets randomly and wildly anymore (easier to predict now!)

Final Verdict: Mr. Dyamio Hermitar didn't exactly get easier, but he has became far more predictable which does make it easier to know what he's up to, and it actually does make things a itty-bit easier then again.
(P.S: slap me stupid for spelling errors lol sorry I am drunk a bit but in a good mood! XD )


The main antagonist of Monster Hunter's very 1st game, and never missed a single hunt, not even spinoff games either! He's been in every last one that I've seen at least somewhere even if once!

Rathalos was by no means ever an easy opponent, he's just as tough and intimidating as he appears if not secretly known as actually poisonous too! He tries so hard to stand up to being like Bahamut, lol! Anyway though, well yes, he's brutal. He comes charging in at high speed but mostly has higher power and when he's in the sky, he's a pain in the ass.... unless he sees something super-shiny and comes crashing down like a battleship. Tops are MANY who saw him the first time then saw brimstone fire and stars in a matter of seconds after seeing his face, then got pissed off. He's not as ridiculous of a 1st time boss fight with Khezu, but he still is a royal pain no matter where he goes! (1st-Duel Difficulty: VERY hard!)

In starting from up to 3 and further, Rathalos started learning new tricks and is not very nice. He also stopped goofing around with taunts anymore, making him more focused...
New moves:
-Hover attack set- (he now hovers over the ground at times!)
Drift spin,
Dragon Tank shell,
Toxic Kick,
Air Dash,
Tailspin Slap (not as much as his girlfriend, but still does one!),
Drift Sweep (don't fall!!) --
Pin & Bite (OUCH!)

*Taunt has been removed
Oh and a heads-up: Rathalos now causes massive environment destruction (even able to distort gravity of some platforms and cause hunters to start sliding downhill!) Be very cautious of which area you duel him!

Final Verdict: Rathalos, who was already one of my least favorite bosses due to high difficulty (but I do like his armor, lol) already was a hard boss, but now he's gone even worse! He's much harder this time as he now attacks from THREE altitudes: Foot, Hover, and Stratosphere! OMG!!


Tigrex is the main antagonist of Monster Hunter 2, and already starts us off by sending people flying off a cliff like doing the Sparta meme, lol! Ouch! As if that's not bad enough, he'll come back for more and is still a bad encounter at the start of the game too, making a simple Popo hunt turn in to pure living hell! Oh, and he's quite the thorn to stay around too because he stayed since after his first debut and upwards.

In this first round in where you finally must come to cross swords and fangs with the Tiger-Dragon, he's seeming to be built for super-speed and Super-power at once and has two ranged attacks which are painful! His speed may seem scary at first but then it'll be just damn plain downright annoying, even with being flashbombed in the face he's still a pain in the ass! Rumor has it that his defense goes down when berserk but I don't feel it when he's in it... (1st-Duel Difficulty: INSANE!!!)

Not too sure about 3, but 4 and up, he's back like a bad date at high level intro stages where one's near the brink of almost G-Level potential. He's still got speed and power, and actually he hits harder than before.... BUT.... there's a catch this time for him doing that!

New moves he has are: Backdrift counter, Overjump Attack, DEMON INFECTION (WHAT?!?)
In DEMON MODE: Tri-homing Megid (YES, dark spheres like in Phantasy Star; homing and brutal too!), Virus Bite (infects if you get hit by his face under any means! VERY BAD!!)

Cons for Rexy: Being a reckless FOOL, he actually BURNS himself out of energy very quickly, so he'll end up going fast for a few seconds then eventually start slowing down and slipping a lot and get tired,
That rumor about his defense being lowered when Enraged?: Confirmed now! Tigrex will stall a LOT more this time around when taking the painful, vengeful beatdown from a pissed-off hunter! It works now true!

Final Verdict: Tigrex was never easy, but he has became slightly easier this round in some aspects let alone predictable too!

*adding more later!

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